Super Gene - Chapter 91

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:19:49 PM

Chapter 91

On the day of the final match between Dollar and Qin Xuan, the stands were packed with at least a dozen hundred thousand audience . Even many of those who didn’t register came .

In addition to it being the final match, it was popular also thanks to the fame of Dollar and Qin Xuan .

Qin Xuan was undoubtedly the legend of Steel Armor Shelter . As a woman, she had been the champion of the martial arts contest for several years now, although she was never among the Chosen . There was no doubt that she was the NO . 1 in Steel Armor Shelter . In addition, she was also beautiful . All of these made her the goddess of Steel Armor Shelter . People loved, feared and respected her .

Dollar’s recent rise was even more legendary . He came from nowhere, but there had been so many headlines and controversies about him .

Both seizing Son of Heaven’s sacred-blood beast soul and killing Luo Tianyang made Dollar a somewhat negative figure . But smashing through the robot channel and fighting golden-horned Shura made him an idol .

When one legend met the other, everyone wanted to know about the outcome . Will Qin Xuan continue to be the invincible goddess? Or will Dollar become the new champion? Everyone was looking forward to this match .

When Qin Xuan and Dollar almost arrived at the same time, all expectations peaked and the cheers were deafening .

"Dollar, a bet?" Qin Xuan didn’t move, but looked at Han Sen with a smile .

The audience heard Qin Xuan’s words and quieted down, wanting to know what bet she was proposing .

"What bet?" Though looking calm, Han Sen was puzzled . Did she want to buy the victory from him?

"If you lose this one, join my Steel Armor Gang and be my deputy . When I evolve and go to Second God’s Sanctuary, you will be the head of the gang . " Qin Xuan had a sweet smile on .

There was an uproar among the audience . No one thought Qin Xuan would say something like this . Steel Armor Gang was far more than just a gang . It also represented the presence of military and the Alliance in God’s Sanctuary .

Qin Xuan’s was asking Dollar to become the official spokesman of the Alliance at Steel Armor Shelter . It was a great honor .

"Sorry, I cannot accept this condition . " But unexpectedly, Dollar refused Qin Xuan’s offer .

"Why?" Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen, stunned . The head of Steel Armor Gang was a position pursued by many . It was a ladder toward the power center of the Alliance, but Dollar turned it down without considering .

The audience also thought Dollar was crazy . How can he turn down such a great offer?

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"There are two reasons," Han Sen smiled and said . "First, you cannot beat me . "

The answer left many slightly shocked, while Qin Xuan asked, "What is the second reason?"

"I will go to Second God’s Sanctuary earlier than you, so although I appreciate your kindness, I can’t take your offer," Han Sen calmly said .

His reply was arrogant . With her gang, Qin Xuan could gain geno points a lot more easily than most people . While Dollar was on his own, he said he could evolve earlier than her .

But no one felt that Dollar was mistaken . It seemed that everything was likely with Dollar and he shouldn’t be questioned .

Qin Xuan smiled . "Well, then I would like to propose something else . If you lose, tell me who you really are . "

Qin Xuan’s words had led to a burst of cheers on the stands . All the audience were dying to know who Dollar was . Qin Xuan’s proposal was embraced by all .

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"And if you lose?" Han Sen grinned and asked .

"You can propose something as well . " Smiling, Qin Xuan looked full of confidence . It was as if she would never lose .

"An S-Class license at Saint hall . " Han Sen was obsessed with the hyper geno arts in Saint Hall, he had neither the money nor the license .

"Deal . " Qin Xuan did not even lift her eyes before she agreed, as if an S-Class license was nothing to her .

"Then let’s begin . " Han Sen drew the Shura katana . He didn’t dare to slack when fighting Qin Xuan, who had the most geno points among all in the shelter . She was probably ten sacred geno points away from maxing out on everything .

Han Sen had never seen Qin Xuan using her full strength, but he still thought he stood a chance .

Han Sen's biggest advantage was his understanding of Qin Xuan . She would never thought that Dollar was in fact Han Sen, whom she had fought a million times . Although she was always kicking his ass, he had learned a lot of her fighting habits .

Qin Xuan on the other hand knew nothing about Dollar .

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Qin Xuan stretched her hand and a beautiful purple butterfly started to dance in her palm, which turned into a purple dagger . Elegant and demure, she stood there like a goddess .

Han Sen had seen her using this sacred-blood poisonous butterfly dagger once, but it was on the purple-winged dragon . The dagger wasn’t really effective as the dragon was gigantic . However, it would be different for a person . Han Sen didn’t know if he could stand the toxin if stabbed with the dagger .

So, Han Sen wasn’t going to give Qin Xuan any opportunity to attack . He wielded the katana using Bladestorm and the strike was so fast as if it could break the wind . It was a similar strike as this one that had ended Luo Tianyang’s life .

Qin Xuan smiled, and moved away like a butterfly, dodging the fierce strike and stab her dagger at Han Sen's throat .

Han Sen stepped forward and ignored the dagger . The katana was wielded at Qin Xuan again .

That was a move that put both their lives at stake . If Qin Xuan did not dodge again, she would be cut in half; since Han Sen was in sacred-blood armor, he had a bigger chance at survival even cut by her sacred-blood dagger .

"Scoundrel," Qin Xuan scowled, gracefully moved sideways and avoided Han Sen’s attack .