Super Gene - Chapter 64

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:18:46 PM

Chapter 64

"That’s really me?" Han Sen couldn’t believe he looked so good . The way the video was edited made him blush a little .

At that time, he was only doing what he could to help the children out . Although the fall in the end looked tragic, he was in fact able to kick the Shura off him and fly away when they were about to hit the ground . It was not quite as risky as it looked .

The Shura was already badly injured and had died from the fall .

Han Sen knew that he just got lucky . If the Shura hadn’t already suffered severe injuries, Han Sen would probably have fled or died .

Moving his body around, it still hurt so much that Han Sen had a hard time breathing . He didn’t dare to go to the hospital, but luckily it wasn’t too bad, for none of his vital organ was hurt . Having taken some medicine, he was recovering slowly but steadily .

Hen Sen had gained something from it as well . The katana belonging to the Shura was taken home by Han Sen, which was so much better than the weapons made by human .

Shuras were much more advanced in making alloy weapons than human . Han Sen had heard since a long time ago that Shuras’ katanas were awesome . Even the black-horned Shuras used better katanas than Z-steel weapons . Now what Han Sen had was a katana from a golden-horned Shura, which should be the best of the best . There was simply no product of the same level as this katana .

Han Sen wielded the katana and felt that it was frighteningly sharp as it felt as if it could break the air .

Han Sen no longer dared to try the katana out with any weapon for he knew the katana was probably even sharper than his Z-steel dagger .

The video was so widespread that Han Sen was also worried that people might recognize the katana and thus himself to be Dollar . So he had decided to make some changes to the katana, which were mainly to change its color . He spray painted the katana in a golden color so it looked as if it were made of brass . He also ordered a cheap but flamboyant sheath on the Skynet so no one could tell it was a Shura katana when it was in the sheath .

In fact, Han Sen did not intend to use it in front of others . These were just precautions he took .

Han Sen had also wanted to replace the hilt of the katana to make it even less recognizable, but was unable to remove the hilt . However, he found a bead embedded in the hilt and took it out . To his surprise, the bead was hollow .

Inside the bead, there turned out to be a small memory chip . Han Sen inserted the chip into his device, trying to figure out what was stored there .

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What he didn’t expect was that there was a Shura's martial art recorded in the chip, which was called Bladestorm . The description said it was the top secret of a Shura aristocratic family .

"Can a human learn Shura's martial arts?" wondered Han Sen . After reviewing Bladestorm, he was convinced that he could learn it as long as his physical fitness level was high enough .

Han Sen started to try and practice Bladestorm and didn’t encounter too much obstruction, which meant his physique had reached the prerequisite of Bladestorm .

Bladestorm sounded like weapon skills, but it could also be used without any weapon . The key was to fully explore the potentials of one’s body in order to launch swift and powerful strikes . If one became skilled in Bladestorm, one could launch those strikes with any part of one’s body .

Han Sen hadn’t recovered at the moment anyway, so he didn’t go back to God’s Sanctuary and stayed home practicing Bladestorm . Lin Beifeng was the only one who called daily to check when he would go back to Steel Armor Shelter and start to hunt . Qin Xuan thought he was just hiding from Son of Heaven, so she didn’t call .

Han Sen checked his ringing comlink and it was Lin Beifeng again . He hesitated before picking up .

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"Sen, how come you are still not in God’s Sanctuary? I’ve been waiting for you," lamented Lin Beifeng . Han Sen didn’t even turn the video chat on because he was depressed enough just by listening to Lin’s voice .

"I will not hide from you . The truth is that I am recently preparing for a big campaign," Han Sen said mysteriously .

"What kind of campaign do you have in mind? Count me in!" said Lin Beifeng eagerly .

"I won’t disclose the details now, but at least we’ll be able to hunt mutant creatures . " Han Sen was telling the truth . He was planning to go into Dark Swamp as soon as he recovered . He couldn’t guarantee sacred-blood creatures but there would surely be mutant creatures .

"Sen, you must count me in . . . " said Lin Beifeng hurriedly .

"I’m working with others on this, so the team members are fixed and I cannot add anyone in," Han Sen kept Lin Beifeng in suspense before he continued . "But I’m short of money recently, and if you can provide me with some Z-steel arrows with 5 percent Z-steel, I will send you part of my share of the preys, and it won’t be less than an entire mutant creature . "

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"Excellent . I’ll send you those arrows right now," replied Lin Beifeng without demur .

"Hang on . I’m busy at the moment . Just have the arrows ready and I’ll contact you when I’m ready," said Han Sen .

"It’s a deal then . Don’t eat your own words," Lin Beifeng still felt insecure .

"You can rest assured that you will get your share . " Han Sen had been concerned where he could get some nice arrows . Now that Lin Beifeng was willing to sponsor him, he was all set . It was mutually beneficial as well . He would give Lin some mutant creature meat when he came back .

In the worst-case scenario, if he couldn’t hunt anything, he could still evolve any creature into a mutant one using the black crystal in a few days and pay Lin with that .

Han Sen rested at home for a dozen days before he fully recovered . While he was resting, he did nothing other than practicing Jadeskin and Bladestorm . Eventually he could start to use Bladestorm .