Super Gene - Chapter 502

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Chapter 502
Chapter 502: The Other Guard

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"I'm sorry, captain . I messed up," Tie Yi said wryly to the good-looking man sitting next to him, lying on the bed in the hospital .

"Kitty cat, don't feel sorry for yourself . A man can only grow in mistakes . If a man had never made a mistake, it only means that he is a dedicate flower that has never seen storms . You are still a kitty cat right now, but after experiencing mistake after mistake, you will become the true Tiger of Blueblood one day . Mistakes are not bad for you . As long as you have not died yet, those mistakes will nourish you eventually," the good-looking man said with a smile .

"Captain…" A hunk as strong as Tie Yi almost sobbed .

"To cry after being beaten is not Blueblood style . " The good-looking man patted Tie Yi on the head lovingly .

Someone had seen the scene, he would definitely feel weird or even amused .

The good-looking man seemed to be in his 20s, much younger than Tie Yi . However, Tie Yi looked like a child in front of him .

However, as weird as it looked, there was a harmony to it . Although it looked amusing, there was nothing to strange .

If someone knew the good-looking man, he would not feel weird about it at all .

Lu Hui, the captain of Blueblood Reserve Force was only twenty-seven years old but has the nickname Devil Captain .

No one knew how strong Lu Hui was . The Blueblood Reserve Force members were like children in front of Lu Hui, including Tie Yi .

The training schedule of Blueblood reserve force was most likely made an executed by Lu Hui .

The nickname of Tie Yi, Tiger of Blueblood, was in fact from Lu Hui . However, Lu Hui initially called Tie Yi "Kitty Cat of Blueblood . " Except for Lu Hui, anyone who called Tie Yi that would be beaten hard .

Then, the other members of the reserve force twisted the name and called Tie Yi the young tiger, which later became Tiger of Blueblood when spread wider .

"Get better and there are worse training waiting for you in the future . Don't think there is no consequence for your loss . After you go back, your training will be doubled," Lu Hui said lightly .

"Yes, Captain, I will train harder . Next time, I will not lose to that guy," Tie Yi said, gritting his teeth .

"He is no longer your opponent . However, it is a nice thought to have . Keep it . " Lu Hui smiled and thought of Han Sen . Reflecting on the details of Han Sen's performance in the contest, Lu Hui curled his lips into a strange smile .

When Han Sen returned to Daphne, he reported to Ji Yanran's office . Just when he entered the office, he smelled fragrance before he saw his girlfriend throwing herself at him . She wrapped her legs around his waist and held his faces with her hand, kissing him passionately .

"My dear, you are so great . I love you so much . " Ji Yanran did not expect Han Sen to beat Tie Yi and gain the post . She excitedly offered her hottest lips, which Han Sen would never turn down . He held her butts with his hands, admiring how plump and bouncy they were .

Ji Yanran who was shy in general but seemed to be in a great mood this time . She even unbuttoned Han Sen's shirt and kissed down his neck .

When Han Sen went out of the office with limp legs, he could still hear Ji Yanran's tempting voice, "This is a special reward for you . "

"I love this reward . " Han Sen walked as he hung a little song . Before long, he suddenly felt a chill .

Han Sen shivered and looked ahead . A woman in military uniform was standing opposite him, looking at Han Sen coldly as if he were an animal .

The looks on the woman's face made Han Sen feel she was not looking at a man, or even a human . In her eyes, Han Sen was no different from a cat or dog .

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If Wendy could be described as a cold soldier, then this woman just seemed like a bloodthirsty killer .

Although Han Sen had never seen this woman before, he had this impression already at the first site . He could not tell why, but he thought this woman was so scary that he would rather beat ten men like Tie Yi before pissing her off .

The woman walked straight past Han Sen and surprisingly, knocked on Ji Yanran's door .

Who is that woman? How come I have never seen her before? Han Sen suddenly had a thought . At this time, the most plausible explanation for the woman who was not from Daphne to visit Ji Yanran was that the woman was the other guard .

Although Han Sen did not know what the identity of the woman was, he could sense that the woman was much stronger than him with his keen perception .

Han Sen even suspected that the woman was a surpasser, otherwise it was unlikely that she gave him a sense of suppression .

Very soon, Han Sen's guess was corroborated . And night, Ji Yanran was chatting with Han Sen using comlink lying on her bed .

"That woman is your other guard?" Han Sen still remembered that woman and asked casually .

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"Yes, that is Colonel Annie . She is my new guard . Do not try to flirt with her . She is a surpasser . If you piss her off, I could not stop her," Ji Yanran said, smiling .

"My dear wife, what is it that your family do? They're able to get you a surpasser as guard?" Han Sen couldn't help asking .

Han Sen had never asked about Ji Yanran's family, but he was so surprised this time .

Even those captains of interstellar warships will not be so extravagant that they used surpassers as their guards .

"Have you been following the news recently?" Ji Yanran did not answer but asked .

"Not a lot, but I know something . " Han Sen would read the news from time to time in case that he knew too little about the society .

"Have you seen any news related to the Jis?" Ji Yanran asked with a smile .

"News about the Jis?" Han Sen thought about it and suddenly stared his eyes wide . "You mean the one who entered the election recently…"

The next morning, Han Sen got up and teleported into God's Sanctuary . This time, he did not rush to go hunting . He decided to go to the market of the Starwheel Shelter to buy some mutant beast souls .

Even if mutant beast souls were not that helpful to him, he could easily elevate them into berserk mutant beast souls with the black crystal to make a lot of money . Such a good deal was not to be missed .