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Super Gene - Chapter 603

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:26:07 PM

Chapter 603
Chapter 603: White Tiger

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio
"How about we allow this temporary friend of ours to join us?" Sky Jealousy suggested, her presence breathing out an aura of elegance .

Tyrant furrowed his brows at the prospect but did not say anything in opposition . If the others had arrived without issue, he wouldn't have given the idea a second thought . But now, there were only five of them left . If they wanted to prove the existence of the creatures they sought, bringing Han Sen and the silver fox along to shoo off any additional mobs would be a great help .

"What does temporary mean?" Han Sen skewed his eyebrows as he asked .

"Give us a price and we will hire you as a sellsword or mercenary," Tyrant coldly said, still unwilling to offer a formal position in their fellowship .

Han Sen looked at Queen as she calmly said, "No matter what you decide, I will have you returned home without injury . "

When Han Sen heard Queen say this, he smiled and replied, "Fine, you can hire me . I must warn you, however; I am expensive . I almost suspect you would not be able to afford me . "

"How much do you want?" Tyrant continued to look at Han Sen with a stone-cold attitude .

"Well, the silver fox and I count as two people . Therefore, we will accept one sacred-blood beast soul each . We won't settle for lower than that," Han Sen stated .

He wanted to receive some sort of benefit from this excursion, even if he hadn't come expecting any . And since he had come all this way anyway, he wanted to see how they planned on fighting a super creature .

With someone now paying him to watch, there was no reason for him to decline .

Formally becoming a member of Queen's team wasn't too important to him . After all, her team wasn't the only super creature-hunting team in the Second God's Sanctuary, so even if he wasn't accepted here, he was bound to be accepted elsewhere .

"Okay . " Tyrant did not even blink before agreeing . He gave Han Sen one sacred-blood beast soul and then said, "This is a deposit . After we are done, you can have the other . "

"I like that you are quick to make decisions . I have no problem with that . " Han Sen accepted Tyrant's terms .

After Han Sen accepted, the others gathered around to form a plan of action . First, they would need to find the creature .

They did have a plan initially, but it had been made under the assumption all members would be present and available for combat . Now, with only five of them remaining, they'd have to come up with another plan . Horny Old Man was injured, too, so that left only four battle-worthy team members . Han Sen was now a part of the team, as well .

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After Han Sen heard them discuss their predicament, he quickly understood the gravity of the situation .

Deeper inland, it was said, resided a certain white tiger . Upon visiting the island, someone on the team had spotted this creature, which appeared to be encased in a whirlwind of some sort . This suggested it had the ability to harness the wind itself . They had all decided to come to the island today to fight this creature that had been appropriately named "White Tiger . " They had no plan to kill it just yet; only to get a feel for its power and accurately gauge the extent of its strength .

"With Han Sen here, we do not have to worry about any of the additional mobs that populate the island . The only drawback to his inclusion is a reduction of any extra goodies we might collect from slaying them . Okay, so who will tank and try to withstand the tiger's first strike?" Lazy Cat worriedly enquired .

Tyrant stepped up and said, "I will do it . I recently came into possession of a sacred-blood shield . If it really is a super creature, I should be able to block its paws at least twice . "

"Okay, so that is established . Tyrant will go in and block its attack first . I have drawn a map of the surrounding area . Sky Jealousy, you will go here . . . " Queen went into great detail, explaining the plan . She had developed all sorts of contingencies, too, for if anything were to go wrong during their assault .

Han Sen wasn't included in the battle plans . All he had to do was stand a fair distance away from the creature, holding the silver fox to ensure no other monsters came near .

Han Sen had no complaints . Queen and the others worked well together . He had only come here to watch, but he also thought if he were to join in, he might interfere with the synergy the others had with each other .

However, Han Sen was well-acquainted with the powers super creatures possessed, and he didn't think Queen and her team had what it took to bring one down .

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Han Sen was worried that the silver fox might also end up chasing the White Tiger off, but these fears were soon allayed . From among three hills in the distance, a monstrous roar sounded, accompanied by a gusting wind . It was undoubtedly the White Tiger, and since it was still nearby, this most likely meant no other super creature would fear the silver fox, either . It felt as if a tornado was now racing down from the hills, and the White Tiger in its midst would soon be upon them .

"Get ready to fight!" When Queen issued her command, Tyrant and the others quickly assumed their positions and awaited the monster's arrival .

There were supposed to be a great deal of other monsters on the island, but only the tiger and its wind came for them . No other creature could be seen, and this allowed the others to confirm the silver fox's ability for themselves .

Han Sen secretly turned on his gene lock, which pushed his seventh sense to the max . With it, he could see the White Tiger running at them from a mile away .

Compared to many other creatures he had encountered; the White Tiger wasn't so big . It was only about four meters in length . Its body was snow white, and its eyes glistened like blood rubies .

The White Tiger was now carried on the wind it employed, and it ran towards them on the air, no different than how it would run on land . If it could fly in the sky without wings, then the creature could certainly harness the wind for its own devices .

The White Tiger looked angry, and the momentum that drove him in their direction was powerful . Although it wasn't too big, its presence exerted a pressure on them . It was almost like a champion, descending from the sky . The faces of Queen and her team were bleak .

Han Sen saw this, then fell back a bit with the silver fox in his arms . He was afraid of super creatures, and really wanted to avoid them . It felt as if it was only dumb luck that had allowed him to defeat one back in the First God's Sanctuary .

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The super creatures that populated the Second God's Sanctuary had a crushing power unlike anything else . If the baby silver fox had the ability to kill a person who had unlocked their gene lock in one hit, whatever the White Tiger could do would be much worse .

The silver fox now saw the White Tiger, and it too looked nervous . Its hair rose up on its ends, and it looked at the tiger with hostility .

Han Sen held the silver fox tight, not allowing it to do anything unusual . Although the silver fox was powerful, he didn't think it had what it took to defeat the adult White Tiger .

The White Tiger continued to traverse the air, but it was now only a mere dozen meters away from them . It raised its paw and whipped it through the air . As if the atmosphere was breaking in two, violent gusts of wind splintered out to attack the team .

Tyrant shouted and raised his shield, his body clad in golden armor . His shield presented a phalanx of steel, blocking the arrows of wind that came towards him .


After the loud noise, Tyrant opened his eyes to see the shield in his arms shatter . A sacred-blood shield, destroyed in an instant .

Tyrant's hand had also been damaged . It was bleeding badly, and there was a tear in his thenar space . The faces of the team members changed . The power of the White Tiger was even greater than they had expected, and it only took a brush of the air it controlled to annihilate Tyrant's defences .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!