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Chapter 50

Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 50

Treat Body Odor with Acupuncture (2)

After school .

Huang YiFeng stammered to Yang ZiMei, who had her head lowered as she tidied her books, “You…… have to time to treat me with acupuncture now?”

“Mm . ” Yang ZiMei nodded . She also wanted to treat him as soon as possible or else she’d have to block her sense of smell every day, which wasn’t good for her either .

The others in the classroom had just left, Yang ZiMei signaled for him to take off his upper wear .

To take off his clothes in front of a goddess-like female classmate was very troubling for Huang YiFeng . He embarrassingly fidgeted, unwilling to take them off .

Yang ZiMei became a little impatient, “If you’re not taking off your clothes, I can’t use acupuncture to help . Then I’m going back home . ”

Huang YiFeng clenched his teeth and took off his upper wear .

His body odor was due to the damp and hot aspect, the concentration under the armpits become foul air, overflowing and dispersing out . She’ll need to use acupuncture to unclog his channels and acupoints to achieve the treatment .

Yang ZiMei told him not to move and took out silver needles from her backpack . After finding the few major acupoints gan yu, pi yu, guan yuan, shen men, zhong guan, feng long, qi men, and qiu xu, her movements were nimble as she simply inserts the silver needles with a twist of the fingers .

20 minutes later, she retrieves all her silver needles and returned them to its bag . She said to Huang YiFeng, “Okay . ”

“That fast?” Huang YiFeng was shocked .

Yang ZiMei nodded . At that time, suddenly a *kacha* camera sound came from outside the window .

Yang ZiMei and Huang YiFeng did not think too much about it, assuming it was just someone taking pictures of the scenery . They respectively tided up their things, ready to head home .

When Huang YiFeng returned home and bathed, he lifted his arm and took a strong sniff at his armpits . He discovered that his past thick scent was lighter now .

Could he’d really been cured by acupuncture?

He started to jump a bit and worked up a sweat, then lifted his arm for another sniff, and found it really wasn’t that smelly .


Yang ZiMei didn’t head straight home but turned towards WenLai street .

It was now 2002, momentum of the country’s economic growth was very intense, people’s standard of living started to improve and quite a number were wealthy . As for antiques, enthusiasm surged even more, contributing to group after group of mass fervor .

Ever since picking up that great treasure when she was 5 years old, she hadn’t been able to come here again because her rebounded qi had injured her tendons and bones, making her unable to descend the mountain .

She had always remembered her agreement to Song Xuan; when she turned 6, she would go learn about antiques from him . But she hadn’t fulfilled that promise and does not know whether he still remembers her .

It’s been 10 years, time brings great change to the world, perhaps he had forgotten her early on .   [1]

In the previous life’s 2002, she remembered that Song Xuan had wed a very virtuous and attractive wife . They had a chubby son with an adorable clump of ponytail sticking straight up, who’d run around WenLai street every day .

She didn’t directly head over to Mo Pavilion to look for Song Xuan but continued checking out the wares for sale set up on floor mats, to see if she would pick up another treasure .

For her father’s transfer into working in the city costed quite a lot and they also spent 150,000 to buy a riverside luxury duplex . Her mother later really gave birth to twin sons, that powdered milk cost was also very significant .

The 600,000 she originally earned was almost drained away .

She had to find another way to make money again and picking up a treasure was the fastest way since she could see the antique’s object qi to determine whether they’re genuine or fakes .

She looked through tens of stalls but didn’t find even one that gave off the light of an object’s qi . All of them were counterfeits, how boring .

As she became disinterested, she suddenly felt a white light flickering, blinding her eyes .

She sought out the origin of the white light and discovered it came from an old man’s dirty stall mat . Upon it were some casually scattered moistened mud covered black antique coins . Even for those who didn’t understand the business, they could easily tell those antique coins were counterfeits and the handiwork was just too shoddy .

1 . Idiom used: Even the blue sea has turned into mulberry fields .