Super Soldier - Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Second Meeting with the Peony Fairy

Xiao Bing wouldn't starve to death . In fact, when he came home, he was already full, or at least full of drink . That night, he and Ye Tianming each drank more than ten bottles of beer, and then came home drunk .


He walked into the house and looked at the clock hanging on the wall . It was already eleven o'clock in the evening . Xiao Bing laid on his bed and was fast asleep .


The next morning, probably because of the hangover the night before, Xiao Bing got up a little late . When he got up, he glanced at the time . It was already over eight o'clock in the morning, but Su Xiaoxiao was still cooking soup in the kitchen .


Xiao Bing went in and asked, surprised, "Why are you still at home? Don't you need to go to school? It is not good to ask for leave every day . . . "


"You should care more about your little girlfriend, not me . . . " Su Xiaoxiao seemed to realize that there seemed to be something wrong with her tone . So she quickly changed the topic and said, "Today is a weekend, I'm going to make soup for my mom . "


Xiao Bing laughed, "Your mom would be very happy to have such a filial daughter like you . "


Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Xiao Bing and asked, "Today is a holiday, aren't you going to ask Ye Xiaoxi for a date?"


"You just reminded me . " Xiao Bing's eyes lit up and said, "I'll call her later . "


That little girl, Yezi, was really too attractive . Xiao Bing felt as if he was in a honey pot for the last two days . Upon the name of Yezi, he felt his whole heart turn sweet .


Su Xiaoxiao stared straight at Xiao Bing with a serious face . "Xiao Bing, I must remind you . "


Xiao Bing hurried to listen carefully . She called his full name . He must have done something wrong .


"Don't let your relationship affect the noodle shop business . My parents set up the Xiaoxiao Noodle House . They worked so hard every day to run the noodle shop . It's worth more than just money . It's the result of their painstaking efforts, and they traded it for caring for me and my sister . "


Su Xiaoxiao looked at him so seriously that Xiao Bing could not refute it . Ever since he promised to stay at the restaurant, he seemed to rarely stay there . Sometimes there were special situations, and sometimes it was to do things for the Su family . Now, since the Su family had settled their business and he was the only one in the restaurant that could make the special noodles, he couldn't affect the business because of himself .


So Xiao Bing accepted it with an open mind . When facing criticism, Xiao Bing was able to accept it very well .


Seeing that Xiao Bing didn't talk back, Su Xiaoxiao continued, "Actually, since you could invite Mr . Zhang to treat my mother, you should be a very capable person, that's why he was willing to do this for your sake . A noodle restaurant may not be the right place for you . If you don't want to do it, you can tell me . "


Xiao Bing said, "I accept your criticism and I promise it won't happen again . "


Afterwards, Xiao Bing smiled and said, "How about I make breakfast for you, to make amends . "


Su Xiaoxiao looked at Xiao Bing's smirking appearance and felt unhappy . She really didn't know what Ye Xiaoxi liked about him . He was dirty-minded, and not serious . Did the campus belle have poor taste?


Xiao Bing would be furious if he knew what Su Xiaoxiao was thinking . How can a handsome and capable man like himself have that sort of image in her mind?


Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Xiao Bing and said, "Breakfast is ready . Go and eat it . "


Su Xiaoxiao went on cooking soup again .


Xiao Bing sat down and munched on his breakfast . He said, "When you go to the hospital, tell your mom that I'll be in the restaurant . She doesn't need to worry . "


"She is not worried . But I am . "

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Xiao Bing laughed, "I am actually a very reliable person . I'll go to the restaurant after I finish breakfast . By the way, you look very nice in this outfit . Like a neighborhood girl . "


Su Xiaoxiao looked down at the apron and the clothes she was wearing, her face was slightly hot and she snorted, "Nonsense . "


Xiao Bing stopped talking and kept eating . He had several steamed buns, put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth, "I'll go first . "


"Come back early tonight!"


"Got it!" Xiao Bing walked out of the door . He suddenly felt like her last sentence sounded like the talk between a husband and wife . . . Well, don't overthink too much, don't overthink .


Walking on the road, Xiao Bing thought about what Su Xiaoxiao said . In fact, he didn't blame her . No one wanted to have a guest at his restaurant for nothing . What's more, the noodle restaurant couldn't attract more customers without its exclusive noodles . But this way, Yezi would be alone . "Alas, today's weather is good and sunny . It would be great if we could take a walk in the park . . . " Xiao Bing thought to himself .


Xiao Bing walked to the door of the noodle restaurant absent-mindedly . The moment he entered the noodle shop, Xiao Bing was stunned and asked, "Yezi, why are you here?"


The noodle shop was full of guests . Yezi was wearing an apron, and with a sweet smile, was serving the customers .


Putting the bowl down, Yezi smiled sweetly, "I came to help you . It's boring to stay at home anyway . I'll come and help you every weekend, it's free labor!"


Yezi blinked as she finished talking . Xiao Bing clutching his heart . Shit . What a spark!


The Heavenly King Hall .


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The North Heavenly Queen Peony Fairy was wearing a red gauze and a veil on her face . She was sitting in the Heavenly Queen chair in the hall . Xie Lun looked up at her enchanting and attractive body . Even if he couldn't see the face of the Peony Fairy clearly, Xie Lun could not help but gasp for breath as long as he saw this woman .


The Peony Fairy had an enchanting smile, "Boss Xie, why have you come to me again?"


Xie Lun quickly tore away his eyes, took a few deep breaths and sat down in the chair . He took a sip of his tea and tried to calm himself down . Then he said, "The method you taught me last time has failed . "


"Oh?" The Peony Fairy laughed . "I heard about this, but there was a reason . So? Boss Xie, did you come to get even with me? Or do you want my reward back?"


"No, how could I . " Xie Lun laughed . "I am not such a stingy person . Just as you said, there is a reason for this . I didn't expect Xiao Bing to be such a terrible person . He attained proof of Chang Huai'an accepting bribes . Fortunately, I had no money dealings with Chang Huai'an before . Although I gave him a lot of money this time, no one had any evidence, or I would have been blamed!"


"Mmm . " The Peony Fairy giggled, "Then Boss Xie came just to catch up?"


"I'd like to ask you to help . . . " Xie Lun gnashed his teeth . "Only you can destroy this Xiao Bing . "


"I want all your properties in the North District . "


Xie Lun was stunned and said in surprise, "Fairy, isn't it too much? The last time…"


The Peony Fairy laughed, "I'm not finished yet . Apart from all the properties in the North District, I also want 50 million yuan in cash . "


Xie Lun's face turned pale . All the properties in North District, together with 50 million cash, was almost half of his wealth!


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Unless it was to avenge one's family, no one would be willing to give up half their wealth to take another person's life!


The hatred between Xiao Bing and the Xie family was very deep, but it was far from reaching that point .


Xie Lun was about to refuse when Peony Fairy suddenly laughed, "Xiao Bing's price has risen now . You probably don't know it yet . Xiao Bing and Miss Ye are a couple now, and he has become the lifesaver of the Ye family . Ye Bancheng has been ill for a long time and is on the verge of dying . However, he asked Zhang Yizhi to treat Ye Bancheng . It is said that the probability of curing him is very high . Tell me, is Xiao Bing now someone you can hurt?"


"That being the case . . . " Xie Lun hesitated, "Then forget about it . . . "


The Peony Fairy chuckled, "It doesn't matter to me, but it depends on you . But who knows what's the issue between Xiao Bing and Chang Huai'an . He even collected all the criminal evidence of Chang Huai'an ahead of time . It can be seen that he is a vengeful person, and as long as he wills it, he will kill people . . . If your Xie family has a big issue with him, according to his personality, once he gets the opportunity in the future . . . "


Thinking of Xiao Bing's murderous look when he was in the ward, Xie Lun felt cold . His hands trembled when he held his cup, and it fell to the ground with a crash . The Peony Fairy saw it and her eyes showed a kind of cruelty . She liked this feeling . She liked to play with others . These so-called smart men were not even dogs in her eyes . She preferred these men to kill each other in front of her in spite of everything, just like two dogs tearing at each other . They were all covered in blood and bitten to death .


Although it was difficult, Xie Lun finally said what the Peony Fairy expected, "I agree . . . The properties in the North District will be transferred to you . So will 50 million in cash . But I have one request . "


There was a smirk in the Peony Fairy's eyes and she said, "Boss Xie, go ahead . . . "


"I want him dead!"


Xie Lun's eyes sparkled with madness and his tone was full of madness too, "If I don't kill him, he'll want payback . I want him to die, thoroughly!"


Even though Xie Lun had done many bad things, he suddenly felt that he had never been so crazy in his whole life .


The Peony Fairy smiled . Her soft and attractive jade hand gently rested on the armrest and she said in triumph, "Of course, since Boss Xie said so, he must die . . . "