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Super Gene - Chapter 597

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:26:08 PM

Chapter 597
Chapter 597: Invitation

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio
Han Sen couldn't take his eyes off Princess Yin and Princess Yang . The Mermaid Princess had the ability to control the Crystal Palace, so he wondered if either of these princesses possessed any special abilities he could employ, as well .

Princess Yin and Princess Yang looked at each other . They raised up their swords together, producing two lights; one silver and one gold . Then, in a flash, they both fused together to become a whole new woman clad in gold and silver armor . One iris was gold, the other silver . One hand clutched a silver sword, whereas the other held a golden sword .

"Hmm, they have formed to become one person?" Han Sen looked at this new spirit lady they had transformed into . He was puzzled, unable to understand why they did not do this before, when he fought them in the Spirit Hall .

He then watched the lady spirit move towards the cracks in the ground that the silver beetles crawled out of . Extending her silver sword outwards, she drove it down into the crevice .

Then, with her remaining gold sword, she swirled and twirled it around in the air . After a while of doing this, Han Sen suddenly felt the ground begin to rumble like an earthquake . Then a squealing noise sounded from below the earth as plumes of dust shot out of the crevice like a dirty exhaust .


The spirit lady continued to wave the golden sword in her hand as the silver sword rattled and returned from its earthen sheath . Through magic, it floated in the air and twirled around the spirit lady in a similar way to the golden sword, until it reached the hand that awaited its return .

"Master, the silver beetles Mother has been killed," the spirit lady reported to Han Sen .

Han Sen didn't need the report, however, for he already knew the result through the notification he had received .

"Princess Yin and Princess Yang slew the Silver Beetle Mother . The beast soul was not acquired . Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of sacred geno points, ranging from zero to ten . "

The silver beetles were round, but they now looked like wilted flowers . As they lay on the ground in lifeless mounds, they quickly decomposed and vanished out of sight .

"So, this is what it feels like to have someone else do your dirty work . . . " Han Sen opened his eyes wide and looked at the spirit lady with admiration .

"Master, that was a YinYang sword skill, not 'dirty work . '" Not one for humor, the spirit lady corrected Han Sen .

"When we used to fight, why did you not use this skill?" Han Sen curiously enquired .

"Combining Yin and Yang together does not increase our power . It only enables me to use this particular sword skill . " The YinYang Princess explained .

"Ah, that's why . If that's the case, then you two should split up . " Han Sen believed having two women was better than one, so he recommended they remain as Princess Yin and Princess Yang .

Han Sen then prepared to return to the shelter, but that was when he faintly saw a shadow appear from behind a glacier . When he took a closer look, he noticed that it was Queen .

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Queen stared at the silver fox in Han Sen's arms, and did not even look at him .

"Why are you here?" Han Sen frowned, looking at Queen with alarm . If Queen was going to come after the silver fox, he wasn't sure if it could beat her .

Although the silver fox was powerful, it was still just a pup . The power was nowhere near what it could one day become . Facing an ordinary evolver who had unlocked the first gene lock seemed to be okay, but the thought of it facing Queen made Han Sen uncertain .

The silver fox returned Queen's gaze, just as it did when it first saw Xue Yikuang .

Queen then turned to look at Han Sen and said, "Your pet seems to be quite special . What class is it?"

"Sacred-blood class," Han Sen answered Queen immediately, with no hesitation in his lie .

Although he knew Queen wanted to hunt super creatures, he did not know if she actually had yet . Because of this, Han Sen did not wish to say anything more .

Queen continued to peer at Han Sen but did not say anything . She then returned her watch to the silver fox and said, "You know, there is still one more class above sacred-blood creatures . I formed a team composed of people who have each unlocked their first gene lock . Our purpose is to hunt those monsters . Are you interested?"

"I still haven't unlocked my first gene lock; I thought I wouldn't be qualified to join you," Han Sen said .

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"With that pet at your side, I would say you are qualified . " Queen pointed to the silver fox .

"Never mind, then . I don't think I have the abilities to go with you . I can't rely on a pet to keep me alive . Besides, the existence of those creatures is little more than a myth . Have you killed any to confirm?" Han Sen asked .

Queen did not answer, all she said was, "Well, the invitation is always open . If you change your mind, seek me out through Pingqing . " And then she left as quickly as she appeared .

Queen secretly thought that the creature Han Sen possessed was a super creature, but she had never killed one before . Therefore, she could not be certain and all she could do was guess .

After a hundred years of development, humans were getting more and more powerful in the Second God's Sanctuary . Still, humans that could unlock their gene lock in the Second God's Sanctuary were very rare .

Queen spent a lot of time trying to gather such individuals, and despite trying her best, she had only been able to invite seven . Most of them had their own territory, so finding seven people on her own was quite impressive .

But even with a team of such considerable power, they still could not kill creatures that were above the sacred-blood class . Such foes had the same abilities, but the powers that fuelled them were several times stronger .

According to their estimations, for humans to unlock their first gene lock, their fitness level would have to reach three hundred . This was also the level of a Celestial Being . Once this level was reached, and a gene lock was unlocked, only then could they be capable of taking on a super creature .

But all of this was nigh impossible to achieve in the Second God's Sanctuary . To kill creatures such as that, humans would need numbers, and they'd have to cooperate .

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But so far, not a single faction had managed to band together and take one down .

And in regards to Han Sen's pet, Queen was captivated by it . Han Sen may not have killed a super creature, but how had he managed to tame one?

If Han Sen told her he had already beaten a super creature, she would not have believed him .

Although Han Sen was a powerful person, he had not yet unlocked his gene lock . He couldn't survive against a person with an unlocked gene lock by himself . So, if he couldn't do that, he most certainly couldn't go up against a super creature .

Queen considered that Han Sen's pet may have been a berserk sacred-blood beast soul . Although the chances were slim, that could be what had given it special abilities .

But the silver fox was not a beast soul; that meant it had to be a super creature .

How could anyone judge her scepticism? After all, no one had been known to tame a creature before . Only those spoken about in legends .

The reason why Queen invited Han Sen was because she had witnessed the power of the silver fox and Han Sen together . She used to teach Han Sen, so she could more accurately gauge how he had grown and where he would continue to go . His potential and the likely course of his future was frighteningly impressive . If he unlocked the first gene lock, he'd be a scary master to have and a terrifying foe to face .

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