Super Gene - Chapter 606

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:26:06 PM

Chapter 606
Chapter 606: Queen; She Who Cannot Calm Down

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio
Queen felt as angry as she did awkward, having no idea what Han Sen was doing . But when she looked down at the afflicted area, she noticed the wound was starting to fade away as the silver fox licked her . She stared at the creature in bewilderment .

Han Sen looked at the silver fox, but his eyes subconsciously moved to look elsewhere . He noticed Queen was breathing quite rapidly and her chest was beating hard . The jiggling almost caused Han Sen to lose all composure .

Queen was surprised to see the silver fox possess this ability . For a brief moment, she forgot all about Han Sen being near her . When she heard wretched panting to her side, she looked over, shocked, to see Han Sen unabashedly staring at her breasts .

Her face turned red and she moved her hands to cover her exposed chest . But with the silver fox on top of her, and the size of the breasts themselves, she couldn't hold them . All she could do was yell, "Are you still looking?!"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Han Sen used his hands to shield his eyes .

Queen almost fainted in embarrassment . Although Han Sen put his hands in front of his eyes, he made sure to keep taking peeks through the quick shuffling of his fingers .

"Turn around!" Queen said angrily .

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"Fine, fine . " Han Sen reluctantly turned around, feeling envious of the silver fox . While he was forced to look away, the silver fox was being allowed to freely enjoy the delight every man desired .

After that, the silver fox jumped back to Han Sen . But he didn't hear Queen say anything .

"Can I turn around yet?" he eventually asked .

"Give me a beast soul armor . " Her voice was cold once more – a sign she had mostly returned to normal .

"Sure . " Han Sen turned around to look at Queen and froze .

The sun was setting, turning the ocean into a beautiful vat of molten, glittering gold . Queen, in all her elegant beauty, was sitting before the scene naked, with her arms wrapped around her busty chest . Her round shoulders, sexy bones, slim waist and bendy legs; in the light of the setting sun, she could have been mistaken for a mermaid queen .

"Still looking . " Queen hissed these two words between clenched teeth .

"Eyes were built to watch things of beauty; I cannot ignore their desires . " Han Sen slumped his shoulders while he spoke .

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He pulled back his gaze, brought out his blood-scale armor, and gave it to Queen .

She donned it immediately, and the armor concealed her voluptuous chest . Although you could make out slender curves, the overall sight was less arousing . Still, she had a beautiful face . It was the face of an elegant goddess, one who no man could touch .

"You looked better earlier . Now you look too cold," Han Sen said .

"Don't think saving me grants you a free pass . I still want to kill you, and if you say another word about my body, I'll cut you down right this second . " Queen directed a furious gaze towards Han Sen . If eyes could kill, he would have been diced into pieces already .

"Fine . I will stop . " Han Sen closed his eyes but started to smile .

"And don't think about it, either," Queen added . The smile Han Sen was giving her was unbearably smug, making her believe he was memorizing something he had no right to .

"I am afraid I cannot do that . This mind is my own, but I cannot fully control which fond neurological pastures it desires to revel in . " Han Sen opened his eyes as he spoke .

Queen gritted her teeth and said nothing more . She did look mad, though .

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"I think you look better when you're mad; you look quite feminine," Han Sen told her .

Queen thought she must have done something truly awful in her past life to have become acquainted with Han Sen in this one . Han Sen tore the clothes from her body when they last met, and he had pretty much done so again . It seemed as if all her most embarrassing moments kept occurring with Han Sen .

Eventually, Queen calmed her mood and became cool again . She resolved to try not to be so short-tempered, lest something even more embarrassing happen .

After all, Han Sen had saved her . And she'd feel terrible if she did something bad to him .

But whenever she opened her eyes and saw Han Sen, she got incredibly angry and her temper rose again . So, she turned around and decide to gaze at the sea instead of Han Sen . She asked, "Where are we?"

"I don't know . My primary concern was shaking the White Tiger, so I took a number of twists and turns . I don't even know which direction the island is in, anymore . " Han Sen blinked .

Queen furrowed her eyebrows and said, "Leave your silver fox here . We'll come back, but for now, we need to go get some food . "

"There's no need . I can handle it . " Han Sen placed the silver fox on the back of the whale and then jumped into the water solo . A while later he returned, carrying a fish that was two feet long .

He skinned and deboned it . Then, he cut the meat into thin slices and picked one up .

"I can . . . " Queen thought Han Sen was giving it to her . Before she could reject him, however, she noticed Han Sen was instead feeding it to the silver fox . She quickly closed her mouth and blushed .

"Oh, you want some? I can give you some . " Han Sen heard her half-sentence, so he picked up another slice and brought it to her . "Come on, open your mouth . "

Queen felt as if she was going to explode, as more and more blood pumped to her face . She clenched her jaw hard and didn't say anything . She then moved to sit behind Han Sen . Without looking at him, she grabbed a slice of fish by herself .

Han Sen slouched his shoulders and placed the fish he was holding into his mouth . He held the silver fox and sat in front of Queen . He and the fox happily shared their portion, dividing it evenly between them . When it came to the last slice, he picked it up and started to put it in his mouth . But before he could take it all, the silver fox jumped onto his arm and bit the other half of the fish .

Neither of them wished to let go, which annoyed Queen . In her heart, she asked herself, "What sort of person in their right mind, would fight for food with their pet?"

But Queen felt like something was wrong . The lips of the silver fox and Han Sen were connected, but the silver fox had just licked her most beautiful trophies earlier .

Queen's cold face suddenly turned all red . She turned around and went to the head of the whale and looked out at the ocean .

"What did I do to upset her this time?" Han Sen was surprised because he was just playing with the silver fox . He had no idea why she was so mad again .

By now, they had both acknowledged that they were lost . The whale had been swimming for half a day, with no sign of land .