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Super Gene - Chapter 402

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:27:05 PM

Chapter 402
Chapter 402: I Choose to Kill

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The sword skills called Que Yi focused on sacrificing oneself to complete other people's attack . The thirteen evolvers were from different shelters and did not have much time to practice their collaboration . However, with Ning Yue present, they were connected into one killing machine . Even Han Sen could not find any cracks .

Ning Yue looked extremely calm . All his moves looked effortless but followed some incredible rules . Although his attacks were not aggressive, he managed to turn the moves of the other thirteen evolvers into a part of himself, forcing Han Sen into the vines .

Ning Yue did not want to kill Han Sen in the first place . He only wanted to see for himself the fights between Han Sen and those incredibly strong creatures . Either Han Sen killed the creature or got killed, his doubts would be answered .

"Young master, do we really need to fight this out?" Han Sen asked while retreating, as he understood Ning Yue's intentions .

"If I am alone, I would be glad to be your friend and never hurt you . However, …" Ning Yue said and never stopped his sword, forcing Han Sen to touch the vines .

"What a shame . I did not want to kill, but…" Han Sen sighed and said . He was speaking his mind .

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Before figuring out the relationship between the Nings and the Hans, Han Sen did not want to kill . However, he was left with no choice . Same as Ning Yue, Han Sen was the kind of person that would leave no mercy when he decided to kill .

"Kill? You? You think you are good with that sharp dagger? That doesn't do anything . You are merely a beast trapped in a cage . Your life and death depends on our wish," exclaimed Liu Lin fiercely .

"Is that right?" Han Sen curled his lips . Watching the weapons coming at himself, he did not go further back, but pointed at Liu Lin .

"Retreat . " Ning Yue suddenly had a bad feeling . Although there was no way that Han Sen could block so many weapons, for some reason, Ning Yue felt danger .

As the weapons were about to reach Han Sen's body, it was too late for Han Sen to run away and for the evolvers to take back their weapons . Despite Ning Yue's command, his men could no longer stop themselves .


A giant monster in jade armor that looked like the cross between a scorpion and a bee suddenly appeared next to Han Sen, knocking away all the weapons about to hit Han Sen .

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The weapons used by the sacred-blood evolvers were top-notch in First God's Sanctuary, but none of them could hurt that monster . Instead, the evolvers were knocked back .


A pair of claws that looked like the sickles of the death crossed above Liu Lin's shoulders, sending his head into the air . Liu Lin's eyes were stared wide even after death, filled with terror .

The fierce super Golden rock worm king killed his way into the group . Its four wings buzzing, the worm king danced with its eight claws moving up an if d down .

It was a true slaughter . Wearing super pet armor, the super golden rock worm king did not even look like something that belonged to First God's Sanctuary . Even the sacred-blood evolvers could not hurt it . Instead, anywhere the worm king went, limbs would fall, and blood would jet out . In front of absolute strength, even the Que Yi sword skills were completely useless .

At this point, the super golden rock worm king was even stronger than the turtle . After all, its speed and strength were the same as the turtle . And what the turtle was best at, defense, was not as strong as the pet armor .

Paired with its flying ability and sharp claws, it was as easy as slaughtering a dog for the golden rock worm king to kill the sacred-blood evolvers .

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There was no chance for the evolvers to retreat as well . The path connecting the valley and outside was so narrow that only one man could pass at a time . In addition, their speed was far worse than the golden rock worm king . As the group of people reached the path, a better half of them had already been killed by the super golden rock worm king . Only three men made it to the past .

As tough as Ning Yue, he felt shocked when seeing the sacred-blood evolver's that Starry Group took a lot of time and effort to cultivate slaughtered like this . What shook him even more was the existence of the super golden rock worm king .

"Could it be something beyond a sacred-blood pet?" Ning Yue regarded the worm king which was too huge to enter the narrow path with complex emotions as he walked out of the path .

Han Sen quickly took the pet back and entered the path himself with the cursed wolf dagger . There was no way he could let Ning Yue run away like this .

Using Heresy Mantra and Overload, Han Sen's speed was much better than the three survivors . It only took him a moment to catch up with them .

The two sacred-blood evolvers falling behind Ning Yue tried to defend themselves, but there was no space for them to dodge in the narrow path . In addition, their weapons were slashed in half by the cursed wolf dagger .

Hearing two screams and seeing the blood, Ning Yue knew that he was all alone, and Han Sen was in his face immediately .

Ning Yue knew there was no way he could get out of here alive . After all his calculation, he did not expect Han Sen to have such a frightening pet . Ning Yue sighed and gave up, standing still and waiting for death to come .

"Ning Yue, what's so special in this valley?" Han Sen asked, with his dagger on Ning Yue's neck .

"Just kill me . Don't ask . " Ning Yue did not move a muscle, not even opening his eyes .

"It is not that easy to die either," Han Sen said calmly . Suddenly, a beast soul was summoned and rushed to Ning Yue .

Ning Yue's expression suddenly changed after he heard what Han Sen said . He quickly opened his eyes and saw an ugly dark purple beast soul that looked like an alligator in his face .


The beast soul did not pause and entered Ning Yue's body . The giant creature sent itself into Han Sen's chest with ease .

Ning Yue felt his whole body was stabbed and impaled, like someone was slicing his muscle . However, that feeling only lasted for a second . Shortly, the ugly beast soul came out of Ning Yue's body and curled up next to Han Sen, its spooky eyes fixed on Ning Yue .

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