Super Gene - Chapter 449

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Chapter 449
Chapter 449: Like the Tutorial

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Just a dozen seconds later, almost every soldier widened their eyes .

Han Sen was jumping up and down on the carefully placed metal walls, fast and steady . He managed to fulfill many actions that looked extremely scary flawlessly with a sense of rhythm . As he stepped on the leaning or reversed metal walls, he was so smooth that people almost forgot that it was Sprint at level 10 .

When the difficulty and speed reached a certain level, it was credible to watch someone go like this . Going through one challenge after another at such high speed made people’s blood boil . Everyone wished they were in the moment with Han Sen .

"Very well done, Han Sen!" The fat squad leader was so happy that he could not close his mouth . With such performance, even if Han Sen could not follow through, the cookhouse had already been honored . No one would dare to call the cookhouse a troop of the dinner table again .

Wang Hou’s eyes became cold and he chuckled inwardly . "This guy is indeed something . However, he is just too naïve to show everything at this moment . Go ahead and tell us who you are, so that in the future we could get rid of you much easier . "

As a surpasser, Chen Shoushan could see even more than Wang Hou . Han Sen’s performance was surprising to him as well not just because of his physique . Physique was just a part of what it took to go through Sprint . What was more important was the ability to see the big picture, make judgments, and act in emergency .

Han Sen’s performance in all aspects was beyond Chen Shoushan’s expectation . Han Sen had not made a single mistake from the beginning to the end . He was simply acting like the tutorial the AI simulated .

"This new recruit is great . " Being someone close to the Jis, Chen Shoushan was happy to see Han Sen’s performance and smiled .

Quartermaster Zhao Ping also nodded and said, "Great indeed . "

Director Lin Haifeng said, "What a great newbie . It is such a shame that he was sent to the cookhouse . With his talent, it is just a waste . "

Momentarily, Han Sen had already gone through half of Sprint without even lowering his speed . He kept running forward as if he could not stop himself .

All the soldiers had become extremely excited . With the fat squad leader leading them, they started to clapping to cheer him up .

As they were clapping, Han Sen’s moves felt even more arithmetic . Each of the step was on the beat, which was great to watch .

"S*#t! This is no drill, but a performance," Qiu Cheng was so excited that he shouted .

Many soldiers felt the same as Qiu Cheng . Before Han Sen, all the soldiers seemed to be at training, but when it was Han Sen’s turn, it was like an acrobatic performance and even better .

When Han Sen finished Sprint on the last metal wall, the clapping became applause . Many soldiers even stood up .

Even Chen Shoushan, Lin Haifeng and Zhao Ping stood up to applaud for Han Sen . Soldiers were straightforward like this . Seeing someone capable, soldiers would not hold back their emotions or their compliments .

"Amazing . Very nicely done . You deserve the reward . Here is the S-Class Saint Hall license . " Chen Shoushan walked to Han Sen and gave him the license .

"Thank you, Captain . " Han Sen took the license and saluted .

"No need . You deserve it . " Chen Shoushan patted Han Sen on the shoulder and smiled . "You have very nice moves . Have you practiced this before?"

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"Sir, the system called Sprint is one of the products developed by Professor Yan from Blackhawk military Academy . I am his student and one of the testers of the system," Han Sen said truthfully .

"That is why . So you came from a famous teacher . Then tell us about the system," Chen Shoushan said with approval .

Chen Shoushan himself was the student of a famous professor, so he liked someone with Han Sen’s background . Moreover, Han Sen was someone discovered by Ji Yanran .

However, if Han Sen himself was not that good, Chen Shoushan would not do him any favor .

Han Sen’s performance was beyond Chen Shoushan’s expectation, which made him feel a lot better about Han Sen . Therefore, Chen Shoushan cared less about the fact that Ji Yanran used her power to get Han Sen on board .

Han Sen introduced this system Sprint to the soldiers as he was told to . He was someone who had used the system since it was developed, so he knew every detail about the system . After his introduction, the soldiers had a more profound understanding about the system and was less fearful of the challenge .

After Han Sen’s explanation, several soldiers felt excited to try again . Chen Shoushan asked them to feel free to try and indeed saw great progresses . In the first five people who had tried, one almost went through .

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Han Sen’s reaction which was quite decent made Chen Shoushan feel even better about him . He nodded and said, "Indeed, he graduated from a good school . "

Wang Hou gazed at Han Sen who was content among the crowds with a cold look, curled his lips and said contentedly, "Dumbass, show off as much as you could . The more you show, the faster you will die . "

Wang thought he had seen through Han Sen’s strength, so he felt quite content . In the eyes of Wang Hou who had passed eighty in his fitness, Han Sen whose fitness should be only around forty or fifty was nothing .

Because of the good education he had received and good habits, Wang Hou was still observing Han Sen carefully, trying to find his weaknesses .

Although Han Sen had not glanced at Wang Hou, it was easy for him to predict what Wang Hou was thinking . However, Han Sen did not care at all .

Maybe in Wang Hou’s eyes, this was all Han Sen got . However, for Han Sen, this was just the tip of the iceberg . His true strength was far beyond Wang Hou’s imagination .

If Wang Hou was really trying to do something to Han Sen, then Han Sen would feel really excited . At that time, Wang Hou’s expression must be very interesting to watch .

Fitness over a hundred… This is quite troublesome . It seems that I need to speed up gaining geno points . I should at least fill up ordinary, primitive, and mutant geno points first . By that time, I would definitely be over a hundred in fitness .

Han Sen was thinking to himself, I need to conquer the Spirit shelter as soon as possible . With my own shelter, I could gather more people to hunt . If I could gain the allegiance from the aristocrat spirit, that would be even better . I wonder if king spirit is really what it says .