Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: 130

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Chapter 130: Criminal? Are You Referring To Me? (1)

“Master Sui, Huangfu Yu becoming a fool isn’t my fault, is it?” Leng Ruoxue said with a spurious smile.

“Could it be that Master Sui is also someone who can’t differentiate right from wrong? As her master, you can’t escape the blame now that Huangfu Yu became a fool, right?” Leng Ruoxue continued.

“Erm… Erm…” Master Sui’s forehead was full of cold sweat. He had been famous for many years and had always been respected. No one had ever dared to criticize him so directly, but he couldn’t deny that what Leng Ruoxue said was right. They had indeed spoiled Huangfu Yu.

“Master Sui, please forgive me for not being able to join the Beast Trainer Association. If you have any doubts about the ownership of the two spirit beasts, please look for the person responsible,” Leng Ruoxue said bluntly.

“Miss Leng, please reconsider!” Master Sui refused to give up.

“I have considered it thoroughly. I am not a beast trainer, so I am not qualified to join the Beast Trainer Association. Master Sui, you don’t have to trouble yourself.” Leng Ruoxue directly made things clear.

“Sigh! Alright then, I won’t force you. However, Hu Bin from your academy should be able to join our Beast Trainer Association, right?” Since Master Sui couldn’t convince Leng Ruoxue, he could only shift his target to Hu Bin.

“Master Sui, even though all Beast Trainer Associations are under the main Beast Trainer Association, Hu Bin is from the Eastern Lagoon Empire after all. It’s really not appropriate for him to join the Beast Trainer Association of the Southern Dusk Empire,” Leng Ruoxue said after some thought. Whether or not Hu Bin wanted to join the Beast Trainer Association depended on Hu Bin himself. How could they decide for him?

“Erm… I can speak to the president of the Beast Trainer Association in the Eastern Lagoon Empire. All of this won’t be a problem as long as Hu Bin is willing to join our association,” Master Sui promised.

“Master Sui, we are really grateful that you are so enthusiastic. But it is really inconvenient for Hu Bin to join the Beast Trainer Association of the Southern Dusk Empire, so we can only appreciate your good intentions.” Leng Ruoxue was a little impatient. Why is this old man being so difficult? Can’t he understand the tactful refusal?

“Miss Leng, I think it’s better to ask Hu Bin for his opinion on this matter! What if he agrees?” What he implied was that she was just an outsider, so how could she decide for him!

“Alright! Freak, please invite Hu Bin over.”

“Okay, wait a moment.” Freak turned and left the reception room.

Before long, Freak returned, followed by a young boy.

“Hu Bin, this is Master Sui, the president of the Southern Dusk Empire’s Beast Trainer Association.” Leng Ruoxue gave a simple introduction.

“Hello, Master Sui.” Hu Bin bowed. Master Sui was a grandmaster in the beast trainer world, and he had heard a lot about him.

“You don’t have to be so polite. Hu Bin, I’m very satisfied with your talent in beast training. I want to invite you to join our association and take you in as my disciple. What do you think?” Master Sui said to Hu Bin amiably and threw out a big bait. He believed that no beast trainer could refuse his offer.

Hu Bing’s delicate face was full of astonishment. Master Sui had a very high status in the beast trainer world. To an ordinary beast trainer, becoming Master Sui’s disciple was absolutely a cause for celebration!

If he had such an opportunity in the past, he would have definitely been so happy that he wouldn’t be able to sleep. But he wasn’t happy at all now, or perhaps it could be said that he was very calm.

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“I’m sorry, Master Sui. I’m very grateful for your kind intentions, but I can’t join the Beast Trainer Association of the Southern Dusk Country. Moreover, I don’t intend to join any Beast Trainer Association,” Hu Bin said with certainty. He wanted to follow Leng Ruoxue forever, so there was no way he could join any association. Furthermore, he didn’t think that he would be able to learn more by joining an association than following his young lady.

“Hu Bin, do you know what you’re saying? As a beast trainer, no one will recognize your status if you don’t join the Beast Trainer Association.” Master Sui was no longer calm. The conditions he offered were so good, and countless people dreamed of it! He never thought that Hu Bin would actually refuse.

“Master Sui, I’ve thought it through. Thank you for your kind intentions.” With that, Hu Bin directly left the reception room.

“Elder Qiu, are you going to let the students of your academy joke about their future?” Master Sui turned his head and said angrily to Elder Qiu.

“Master Sui, these students aren’t children anymore. They won’t joke about their future. Moreover, our academy can’t force students to do things they don’t want to do, right?” Elder Qiu said somewhat helplessly.

“Furthermore, I think you should have heard that our academy’s Liu Yan also declined the invitation of the Alchemist Association a few days ago. Alas, these children! Their wings have hardened, and they are no longer restrained by our academy,” Elder Qiu continued. The expression on his face was very helpless, but he was thinking about how much better it was to follow that girl than to join any association! If he wasn’t an elder of the Heavenly Phoenix Academy now, he also wanted to follow that girl.

“Sigh. If that’s the case, I won’t force you. Goodbye,” Master Sui said in defeat. Today was probably his most humiliating day since he became famous. He hadn’t achieved a single thing he wanted to do!

“Lass! You’ve completely offended Old Man Sui this time!” Elder Qiu couldn’t help reminding after seeing Master Sui off.

“So what? It’s impossible for me to join the Beast Trainer Association. He should think of ways to solve the problems caused by his own disciple,” Leng Ruoxue said without much sympathy. In fact, she knew very well that there would definitely be trouble when Huangfu Yu took the two spirit beasts from the Beast Trainer Association. That was why she asked Huangfu Yu to write the contract when she was competing with her. Moreover, those were internal affairs between Huangfu Yu and the Beast Trainer Association. She didn’t want to participate, nor did she want to be used by others.

“Old Qiu, Xue’er will take care of it. Don’t worry.” Leng Qingtian spoke up for his granddaughter.

“Alright then. But you have to tell me if there’s really any trouble. I’m a Spiritual Supremacy now after all,” Elder Qiu said very loyally.

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