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Super Gene - Chapter 890

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:24:43 PM

Chapter 890
Chapter 890: The Power of a Bucket of Water

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen slowly stepped away . If he wasn't injured, he'd have happily continued his approach, slain the toad, and grabbed the watervine .

But for now, he couldn't do that . Once he was healed, however, he resolved to return and kill it .

The toad, fortunately, did not seem to have noticed Han Sen . So, without trouble, Han Sen decided to go back . After fetching a bucket of water, he took off back to the house with Meowth at his side .

Chu Ming saw Han Sen riding Meowth on his way back . With surprise, he said, "You have a pet beat soul? What class is it?"

"Sacred-blood from the First God's Sanctuary," Han Sen responded .

"What is the point of bringing it here, then?! You could probably walk faster than that useless thing!" Chu Ming exclaimed .

"I am injured right now, don't you recall? I'm only riding it due to my injury . " Han Sen hopped down off of Meowth and retrieved the bucket of water being carried in his pet's mouth . Then, after approaching the tree, he poured the water on its roots .

Han Sen touched the tree and slyly dropped a lifeforce waterdrop to its root, as well . It was quickly absorbed .

After that, Han Sen put the bucket aside and started walking back to the house so he could rest .

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"That's it?!" Chu Ming yelled with shock and aggravation .

"Yeah, that should do it . " Han Sen nodded .

"You toss some water on the ground and tell me that should do it? After all that waiting around?!" Chu Ming could hardly believe what he was hearing .

"Well, what else do you expect me to do?" Han Sen smiled .

Chu Ming's mood had dropped a considerable amount, and so he said, "I knew I shouldn't have placed any modicum of faith or hope you could aid us and this tree . Pah! What an imbecile . What use is that water going to provide, eh?"

"I don't know . Maybe it'll be a boon and instigate the tree's revival? It might work . It might not . " Han Sen then continued toward the house .

Chu Ming wasn't keen to let this go, and his temper had been inflamed . He turned to Qu Lanxi and said, "This yahoo is toying with us . A three-year-old could toss water on the roots of a tree . "

"He is still very injured . We can't exhaust him too much . " Qu Lanxi wasn't half as disappointed as Chu Ming, primarily due to the lack of hope she had for the tree in the first place .

Only Chu Ming was sulking, but there was nothing he could do about it . And as much as he might have liked to, killing his burden and woe-bringer Han Sen would not achieve anything .

After Han Sen poured water onto the roots, he was done with the tree for the day . He planned to examine its lifeforce the day after .

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If the Dragon-Blood Tree could absorb one such waterdrop a day, then it meant he'd have to find more plants; a lot more .

Han Sen lay down on the bed and practiced the Blood-Pulse Sutra, hoping his health could fully return quickly . Meowth was around the gourd often, showing a new interest in the item .

Nothing new had come from the gourd, since Han Sen's arrival in the Third God's Sanctuary . Aside from its continued pulsing, nothing had changed with it .

When Han Sen had nothing more to do and was bored, he spent some time with the gourd, pleading for it to deposit the weapons inside it . He tried a number of ways to get them out, but every method resulted in failure .

The next day, Han Sen was woken to Chu Ming shouting again; he was becoming his morning rooster, it would appear .

"How is that possible?!" Chu Ming spoke with complete shock and disbelief, but his body had frozen like a cartoon statue, as he stared at the tree in the yard .

"What is it this time?" Qu Lanxi walked out of the house and then froze mid-step; she too had caught sight of the tree .

They were in greater shock now than they had been upon seeing the tree first sprout its leaves .

Han Sen soon followed them out the house, and when he did, Chu Ming ran towards him in a crazed dash . He grabbed his clothes and said, "You! How?! How did you do that?"

"How did I do what?" Han Sen asked .

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"How did you make the Dragon-Blood Tree razzle and dazzle like this?" Chu Ming pointed towards the tree as he spoke .

Han Sen looked at the tree and even he himself was surprised by what he saw . The tree's branches and twigs were all decked out in full, healthy red leaves . It looked like a gorgeous maple tree .

Overnight, the tree had grown as if it had received appropriate nourishment every day for the past several months .

"It grew that fast?" Han Sen did not expect the tree to grow this much, after the length of a single night, following an absorbance of one waterdrop .

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn't have used an entire waterdrop . It was too obvious something was afoot, and the sudden flourishing of the tree would be far too suspicious .

"San Mu, what did you do? How did the tree grow that fast?" Qu Lanxi politely asked Han Sen, in utter surprise at the morning's revelation .

It was difficult to believe that a Dragon-Blood Tree could grow into such a beautiful state overnight through natural circumstances and methods of cultivation .

"You saw what I did, didn't you? I fetched a bucket of water and simply poured it on the roots of the tree . I didn't do anything else . " As Han Sen made his excuse, he swore to himself he'd never use an entire waterdrop again .

"But that was just river water; there is no possible way it could turn our tree into something as remarkable as this . Tell me, my darling cur, what did you do?!" Chu Ming's delight had slowly curdled into annoyance . With his rudeness seeping back into his words, he asked Han Sen with an irritated tone .

"Believe it or not, but I really did only pour out a single bucket of water," Han Sen said with a wry smile .

They did not entirely believe what he was saying, but they felt like that they had to . After all, they had watched him pour the bucket of water on the tree and later return indoors for the night .

Furthermore, Han Sen was injured and had no money . Even if Han Sen bought beast-blood, they should have been able to see it .

Although things were oddly suspicious, to the best of their knowledge, Han Sen really did only pour out a bucket of water onto the roots of the tree . And following that, somehow, the Dragon-Blood Tree was flourishing crazily fast .

"If I knew water from the river could achieve this, I would have done it myself many years ago," Chu Ming said to himself out loud, with a face full of regret .

"San Mu, are you an experienced arborist?" Qu Lanxi asked Han Sen, with an expression that said she was suddenly unsure of him .

"I told you I only learnt a few methods from Professor Sun . But I too am surprised they work as well as they do . " Han Sen gave her a smile .

As they were talking, Chu Ming grabbed the bucket and started racing off into the fields .

"Where are you going?" Han Sen quickly stopped Chu Ming with his question .

"I am off to the river to retrieve more water . If I do this, we can get it to grow even faster!" Chu Ming replied, excitedly .

Han Sen then laughed in response and said, "Quality over quantity, my friend . Sometimes less is more, for if we add too much water to its roots, the results we seek may sour . Things could backfire and potentially ruin the tree . "

When Chu Ming heard this, he immediately dropped the bucket . He ran in front of Han Sen and said, "Yes, sir! From now on, I'm going to listen to whatever you have to tell me!"

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