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Super Gene - Chapter 401

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:27:05 PM

Chapter 401
Chapter 401: No . 107

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Where is No . 107?" Han Sen spitted out some blood in his mouth and asked quietly .

"You will know when we get there . " Ning Yue did not talk to Han Sen again and hit the road .

Ning Yue never expected to get much from Han Sen's mouth . And there was no way he would let Han Sen off the hook at this point .

Han Sen was curious about the No . 107 Ning Yue mentioned . However, the group of people did not speak about it at all . All they did was traveling . It seemed that they were in a hurry .

Han Sen understood the reason . All of them had evolved and could not stay too long in First God's Sanctuary, otherwise their bodies would not be able to take it .

Under this circumstance, Ning Yue still insisted to take him to No . 107, which made Han Sen even more curious about it .

Very soon, Han Sen's question was answered . The group of people traveled across Devil Desert on sacred-blood mounts and entered an arid mountain .

There was only a very narrow path to enter the valley . Only one man could pass at a time . A couple of men took Han Sen to enter the valley . When they approached the valley, Han Sen saw everything .

He could barely see any other creature . White rocks and sand were everywhere . In the middle of the valley, there was a giant blooming red flower that looked like a rose facing upward .

Around the flower, there were many vines and leaves covered with thorns . The vines almost covered the entire valley, making it look like a greenhouse for the flower .

Han Sen looked around . In addition to the red flower and the vines, he did not see anything else, let alone any creatures .

"Is this No . 107?" Han Sen asked, surprised .

"That's right . This is No . 107," Ning Yue answered him, to Han Sen's surprise . Ning Yue then continued, "Every time Starry Group finds a creature that is suspected to be something beyond sacred-blood creatures, we would give it a number and record it . This is No . 107 . "

"You mean this giant flower?" Han Sen checked out the red flower, which looked like a plant in every way . Although it was huge in size, there was no way it could be a creature .

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"You will know that very soon . Enter the valley . " Ning Yue asked his men to aim their arrows and weapons at Han Sen, forcing Han Sen to go inside .

"Go inside . " After Liu Lin unchained Han Sen's legs, he pushed Han Sen hard .

"What is in there?" Han Sen almost lost his balance, but he did not pay Liu Lin any mind .

Ning Yue did not ask for his beast souls . Although there were a lot of vines growing in the valley, as long as he had sacred-blood wings, it would be easy for him to fly away . He could not see how the valley could trap him .

"Give me the dagger now, and you don't need to go inside," Ning Yue said calmly .

"I do not want to give you my dagger, and I don't want to go inside either," Han Sen replied .

"You can try to kill us all and run away," Ning Yue said with a smile .

Ning Yue's words made the evolvers laugh . They all pointed their weapons at Han Sen, indicating that they were could take Han Sen's life anytime .

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No one believed that Han Sen could run away under the siege of fourteen evolvers .

In addition, Han Sen's upper body was chained with the special Z-steel locks on his joints . Even an evolver could not get rid of this kind of locks .

Only those strong evolvers with their fitness level around eighty could break free from the locks with their own strength .

"Young master, why do you have to kill me . If you resent me for killing your doppelgänger, I could pay you . " Han Sen stared at Ning Yue .

"If you have just crossed me, I will never try to kill you . Unfortunately, you gained something you shouldn't have . Give me the dagger or go in the valley, your pick," Ning Yue said quietly .

"I choose to kill . " Han Sen shook his body and twisted in the weirdest angle . All the locks that were on his joints fell from his body . Han Sen had been practicing Jadeskin for a long time and was better and better controlling his own body . Moving his bones and muscles, he felt the locks were completely useless on him .

After removing the locks, Han Sen quickly summoned the cursed wolf dagger and stabbed it at Ning Yue .

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Ning Yue did not look surprised . He summoned a slim sword and wielded it at Han Sen . The thirteen evolvers also summoned their own weapons and started to attack Han Sen .

If Han Sen insisted to kill Ning Yue with his dagger, he would be facing thirteen weapons himself . Therefore, he had to go backward and waive his weapon at other people .

The fitness level of Han Sen was slightly weaker than the sacred-blood evolvers . Although he could increase his strength and speed using Heresy Mantra and Overload, his original fitness was not improved . When cutting by the evolvers, he would still get hurt, which was why Han Sen was still trying to dodge their attacks .

This way, however, Han Sen felt himself trapped . Even with Heresy Mantra and Overload and the cursed wolf dagger, he still found it difficult to get rid of the evolvers .

Han Sen could not even hurt an individual or damage a single weapon . Thirteen different weapons came at Han Sen continuously, leaving him at an absolute disadvantage . Han Sen had to retreat into the valley .

It was not because the thirteen evolvers were strong, but because of Ning Yue .

The sword skills of Ning Yue did not seem very impressive . Instead, it was somewhat irrational . Sometimes, the sword did not even come at Han Sen, but toward empty space .

However, it was exactly the sword skills that connected the attacks from the thirteen people together, making it into a trap which Han Sen could not run away from . Han Sen did not even have an opportunity to fight back . Although he had a sharp weapon, he had to retreat again and again .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!