Supreme Magus - Chapter 302

Published at 7th of December 2019 08:42:10 AM

Chapter 302

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White Griffon academy . Over a month later, one week before the first exam of the fifth year .

The life of Friya Solivar Ernas had always been an emotional rollercoaster . A speeding trap that kept her dozens of meters above the ground and which would never stop, no matter how much she screamed, cried or barfed .

Sometimes it would slow down, but only because another big fall was nearing . She had wasted her childhood attempting the impossible task of earning her mother's affection .

After she turned twelve, she had been thrown in a dog eats dog environment . Everyone in the academy wanted her to fail, hoping to get her place in the rankings . Everyone in the Solivar Household wanted her dead .

Her brothers and sisters were afraid of the status she would achieve by becoming the first mage in the history of the household . If Friya succeeded, being the firstborn or the line of succession would become meaningless .

She would become Duchess Solivar's right hand mage and inherit everything when mommy dearest took her leave .

Friya had spent so much time watching her back that her encounter with Yurial had been like seeing the sun after a perennial winter . Thanks to his status and power, the environment turned peaceful, giving her the opportunity to relax . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Meeting Quylla saved her soul . Despite having a much harsher life than Friya, Quylla still had a gentle heart and only strived for affection . She restored Friya's faith in mankind .

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After giving her the equivalent of a sugar candy, the fourth year turned out to be the apex of her misery . First, she had lost her family . Being branded like a traitor, she had been forced to accept Lady Ernas's offer to adopt her .

Then, she had killed her first human in cold blood and lastly came Balkor . Alas, the worse had yet to come .

All those events had pushed her to the brink, yet they also helped Friya to open up with her new parents and sister . They had grown closer over time until she had stopped feeling a prisoner and became part of something bigger .

Until she felt part of the Ernas family .

Being loved unconditionally, having the freedom to decide about her future was something that in the past she could only dream about . Now that she had everything, Friya was scared to death .

Scared to lose that safe haven and return to a cruel world that didn't give a damn about her . She had no idea what to do with her life .

'Being a Healer is a quiet job, but quite boring . ' She would often mentally list all the pros and cons of her available choices .

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'Also, I don't like people very much . Spending my life helping others sounds like a waste of time . The career of a Mage Knight is even worse, I would be killing people for a living . I'm sick and tired of fighting, I just want some peace .

'It's absurd to ask a sixteen years old girl to decide her future . Maybe I should take a sabbatical . Until I find my answer, I can always be the Ernas Household's private magician . Besides, the fifth year is still long . I have all the time I need . '


Quylla Ernas was having the time of her life . She had a doting father, a creepy but caring mother, two wonderful sisters, and the house of her dreams . Despite all the bad things that had happened, the fourth year had been the happiest of her life .

It had given her a place where she belonged and more importantly, a family .

She still had three more years before being considered an adult, but she had already planned her future . After graduating, Quylla had decided to work as an assistant at the White Griffon's light department until she was old enough to apply as a Professor .

She had already discussed it with her mentors . Even Manohar was enthusiastic at the idea and promised to endorse her application . The thought actually scared her . With the fickle genius' reputation, his approval could do more harm than good .

Being a Healer and a teacher was her dream job . It would give her the opportunity to improve the world around her while leaving her the time to start and nurture her own family .

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After the winter break, with the start of her growth spurt, her confidence in her looks and talent skyrocketed . Quylla was looking around for a boyfriend, but with little luck so far .

Orion apprentices were kind boys, but only saw her as a child . As for her colleagues, those she liked didn't return her interest and vice versa . Like a very shy fourteen year old boy that had already asked her out a couple of times .

Quylla would have preferred someone more assertive . She was fed up enough with her own shyness to put up with that of others . Yet his last move was bold enough to convince Quylla to give him a chance .

Xodard had gifted her a small ring . I was nothing fancy, just a trinket a student of humble origins could afford . It was the note it was wrapped in that mattered .

"A charmed ring for a charming girl . "

'A cheesy pick up line, but it's still cute . I'll wear the ring for our first date . ' She thought . 'If things don't work out, I can always give it back . '


The fifth year's subjects were demanding, but, unlike during the fourth one, no Professor assigned homework . That left Yurial plenty of time to practice his skills as a Warden in the lab built inside his living quarter and to help Lith with his research .

'It's amazing how the so called "impossible arrays" all require at least hexacasting and fine control over all the different mana flows . Yet Lith manages to perform them at the first attempt thanks to his mastery of first magic . Maybe I was wrong always dismissing it as inferior magic . '

Their research progressed slowly . Unlike everything Yurial had learned so far, each array seemed to have a complex function . Casting them wasn't enough to obtain results . To respond to an external trigger, the energies that formed the arrays had to be properly manipulated while holding the balance of the overall structure .

Over time Yurial became fascinated with them and learned how to cast them by himself, to experiment even when Lith was otherwise occupied . Thanks to that exercises, Yurial's mastery of tier four and five arrays improved by leaps and bounds .

Sometimes, when he was focused on the mystical patterns, he could feel a burning sensation located near his solar plexus . At first, he thought it was a coincidence . After the phenomenon happened several times, he tried all of his diagnostic spells .

When none of them detected any anomalies, Yurial even asked for Manohar's second opinion . Even according to the god of healing, there was nothing wrong with him .


Distar Household

The royal constable Jirni Ernas was nervously drumming her fingers on the armrest of her chair . It was unusual for her being nervous, let alone impatient . Like every predator, she knew the importance of biding her time, of choosing the time and place of the attack to not leave the prey the slightest chance of survival .

Yet all that waiting was wearing down her nerves .