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Chapter 33

Antique Market Leftovers (4)

The gaze everyone directed towards that twisting circlet was like seeing a golden treasure, wishing they could grab it and take it home.

For those who like to collect antiques, to possess a bronze item of the Shang Dynasty, not to mention one with never before seen gilding technique, it was like a heavenly treasure.

The crowd was full of faces showing envy and jealously to death.

Song Xuan looked at Yang ZiMei, “Little girl, your item is just too valuable. You’re still little so I want to discuss with your parents whether they’d be willing to sell it to this store. Now, can you tell me the phone number of your parents?”

He was a sincere person famous for treating the young and old with honesty and had good business integrity. A moment ago, he could’ve completely denied acknowledgement on the value of this twisting circlet and then casually used a thousand kuai or so to placate a kid.

However, he did not do such a thing because it went against his principles of human conduct.

Now he felt uncomfortable returning such a precious item to Yang ZiMei, he worried that she’d be robbed by some greedy person and it’s not like he could directly make the deal with a five years old child.

“My dad’s in the hospital but you can talk about the price with me first.” In the previous life, she’d interacted with this area before so Yang ZiMei knew Mo Pavilion’s appraiser Song Xuan was famous for his credibility. Therefore, she also felt reassured towards him.

“Can you make the decision?”

“This is something I got myself, how I handle it, my dad wouldn’t bother me. Master Song, you can just start. Give me a good price first and then you can give the money to my dad.”

“This store is small with little profit so it can’t offer a high price, the most would be 350,000.” Song Xuan said as he thought about it. Although he was an honest person but he was also a businessman, the price he gave was neither high nor low and had a huge flexible leeway.

“I’ll offer 400,000!”

An aged voice suddenly broadcasted from the outside. Everyone turned their heads only to see a somewhat wealthy looking old man bringing along a little boy as he approached.

Seeing the little boy, Yang ZiMei’s brows twitched.

That little boy was none other than her previous life’s unrequited love, Min Gang. Last time, she saw him on the bus, she hadn’t thought she’d see him again here.

However, she’s looking at him with a 28 years old mature woman’s soul so the feeling was very strange.


Min Gang probably also recognized her as he mischievously sticks out his tongue and made faces.

Yang ZiMei sweated, she couldn’t understand why he’d stick out his tongue and make faces every time he saw her. It just ruins his good looks.

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“Elder Min?” Although Song Xuan’s eyes held some displeasure, he still expressed courtesy and respect. This Min YuLin was a retired governor, his influence was deeply rooted in A-city and not someone to be offended.

Besides, antique transactions had always been determined by the higher price.

Min YuLin slightly nods his head, his vision never left the twisting circlet within Song Xuan’s hands.

He had a fondness for Shang Dynasty’s bronze articles. A moment ago, when he heard from the outside that this was a gilding technique bronze item that’s not even recorded in the history of antiques, he naturally wouldn’t let go of such a treasure.

Besides, in the past few years, the value of Shang Dynasty’s bronze articles has shot up like a straight line.

Hearing someone offer 400,000, majority of the surrounding observers couldn’t help but gulped their saliva as their eyes lit up, straight up hating themselves for not having such good luck.

Even if it became 450,000, Song Xuan could still accept that price since this article’s value could rise infinitely in the future, he could treat it as the market store’s greatest treasure.

However, he’s also fully aware of Min YuLin’s obsessive love for Shang Dynasty’s bronze articles. He also knew this person was a little petty-minded who would seek revenge for the smallest grievances. If he raised the offer to compete, it could be expected that he’ll be met with retaliation.

Therefore, he could only concede as he very reluctantly said: “The item belongs to this little girl. If elder Min wants to purchase it, you can discuss the deal with her.”