Super Gene - Chapter 672

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Chapter 672
Chapter 672: Hail to the Leader

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After the bear's manic slaughter of evolvers, bodies and blood lay strewn across the snow . Those who joined the fray looking for an easy kill, and had been left alive, were green in their faces . They wished they could grow an additional two legs to run off faster .
There was something wrong with the bear's head . It didn't care for much of anything, and it sought to kill anyone and anything that crossed its path indiscriminately . With the bodies disfigured and slumped across each other on the icy drifts, heaven knew how many it had happily killed .
Even though Han Sen wanted to stop it, he didn't have the strength right now . His energy had yet to recover from his first usage of Elephant-Rex Strike, so he couldn't use it again just yet . And ordinary strikes were useless against the rampaging behemoth .
Han Sen could only hope his energy would recover soon . If he could wallop the bear with one more Elephant-Rex Strike, it would surely perish .
"Oh no! The frosty bear is headed towards one of my knight-class shelters . " Li Xinglun's face changed . He called out to Wang Yuhang, saying, "Little Uncle, you have to draw it away!"
Wang Yuhang, with a depressed look on his face, said, "I assure you, I am trying . But the fiend is no longer right in the head! It won't pay me heed as it once did . "

Li Xinglun's eyes turned red . He rushed ahead, attempting to evacuate the shelter that the bear was approaching . When the frosty bear saw it, the beast made no delay in targeting it . The people inside would not have enough time to escape .
It was a shelter oriented around business, so most of the people inside didn't even know how to fight . If the frosty bear entered, it'd be a massacre . Blood would run up and down the walls as it hacked and hewed the people inside with little to no resistance .
Many people inside the shelter had witnessed the bear's previous killing spree out on the tundra . It created mass chaos and panic, as people climbed over each other in a bid to escape with their lives .
The halls were clogged with people as they rushed out in disheveled unison . The gates were congested with the maddened people, which made evacuation efforts even slower .
Li Xinglun kept firing arrows at the frosty bear's wounds, but that only enraged it further . Its violence was only increasing, perhaps in response to its near-death state . It wanted to lash out in one last blaze of blood and terror before it succumbed to its wounds .
Han Sen looked and frowned . Although the shelter belonged to Li Xinglun, every shelter across the Icefield paid taxes, which helped to line Han Sen's pockets with cash . This shelter in particular was amongst the highest-paying shelters when it came to taxes .
Han Sen didn't want his income reduced, and neither did he want to see people slain . His energy had yet to recover, so he couldn't use Elephant-Rex Strike again .
The frosty bear drew near the shelter and threw its weight against the wall, as if it were trying to claw its way over . Its front paws created deep scratch marks on the surface of the wall . With its frosty air, it tried to climb the wall .

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The people in the shelter, beyond those walls, screamed in fear . The wall was all that separated them from the frosty bear . They could see it, though; all murderous and mad-looking . The caved-in skull and bloody face only made it look even more fearsome . It was like a scary giant that ate people, and any second now, it'd be over the wall and ready to dine on the buffet of helpless residents .
Han Sen saw the frosty bear perched up against the wall of the shelter . He gritted his teeth, flapped his wings to pick up speed, and soared down towards his enemy .
Everyone watched Han Sen descend from the sky to land, with a giant fire-wreathed weapon in hand . It looked like an XXL drill head that was spinning at max speed . It looked terribly powerful .
"Go to hell, bear! Eat my flaming asshole-cracker!" Han Sen leapt into the air, his war cry emboldening his spirit . The fiery rex spike was aimed at the butthole of the frosty bear, which was still up against the wall . With a tremendous thrust, Han Sen rammed his weapon up its anus .
Fire blazed and blood gushed as the two meter long drill ground inside the bear's posterior .
Han Sen's heart was skipping like mad, and his bones groaned under the thundering power he had summoned . Han Sen had once again pushed his strength to the max, and with both hands clutching the weapon, he shoved it as deep as it could go .
Half of the spinning rex spike had been pushed in, streams of blood squirting into the wind like petals on the breeze .
Everyone who watched this scene was frozen in place, without motion . The strike they had just witnessed made them extremely happy, though the muscles in their buttocks clenched tighter .

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"Roar!" The frosty bear let out a painful cry . It attempted to turn around and grab Han Sen .
But Han Sen let go of the Flaming Rex Spike to dodge, and when he was clear, he kicked the handle of the protruding rex spike seven times . Every kick was like a hammer, malleting a peg deeper and deeper into the brown earth .
After the seventh kick, Han Sen shouted to the sky . He drew what remained of his power to his fists and punched the handle of the rex spike, the only part that had not been driven inside the bear . After that, the entire Flaming Rex Spike was inside its body .
Blood cascaded from its behind, as the bear cried out . But its yelp was cut short as the body slumped down to the ground heavily . It resulted in a quake that vibrated the entire shelter .
"Super Creature Hunted: Giant Frosty Bear . The beast soul has not been acquired . The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno essence . Consume its Life Geno essence to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten . "
Han Sen heard the familiar voice but was disappointed not to receive the beast soul, despite the incredible difficulty he had in slaying the super creature .
But Han Sen had to expect it sometime . Still, he did have a high drop-rate of beast souls when it came to super creatures . Of course, no one would mind an extra goody for performing a trying task, and the same applied to Han Sen . Therefore, he had been hopeful that he'd be able to procure the frosty bear's beast soul .
Everyone's eyes opened wide in bewilderment, watching Han Sen return to the skies like a god . No one spoke a word, and the area was deathly quiet .

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But then, after a period of silence had passed, the evolvers inside the shelter began to celebrate his triumph . Someone shouted, "Hail to the leader!"
The others who had just escaped death joined in, chanting, "Hail to the leader!"
"Hail to the Asshole-Cracker God!" The lead chanter changed the chant .
Countless others followed suit once again, shouting, "Hail to the Asshole-Cracker God!"
The voices rumbled to the sky and Han Sen almost plummeted back down after hearing the joyous cries . He actually felt kind of awkward . If he still had the strength, he'd go back down, find out who started such a ridiculous chant, and kill him .
The frosty bear's body disappeared . Han Sen grabbed the fist-sized ice crystal from where the corpse once lay and flew away .
The news of Han Sen's triumph over the frosty bear spread far and wide across the Icefield, but the news of Ji Qing's own slaying of a super creature had yet to be announced . Ordinary people did not know about the existence of super creatures, and so it was believed that Han Sen had only slain an extra strong sacred-blood creature . No one knew it was a super creature .
But the people who witnessed the fight that transpired on that day recounted the tale of Han Sen cracking open a giant, frosty bear's anus many times . And this story is what earned Han Sen the title "Asshole-Cracker God . "
When people heard this story, they wanted to know more about it .