Super Gene - Chapter 769

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Chapter 769
Chapter 769: You Are Mine

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"Will you follow me along the path of evolution?" the man said with a cold tone of voice, looking at the rhino .

"Roof!" the rhino responded to the man . Then, it began flying towards the metal door . Hovering beside the man, it turned around to look at the desert as if it was going to miss the place .

The man had a smile, and then he brought the rhino to leave . He casually looked around and seemed surprised . Just as he was preparing to lead the rhino through the door, he scanned the creatures on the ground .

Han Sen could suddenly feel that the man's eyes were aimed at him, and there was no chance of him being mistaken about that .

"Oh, no! Why would I even bother looking at him? This man is bringing whoever he wants . Even super creatures would not dare look at him . It seems all I ever do is look for trouble!" Han Sen wanted to slap himself .

Earlier, things seemed to be proceeding without trouble for him . But Han Sen realized his foolishness in looking the man's way, and now, the mysterious man had him in his sights .

Han Sen felt incredibly nervous . If he could have run away, he would have done so in a heartbeat . But he wasn't the only one still pinned down to the ground, as the fairy, black-flame phoenix, and green kirin were, too . Han Sen's chance of escape was slimmer than ever .

After seeing Han Sen where he lay, the man looked upon him with interest . With a finger, he pointed at him .

A black laser beam fell on Han Sen's head .

"Oh, no! Is this it? Am I going to die?" Han Sen used all his strength to try to dodge out of the way, but try as he might, he could not move an inch .


The beam of light struck Han Sen's head, and his heart felt cold for a second .

"It's karma . I've been smacking people's heads all my life . Now, it is my turn to be smacked in the head . Maybe I deserve this, but if I don't have a head, will anyone be able to recognize who I am when my body is discovered? That's to assume my body will remain intact; with all these creatures around, I'll be chow in no-time . I doubt even my bones will remain . Can I not even tell my family goodbye?" Han Sen felt so sad in his heart .

But it was then like nothing happened . The beam of light did not crush his skull, as expected . He felt no pain at all . It was as if the beam of light was nothing but an illusion .

"You are my man . " The man lifted his lips as he spoke, then turned around and departed beyond the metal door .

The holy rhino followed him inside, and then the door shut . As slowly as it first appeared, it now disappeared into nothingness .

Han Sen was finally able to move, and the first thing he did was quickly touch his head . Much to his relief, his head was firm, warm, and whole . He was super pleased, and so he thought, "My head is still here . Yay! I am not dead . "

But a second later, he spared no time for celebration . He summoned his Golden Roarer, and with the fairy alongside, rode over to the sand crater .

It wasn't just Han Sen who went there, either . All the creatures, black-flame phoenix and green kirin included, raced forward . There were some bones and flesh that had been left behind by the rhino . It was the meat of a top super creature, and clearly the aim of everyone's desire .

The black-flame phoenix and green kirin sprinted there, firing flame and thunder as they went . Any creature that attempted to steal from them, they killed mercilessly .

Han Sen had the little angel and fairy to protect him, however . And quickly, he leapt towards the mound of flesh . He summoned his Death Knell and lobbed it into the blood .

An idea then sprang upon Han Sen, and he chucked the gourd in there, too . Although he didn't know whether or not it would have an effect, this was a remarkably unique opportunity, and he didn't want to let this chance pass him by .

The black-flame phoenix and green kirin jumped towards the meat and began devouring it as best they could . Although they ate like mad, they still managed to incinerate anything that came close .

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The fairy took the time to grab a bite to eat, too . Her little mouth worked incredibly quickly to gobble down decent chunks of meat .

The little angel had her fair share, as well . So, Han Sen then summoned Meowth and let it dine on some .

Han Sen was currently regretting his decision to leave the silver fox behind . If that little silver black hole was here, it would be in ecstasy at the prospect of all this food .

The rhino was incredibly large . Even though those two monsters were slaughtering creatures, others were able to join in and eat from afar .

Han Sen lay on the ground to have a sip of the blood, but after giving it a taste, quickly spat it all out . The blood was like acid, and it almost melted his entire mouth and tongue .

"What is this? Can only creatures consume this?" Han Sen was disheartened, seeing all the other creatures jovially eat to their heart's content .

The little angel had no problem, either . It was only Han Sen who was not able to take part in eating the rhino's remains . Han Sen did not want to give up so easily, however . Instead of trying to drink the blood, he grabbed a chunk of meat and bit into it . It tasted like lime, and it burnt his mouth fiercely . Quickly, he spat it all out .

"Holy smokes! What is happening?" Han Sen's heart was incredibly sad, and his inability to eat the meat drove him nuts .

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Suddenly, Han Sen remembered a tear had fallen from the rhino . The tear seemed as if it had solidified, and he wondered if it was still there .

From what Han Sen could recall, it fell into the pool of blood . He snuck over to where he had seen it fall and rummaged around for it . If it did not melt, then it had to still be there .

After a while, his hands touched something circular . With a quick rebound of joy and excitement, he pulled it up .

It was indeed the rhino's teardrop . It was transparent, and about the size of a fist . Although it came out of the blood, it hadn't been stained by it . Strange, considering Han Sen's hand was all mucky with the blood it had been submerged in . It was fortunate he was wearing beast soul armor, too . If he wasn't, he imagined his skin would have all melted away by now .

Han Sen held the tear and felt a lot of energy coursing around inside it . The item itself felt incredibly holy . Merely holding it soothed his being, as if being in its proximity cleansed him .

"Now this is some good stuff . " Han Sen was ecstatic, and he carefully pocketed the tear .

Han Sen pulled out a bag and placed some meat inside it, so he could offer it to the silver fox when he returned . He couldn't let the silver fox—the creature that loved to eat so much—go without this sort of food .

Of course, Han Sen also harbored the desire to see the silver fox grow up a little faster . An adult silver fox was sure to be incredibly powerful, and if it never grew up, his investment in the little creature would have been a waste .