Super Gene - Chapter 521

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Chapter 521
Chapter 521: Treasure in the Sea

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The three sails rose at the same time . The mysterious and gorgeous crystal sailboat slowly rose from the bottom of the lake and floated in the water in a magical way, looking magnificent .

"My girl, march toward the ocean . " Han Sen was incredibly excited . This crystal sailboat was much better than a submarine . It was an interstellar warship in the water .

"Master, do you want to go above the surface?" Asked Mermaid Princess .

"No, let's march on the bottom . " Naturally, Han Sen would not let the crystal sailboat to go up to look for trouble .

"Yes, master," replied Mermaid Princess and turned the rudder in her hand . The giant crystal sailboat suddenly sailed toward the ocean following the channel connecting the lake and the ocean .

The scenery at the bottom of the sea was indeed incredible . Han Sen saw a region of shellfish, which piled up like small mountains for hundreds of miles .

All kinds of corals were colorful and glamorous . Clusters of fish were playing games in millions in the ocean . giant monsters that looked like dragons were passing by, making one's heart tremble .

Luckily, the Crystal Palace was indestructible . Otherwise, if it were hit by the horrendous beast, it would be ruined before long .

Boom boom!

A dual-headed turtle that looked like a hill hit the Crystal Palace several times before it went away slowly .

The number of the creatures inside the ocean was beyond Han Sen's imagination . However, he did not know what the status of those creatures was . He could not hunt as he wished for that reason . In addition, Han Sen wanted to check out first what the ocean had to offer .

All kinds of sea creatures that he had never seen before were swimming . From afar, he seemed to see a red river flowing on the bottom of the sea . However, when he approached it, he found it was formulated by numerous red-shelled prawns, each as thick as a motorcycle . They were swimming among the seaweeds growing on the seabed . At first glance, Han Sen could not see the end of them and he did not know how many there were .

Han Sen's mouth was watering so he commanded the Crystal Palace to stop . Not turning on the function to avoid water, Han Sen opened up a channel that looked like a swimming pool . When one of the red shelled prawn passed by, Han Sen used the yin force to hit its head and killed it instantaneously .

"Primitive creature fire prawn killed . No beast soul gained . Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 primitive geno points . "

Han Sen took the prawn back, shelled it to expose the meat that looked like jelly . He cut the meat into pieces and dipped it into some sauce . Suddenly, he felt the meat was so sweet and tasty .

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"With such treasures, will I ever worry that the resources are lacking?" Han Sen was overjoyed, commanding Mermaid Princess to control the Crystal Palace to continue forward on the bottom of the ocean .

The creatures in the ocean were much more than the land . They were beyond Han Sen's imagination . Many of them Han Sen has never heard of before .

Humans did not have the ability to hunt creatures in the ocean yet . This might be the first time for humans to hunt creatures in deep sea .

However, because most of the sea creatures were huge in size, Han Sen did not rush to hunt . He mainly came to check out the resources nearby first . When there were suitable creatures, he would do some hunting . If there were none, he was in no rush .

The speed of the crystal boat was very fast inside the water . In just 5 to 6 days, it had already sailed out of the area of the ice sea . The water gradually became warm and the species of the creatures had also changed .

Han Sen saw some blue balls glowing at the bottom of the sea . When he approached them, he saw they were giant jellyfish dancing in the water .

Fish of different colors were swimming in groups . Some shellfish were opening up at the bottom of the sea . Han Sen saw there were several shiny pearls inside a scallop that was the size of a bowl . Feeling interested, he swam out of the Crystal Palace and tried to grab the pearls . However, the scallop quickly shot, trying to break Han Sen's hand .

Luckily, Han Sen took his hand back fast enough and took the closed scallop back to the sailboat .

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Placing the scallop the size of a bowl on a crystal table, Han Sen hit it with the yin force and suddenly heard the voice .

"Mutant creature treasure scallop killed . No beast soul gained . Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 mutant geno points . "

Han Sen was very happy . He did not expect it to be a mutant creature . There was not much meat inside the scallop, so he should be able to finish it in one meal . This would give him at least 7 to 8 mutant geno points .

Opening up the scallop, Han Sen took out the pearls . They were three in total, all around and shiny . These would be rare in the Alliance .

"Is this a gear as well?" Han Sen thought to himself . He was not sure whether these pearls could be counted as gears .

Han Sen took back several more scallops . However, after killing them, he found that not all of them were mutant creatures . Most of them were just primitive creatures, and only the treasure scallops with silver pearls were mutant ones .

There were at least tens of thousands of treasure scallops in this region . Han Sen took a dozen back to eat himself and commanded the Crystal Palace to go forward .

After traveling for a few more days and eating many sea creatures, Han Sen had gained a dozen mutant geno points, making his mutant geno points as many as thirty-three .

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This day, he saw from afar that in the deep ocean, there was a huge city that looks like a gigantic beast crawling on the bottom of the sea .

"An underwater shelter!" Han Sen glanced at it from afar and commanded the Crystal Palace to turn around, not daring to approach the shelter .

Judging by the size of the shelter, it was at least a royal shelter . Han Sen was alone at this point and he was under the water as well . There was no way he could conquer the royal shelter .

Because the royal shelter had blocked the way of the Crystal Palace, Han Sen could only try to sail to the side . However, the water became more and more shallow and it eventually reached the shore .

Han Sen glanced at the shore from afar and found many humans, out of his expectation . There was a castle next to the shore, which should be a human shelter, to Han Sen's joy .

The icefield was surrounded by ocean and blocked from other places by the royal shelter . There was no way for the icefield to contact the outside . However, now Han Sen could drive the Crystal Palace and come out from the bottom of the sea . This was a great business route . If he used it well, it was easy to make money .

Parking the Crystal Palace at the bottom of the sea, Han Sen rode the silver eel to go out . He swam to the shore and planned to ask where he was at . However, when he approached the shore, he found it was different from he had imagined . The reason for there to be so many people was that they were trying to conquer the shelter on the shore .

In front of the shelter, there were many creatures that looked like porcupines, covered in spikes

which could be shot like arrows . The humans charged several times but failed to break into the rain of spikes . Many people ended up getting hurt .