Super Gene - Chapter 998

Published at 25th of November 2018 05:22:39 PM

Chapter 998
Chapter 998: Blind Man’s Stuff

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Han Sen opened the package, which had been delivered to him in a recyclable box, and saw a lone envelope inside .

Needless to say, he was taken aback . Sending someone a primitive letter in that day and age was very unusual .

He picked up the envelope, which was plain and without text on the front, and turned it over . There was nothing written on the back, either .

Han Sen opened it up and pulled out the slip of paper that was inside . On it, two simple sentences were written .

"Something will arrive in three days . Take it to the shelter and do not allow anyone else to see it – Blind Man . " Han Sen read it out and frowned .

Han Sen did not recall a person named Blind Man, but the writing was somewhat familiar . It was someone he had met once before, but his memory of the person's significance was hazy .

When Han Sen was in the Second God's Sanctuary, a man called Blind Man had given him a book called The Innocent .

He only saw him once, and after their encounter, he disappeared and was never seen again . Why he would send a letter and ask him to expect a package in three days, Han Sen could not tell .

"What a strange person . " Whatever was going on, it didn't feel like a mere prank . Regardless of what was to occur, Han Sen decided to wait three days and see if anything did indeed come .

When that day rolled around, a package showed up at Han Sen's door . Strangely, it was delivered to him by an actual person . This person was well-cloaked, though, and it was difficult to even discern their gender .

The person placed the item in the mailbox and left .

Because this item had not been scanned, Han Sen brought it to the sanctuary and got Moment Queen to open it for him . If there was something dangerous inside, it was best if she handled it .

When the box was opened, nothing bad happened . And on the inside was a miniature purple cauldron .

It was around twenty centimeters tall and ten centimeters wide . There was a lid on it, so if there was something within, it was obscured from view .

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Curiously, though, emblazoned on the cauldron was the symbol of the Nine-Life Cat .

"Is Blind Man a member of Blood Legion? What meaning could there be, to him sending me this cauldron?" Han Sen frowned and gave the cauldron a good shake, to determine whether or not there was something inside it .

No sound was emitted, which told him it was empty—this actually disappointed him .

Removing the lid, though, proved his little test wrong . And what was inside gave him quite the shock .

Sitting inside the cauldron was a red jewel shaped like a ping-pong ball . It was rather weird, in that it had made no sound when he shook the cauldron .

"How is that possible?" Han Sen was really confident in his abilities of perception, and being able to sense the presence of something, even if it was out of sight . If there was something inside, he should have been able to detect it .

Han Sen closed the lid and gave the cauldron another shake with the jewel still inside . Like before, no sound was heard . It was as if the cauldron was empty .

When Han Sen removed the lid, the jewel was still there . He now also noticed a pleasant, herbal fragrance being emitted .

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"What is this?" Han Sen took the jewel out . It felt warm to his touch, and it was lighter than any stone he had felt before .

Han Sen wondered if the jewel was actually a jewel, or was instead some sort of pill . If it was, it didn't look edible . Swallowing it would be like swallowing a rock, or so he thought . He didn't fancy digesting something like that .

Not partial to the consumption of such an item, he placed the jewel back in the cauldron and found a place in the shelter to hide it .

He didn't really want to help Blind Man, but he was worried about the possibility of the package being associated with some murder or criminal act .

Han Sen returned to the Alliance and searched for information regarding such a cauldron .

He found many different cauldrons on Skynet, but there was nothing remotely similar to the one he had just been given . There was no news out there, either, about the theft of a cauldron .

After entering the dimensions of the cauldron, he should have been able to find something out about it . But alas, he could not .

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Han Sen could not find anything out about the jewel, either . Frustrated, he simply decided to log-off Skynet and leave .

Following this package, though, Han Sen did not receive anything else from the elusive Blind Man . With no more reason for it to demand his attention, Han Sen decided to let the matter go for the time being .

"Little Han, we have received a report of an injured sacred-blood creature . Would you like us to check it out?"

As Han Sen went off to the east of the shelter, Old Huang sought him out .

"What is it?" His fourth gene lock had almost been opened, so he was fancying the idea of a quick kill of a sacred-blood creature .

"It is a black snake of sorts . It appeared to be dying, but that didn't stop it from swallowing a mutant class frog . Still, that's what told us it was most likely a sacred-blood creature," Old Huang elaborated .

"Let's take a look, then . " Han Sen followed Old Huang out of the shelter, and they ventured west . After ten miles of travel, they encountered a black snake resting on a rock . Its body was as thick as a barrel, and it had to be at least fifty meters long . Concerningly, its scales had been shredded by what appeared to be massive claws .

"It is a sacred-blood creature, you're right . " Han Sen scanned it, and took notice of the lifeforce . And as they suspected, it was indeed legitimately damaged .