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Chapter 57

Pretending To Be Pure And Innocent?

Just as she entered the school gates, she saw many people pointing at her with their mouths covered, whispering something . Their eyes were filled with disdain, contempt, and scorn .

Yang ZiMei felt that something wasn’t right and pricked up her ears to listen in .

“Yeah, that’s her . Don’t look at her ephemeral white cloud-like pure and innocent beautiful appearance, it’s actually a sham . ”

“Mm, too obscene, too indecent, she’d actually in the classroom……”

“Heard she just came from the countryside . Guess she couldn’t hold back when she saw our city’s male students and wanted to seduce them to achieve her purpose……”

“So disgusting……”

“She’s really number one in pretending to be pure and innocent . ”


Hearing these coarse words, the color within Yang ZiMei’s pupils slightly churned and a bit of murderous aura rose from her .

She surveyed her surroundings and discovered some bushes not that far off had a clump of malignance .

Originally, a place very concentrated in various humans’ qi like a school wouldn’t have much malignance so she didn’t know why there’d be some here .

She slightly lifted her finger to pull out the malignance and directed it towards those few gossipy female students who had said the most coarse words . The shot hit their knees .


Those few female students suddenly felt a chill in their knees, couldn’t stand steady, and distraughtly fell to the ground . Their mouths bit the ground, a highly embarrassing appearance .

Originally, Yang ZiMei wanted to direct the malignance to shut their mouths so they couldn’t speak another word in their life but reconsidered because they were too young to understand and thus, held back .

She continued forward and saw a group crowding in front of the school’s bulletin board, looking with faces filled with excitement, discussing something .

At this time, Huang YiFeng turned out from the crowd with a darkened face, holding a couple papers in his fists . Angered to the point of trembling, he loudly yelled, “You guys went way overboard, me…… and Yang ZiMei are absolutely not like that, she…… she was just applying acupuncture on me . ”

“Acupuncture? Your excuse is too obvious . Hehe, buddy, is it super fun doing something like that in the classroom?” A male student asked with a devious expression .

“It’s really acupuncture, she was helping cure my body odor . If you don’t believe me, take a sniff, I don’t stink as much . ” Huang YiFeng explained in a loud voice .

“Can XXOO be super effective in treating body odor?”


Sneers continued to be emitted from the surrounding students and Huang YiFeng hastily rolled up his sleeves for a brawl, creating more chaos .

“She came, she came!” Someone noticed Yang ZiMei and called out . Those who recognized her and those who didn’t, all were making remarks, scrutinizing her . Whether they were male or female students, their words were extremely hard to listen to .

Huang YiFeng stopped his fists, quickly ran to her, and sheltered her behind him, “ You you guys are going too overboard, there’s really nothing going on between her and I . You guys can’t insult her innocence like this . Whoever continues, I’ll settle it with you . ”

Yang ZiMei coldly looked at the entire situation before her, lowered her head to the few pieces of paper dropped by Huang YiFeng a moment ago, and picked up a photo and paper .

The stars in the photo was her and Huang YiFeng .

Only, you see Huang YiFeng laid topless on the desk while she slightly leaned toward him and her fingers were placed on his back . Looking from the perspective in the photo, the two were leaning very close to each other, as if she was sticking to him .

In reality, that was when she was applying a needle .

Then, upon opening up the wrinkled paper, she could make out a few lines of words saying some: village girl pretending to be a pure and innocent Xiao LongNu seducing their tablemate into illicit behavior in the classroom, and the like .