Super Gene - Chapter 620

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:26:03 PM

Chapter 620
Chapter 620: Ice Snake Bolt

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In the Whitesand Shelter's market, Huangfu Pingqing walked alongside Han Sen, often turning to observe him .

"I know I am handsome . If you like my appearance that much, why don't we book a room together, so you can inspect me in all my splendor?" Han Sen asked her . He felt awkward, getting stared at by her .

Huangfu Pingqing merely fluttered her eyelashes and said, "Sure . Do you want to go right now?"

Han Sen did not say anything, but his eyes were suggesting enough . They couldn't keep away from Huangfu Pingqing's inflated chest . Similar to Queen, her breasts were the best of the best .

Huangfu Pingqing blushed and asked, "What are you looking at these for? Aren't you afraid Ji Yanran might suddenly appear and cut your penis off? Feel free to book a room if you've got the balls to do it, though . "

"What is that supposed to mean?" Han Sen knew Huangfu Pingqing was willing to say anything that came to mind, but if he actually stepped up to book a room, she'd chicken out .

"You really can't tell? I'm serious . You can go book us that room right now . I must say, though; I can't believe someone like Queen was willing to say she'd follow you . Be honest with me; what mind-trick have you used to put her under your spell?" Huangfu Pingqing giggled and looked at Han Sen .

"You know that's not what she meant . " Han Sen opened his arms to express his disbelief .

"I know that's not what she meant, but it's still strange for her to be willing to give up her team for you . What have you done?" Huangfu Pingqing's curiosity had reached the pitch-point . She couldn't fathom what Han Sen might have done to make Queen feel this way .

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"I have no idea . Maybe she thinks I'm incredibly handsome, too, and won't be able to keep her eyes off me, hence her desire to follow," Han Sen expressed, with off-putting cockiness .

"Whatever . " Huangfu Pingqing rolled her eyes towards Han Sen .

Han Sen laughed and turned to look at the beast soul shop they had just arrived at .

Before climbing the mountain, he wanted to buy one type of beast soul bolt first . If he couldn't get a sacred-blood class bolt, he'd at least want to grab a mutant class bolt . After all, bringing a Z-steel arrow with him wasn't ideal, and a mutant class bolt was guaranteed to be far more efficient .

But bolts, as he had previously seen, were still too unpopular . Han Sen and Huangfu Pingqing walked around the markets for some time without finding a single one . They did, however, see a wide variety of arrows .

But arrows were too long for the peacock crossbow, and they wouldn't load in . The peacock crossbow was medium-sized, which required short bolts .

"Balls . How are you the one to sell this?" Han Sen at last found a mutant class bolt in a beast soul shop that wasn't looking too popular .

It was a black bolt, formally referred to as an Ice Snake Bolt, and its tip was coated with a paralyzing substance .

Han Sen was surprised to see that the bolt was 30% cheaper than any other mutant class beast soul . It really did seem like crossbows were unpopular, and few people were willing to buy their beast souls .

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After all, crossbow beast souls were considerably rarer than the bolt beast souls themselves .

Han Sen bought the Ice Snake Bolt and continued walking around the markets, but that proved fruitless . He couldn't find a second beast soul bolt . Still, what he had was enough for the important time he'd need to use it .

Because they were waiting for Tyrant and the rest of Queen's group, Han Sen had to wait a few more days . Huangfu Pingqing wanted to visit Sky Pillar mountain, as well . Initially, Queen did not agree with the venture, but after Huangfu Pingqing spoke with her privately, Queen agreed to come .

Huangfu Pingqing's power wasn't too bad . Her genes were almost maxed out, but she hadn't managed to unlock her gene lock yet . If she didn't have a run-in with a super creature, she should have no trouble keeping herself protected .

With the powers gifted by the Ares Martial Hall, Huangfu Pingqing had managed to gather many sacred-blood beast souls, so ordinary sacred-blood beast souls could not harm her .

On the fourth day, Tyrant, Sky Jealousy, and Lazy Cat arrived . Seeing Han Sen present, Tyrant sternly frowned .

Tyrant did not heed Han Sen's presence and was wholly uncaring . He approached Queen with haste, asking, "Are you okay?"

Huangfu Pingqing gave him a spiteful glance, showing a clear distaste for what Tyrant had just asked . It was clear to see that Queen was okay and his question was unnecessary .

"I'm fine," Queen answered . She then looked at the three and said, "You all saw what Han Sen was capable of last time . I am hoping that he can join our team, and I'd like to hear your opinions . "

Tyrant furrowed his eyebrows again and said, "Big Sis, has this not already been a subject of discussion?"

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Queen explained, "Last time, Shang Qing was still here . Now we are low on members . I think Han Sen would be a great fit, for he has been of tremendous service to me . Believe it or not, he has actually unlocked his gene lock and his qualities and traits would benefit us all . "

"I don't think he helped . If anything, he has a negative influence on the team . " Tyrant then proceeded to tell Queen of Han Sen leaving the group to go to her aid and continued to say, "Someone who does not follow the rules is a liability to the team . This is why I am vehemently against his membership on our team . "

"I really can't persuade you . . . " Queen frowned .

"I stand by my decision for the benefit of our team, no matter how cruel it may sound," Tyrant said .

"Okay, I see . If things are like that, then I quit . " Queen stated her resignation without a moment of hesitation .

Tyrant, Sky Jealousy, and Lazy Cat were shaken . None of them expected her to quit the team on Han Sen's behalf .

"Big Sis, we can talk about this . We can talk about this! There is no need to be like that!" Lazy Cat said, doing her best to fix the situation and ease tensions .

"Yeah, Bis Sis . Tyrant did not mean what he said! If you think Han Sen is the sort of person this team needs, then we can talk about it," Sky Jealousy chimed in .

Tyrant's face looked bleak . Still, he gritted his teeth to hiss, "Big Sis, we have been through much together over the years . Are you really going to throw it all away on the behalf of some outsider?"

Queen calmly said, "I have not spoken recklessly . This is not a knee-jerk response . I am not mad at any of you, either . Have you each forgotten why we formed this team in the first place?"

"It was to slay super creatures," Tyrant said .

Queen nodded and then said, "This is indeed a team to slay super creatures . But over the years, we have not managed to kill a single one . "

Tyrant looked ill, and so he pleaded, "But we have been doing better and better in recent times . The opportunity will soon arise . "

"Even when Shang Qing was still here, we could not kill a super creature . With the others gone, and our team being considerably weakened, do you still think we have a chance?" Queen said it straight .

"You seem to suggest that we don't . Are you telling me we would stand a chance with this person's inclusion?" Tyrant bit his teeth and asked painfully .

Queen nodded and said, "Yes, I do believe so . "

After that, not only could Tyrant say nothing further, but even Sky Jealousy and Lazy Cat were too shocked to say anything . They had never seen Queen respect someone as much as she did Han Sen .

Everyone looked upon Han Sen, unable to determine which aspect of him made him so desirable and beneficial to the team . They did their best to figure out what was so special about him, that Queen was willing to quit the group for him .

"I only have one aim and duty: to kill a super creature . And I will do anything to achieve that goal . If Han Sen cannot join the team, then there is no reason for me to stay with this team anymore . " Queen explained it all calmly, but her certainty and absolute manner of speech made the others speechless .