Super Gene - Chapter 99

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:20:07 PM

Chapter 99

Han Sen realized how large the population of the Alliance was and how large First God’s Sanctuary was when he entered Chosen Martial Ring .

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Every shelter had about 100,000 people like Steel Armor Shelter . And everyone in Chosen Martial Ring now was the champion of their own shelter . The stands were almost filled with at least 100,000 champions, which meant there were at least 100,000 shelters in First God’s Sanctuary . It was a dizzying figure indeed .

After humans entered the interstellar era, they had conquered lots of habitable planets and had been thriving . Now the human kind was so huge that only Shuras could compete .

Among the champions of all shelters, Dollar was the most famous one, in addition to the Chosen from last year .

That video of Dollar fighting golden-horned Shura was so viral that all mainstream media had covered it, so Dollar had become a household name in the Alliance .

Many people were curiously looking at Han Sen, as they wondered how Dollar really was .

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But it was mostly just curiosity . They had all watched the video starring Han Sen . Although the storyline was impressive, Dollar didn’t really show much strength at that time .

His sacred-blood beast souls were great but he himself not so much . Han Sen at that time would be very far behind among the champions of all shelters .

After all, these people were one in a hundred thousand with great physiques and advanced beast souls . It hadn’t been long since Han Sen fought the Shura, so no one believed he could have made much progress . People mostly just wondered about him and didn’t treat him as a fierce rival .

When the channel into Chosen Martial Ring was closed, the match list finally appeared on the sacred stele .

The names on the list were the ones the champions left on the martial steles . Han Sen quickly searched the list for "Dollar" and he found it very soon . The word stood out to him for some reason and others had found their own names as well .

In this contest among the champions, a one-on-one model was adopted and the winner of the two would enter the next round, so the list was like a pyramid . Han Sen was relieved to see both Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng were arranged far from him and there was no chance they would meet before top 10 . Han Sen scanned the list again and another name caught his eye .

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"Yi Dongmu, he used his real name?" Han Sen saw the name Yi Dongmu and followed his path . He was suddenly startled .

If Yi and he could both win all the way, they would fight for the chance to become the Chosen . So in order for Han Sen to gain the sacred-blood beast soul, he must beat Yi .

"Tang Zhenliu was afraid of Yi, while I was the one who met him . Yi Dongmu, your luck is no good . If Tang didn’t come to me, I might lose to you . But now it’s different . Maybe I am chosen," Han Sen thought happily . Perhaps others would be afraid of Yi, but he was confident he could beat Yi after watching the videos .

Chosen Martial Ring was divided into a thousand stages stacked on top of one another . Each time a thousand pairs could fight at the same time . Han Sen was in a late match so he went to see other matches first, especially the one Yi was in . He had to know how much better Yi was getting compared to his performance in the videos .

Yi Dongmu’s match in this round was also rather late . Han Sen watched a few matches and was surprised as no one was to be taken lightly in this contest .

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He also watched Tang Zhenliu's first match . His opponent stood no chance under his fierce broadsword skills . After Tang shapeshifted, his opponent was barely fighting back . Tang’s techniques and strength were both outstanding in the contest .

Lin Feng whom Han Sen was paying even more attention to also won his match, while Han Sen didn’t really understand the way he won . His opponent was a nobody, but Lin Feng only won by a narrow margin .

Han Sen could even imagine that in the reports next day, Lin Feng’s opponent would be described as "had a glorious failure . "

But for some reason, Lin Feng made Han Sen feel more threatened than Tang did .

Finally, it was Yi Dongmu’s turn . He was not well-known at the moment . Although he was the grandson of Senator Yi, only a few people knew he was in the contest . After all, this was his first contest .

However, his opponent was a celebrity who ranked number 10 last time, nicknamed "Dragon Swordsman . " Dragon Swordsman was very handsome and had great sword skills . With lots of female fans in the Alliance, he enjoyed great popularity among all the Chosen .

Dragon Swordsman’s match was naturally high-profile . A lot of people thought that he had a chance of being top 3 this year and all the girls were cheering for him . Few paid attention to Yi Dongmu, his opponent .

But ten seconds from the match started, everyone was shocked . Before Dragon Swordsman drew his sword, Yi Dongmu’s knife had cut his throat .

Watching Dragon Swordsman clutching his own neck in pain and collapsing, the audience were silent . His female fans were covered in tears with hands on their mouths, not accepting what they saw .

One of the Chosen last year, Dragon Swordsman was killed in his first match . That would sure become the headline next morning . This was all it took for Yi to be known throughout the Alliance .

Han Sen was calm . Although Yi had made some progress, the well-born kid still did not understand the essence of assassination .