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Super Gene - Chapter 742

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:25:26 PM

Chapter 742
Chapter 742: A Shocking Discovery

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


A black smoke burst from Han Sen's body like fire . It instantly incinerated the icy threads that had trapped him . The Flaming Rex Spike in his hand was swung madly towards the remainder, burning more threads into steamy bygones .

"Silver fox, this way!" Han Sen shouted at the silver fox, and it quickly returned to his shoulders . Without delay, Han Sen got back to swinging his rex spike with ferocity at the icy threads . He ran in front of the frozen man and quickly grabbed something out of his pocket . He turned, knocked out more of the threads, and hastily retreated in the direction of the bamboo forest .

The threads still coursed after Han Sen, and regardless of how many he destroyed, more and more were generated by the icy lake . They were endless .

The blazing fire of the Flaming Rex Spike was the perfect countermeasure to obliterating those he could strike down . And fortunately, the Devil Unicorn beast soul was able to withstand the threads he could not react to in time . Without too much trouble, he was able to keep them at bay as he advanced towards the forest .

Once he was inside the bamboo forest, the threads no longer followed, and the stringy, frosty hairs returned to the lake .

"It's lucky I had the Devil Unicorn beast soul . Who knows what might have happened, had I not . Even if I summoned the little angel, I am unsure whether or not she could withstand those things . " Han Sen pondered what he had just encountered, as he had no idea what the living ice threads were .

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Han Sen looked out towards the lake for a while but nothing seemed disturbed . Then, he lowered his head to take a look at what he was clutching in his hands .

Han Sen had taken a wallet out of the man's pockets, and it had many cards inside . They looked very old, too . They were much bigger than modern cards, and thicker . They weren't as light as the current cards were, where a hundred of them could be folded together and still be really thin .

There were thirty of the cards, and their thickness and number filled up the entire wallet .

"It looks like that man really was over a hundred years old . It's possible that he spawned in a shelter somewhere in the Black Desert, stumbled into this place as I have, and fell prey to the icy threads . " Han Sen observed the cards and contemplated the identity and possible story of the frozen man he had found .

They were old cards, and aside from some cards that belonged to a few interstellar banking firms, Han Sen had no idea what the majority of them were for .

Suddenly, Han Sen's pupils went smaller . He found a card which bore a familiar symbol .

"Nine-Life Cat . " Han Sen was shocked, not expecting to see this symbol here . That meant this man who had died near the lake may have been a member of their organization .

"It looks like that organization has been around for a long time . Does it really have a connection with Blood Legion?" Han Sen continued to examine the rest of the cards .

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Then, Han Sen's eyes stretched wide .

Within the cards was a working license, and on the front was something he saw clearly .

"Secret Service, Team #7 . Investigator: Qin Huaizhen"

This working license was the exact same as a relic Han Sen once received after someone died . The only difference being the name .

"Qin Huaizhen . . . could he be from the Qin family?" Han Sen remembered Qin Xuan once told him she had an elder who worked in the secret service's seventh team .

Han Sen gave a strange look to the man who was sitting near the lake . If he was a member of the Qin family, what may have led him to die all the way out here?

"Wait a minute . . . is he really dead? He still has a powerful lifeforce swirling inside him . It's not something you can fake, so, is he really dead?" Han Sen looked hopeful while staring at the man .

Han Sen wanted to know what might have happened to the seventh team . If that man really was an elder of the Qin family, and he was still alive, Han Sen was keen to finally learn the truth .

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With great interest, Han Sen turned his whole body towards the man on the lake . There was a big chance he was still alive, and cryogenic technology had matured quite a bit even back then . Many people went into cryogenic sleep to be defrosted and awoken sometime in the future . It wasn't a difficult process .

But it required modern technology . Straight-up freezing yourself dealt tremendous damage to the body, and simple defrosting rarely led to survival .

Han Sen did not know if the man could survive after being defrosted . There were no tools readily available for him, and he'd have to bring him back to the Alliance if he wanted to guarantee his survival .

Han Sen thought it over quite a bit, but then settled on returning to the lake . He really wanted to know what had happened to the seventh team, and it looked as if this might be his best and only chance . After all, almost all members of the seventh team had died . Finding one of them who was half-alive was too good of an opportunity to let pass by .

Han Sen emerged from the bamboo forest again, and he was greeted with the sudden reappearance of the icy threads . But to Han Sen, who owned three super creatures, they could do little to stop him .

Han Sen annihilated the threads and arrived at the shore of the lake without trouble . As he went to pick up the man, he suddenly heard the sound of an explosion from the waters of the lake . Amidst the soaking turmoil and tossed water, a jellyfish-like creature arose from the waters .

Under its control, the water of the lake threaded once more and viciously went after Han Sen . In addition to the icy threads, the jellyfish's tentacles now also joined the fray .

With the Flaming Rex Spike and Devil Unicorn, Han Sen was able to withstand and repel the icy threads well enough, but his movement was restricted quite a bit . After slashing a number of threads, however, a crystal tentacle writhed its way around Han Sen to ensnare him .

Han Sen felt his waist drop in temperature as a strong power began to grow and pull him towards the lake .

Han Sen was infuriated, so he raised the rex spike to bring it down on the tentacle . But before he could strike, another tentacle grabbed ahold of his arm .

The silver fox was spitting its bolts of lightning in a raging fury, doing its best to break the grip of the tentacles . But soon after, it too was grabbed . Another tentacle wrapped it up and began dragging it towards the water with its master .

The silver fox's body unleashed as much silver lightning as it could, but still, it wasn't enough to break the hold the tentacle had on it .

"Little angel!" Han Sen, unable to fight back, summoned his adiraid .

The little angel appeared from the sky, swooped down, and with her greatsword, sliced the tentacles that had grabbed ahold of the duo . The jellyfish creature thrashed around in pain, letting out a shrill shriek amidst the chaos .

"Little angel, great work! Go and kill that asshole . " Han Sen was extremely happy, and gleefully issued the little angel the order . Then, he swung his rex spike towards the icy threads that had amassed and were coming towards him like a tidal wave .

The little angel's cold face was like that of a goddess . Her blonde, flowing hair danced around as her body broke the air with her attacks . The greatsword slashed countless icy threads, as if she was tearing the seas asunder to get at the jellyfish-like creature .

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