Supreme Magus - Chapter 319

Published at 7th of December 2019 08:41:53 AM

Chapter 319

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Nalear walked slowly towards them, cursing at her bad luck . Quylla had failed, constable Ernas was still alive . In the face of so many opponents, Blink was a liability . Nalear needed to save as much of her strength as she could to make sure they couldn't escape .

Orion completed his spell . He conjured five shields made of ice, each one almost as big as the corridor was wide, that converged on Nalear from above and all the four sides .

'Fighting fire with ice is beyond dumb . ' Nalear thought . 'As long I have mana, I can fuel my flames, melting his toys way before they can harm me . '

Much to her surprise, the shields' aim wasn't to hit . A Mage Knight was mostly a defender, they would attack only at close quarters once the enemy left them no choice . The shields grew in size and thickness according to Orion will .

Their edges merged, keeping themselves away from the Final Sunset spell's core while creating an air tight space . It was Orion's personal spell, Sealing Cube . Nalear's flames roared trying to consume the ice restricting them, only to disappear into nothingness .

'The stronger the fire, the more air it consumes . ' Orion thought . 'Take away the air and a fire mage becomes helpless . '

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Final Sunset failing her shocked Nalear, but not as much as finding herself suddenly gasping for air . The oxygen inside the cube wasn't even enough to sustain a candle, let alone the deep breaths Invigoration required .

Her vision became blurry, but she managed to activate the powers of her iron glove again, shattering her prison with a series of powerful shockwaves . Her freedom came at a heavy price, making it a hollow victory .

All the mana she had poured in Final Sunset was lost, Invigoration was broken, and she was coming dangerously close to exhausting her magical equipment . No matter how powerful the mana crystals were, they still needed some time to recharge and Nalear had been forced using the non stop .

To make things worse, Orion had devised Sealing Cube to implode rather than explode when subjected to extreme vibrations . Air and fire were the natural counters to ice, so he had made them their own worst enemy .

Nalear screamed in pain . Her body was pierced by countless ice shards, bleeding profusely . There was only so much damage her Professor robe could block . She activated her sword again, releasing a flurry of lightning to buy some time and recover .

Jirni had seen countless cornered magicians and outlived them all . As soon as she recognized the crackling sound, she struck four of her needles in the four corners of the corridor, channeling her own air magic inside them .

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The needles were indeed one of Orion's best works . They acted as lightning rods, turning Nalear's desperation move into a fool's errand . The electricity was safely grounded, allowing Orion to cast his next spell while Phloria took the offensive .

She charged forward, keeping the enemy's attention on herself to buy her father the time he needed . Nalear was still catching her breath, her spell wasn't ready yet .

She moved her blade pretending she was going to execute a horizontal slash, while she used the momentum from her spin to lunge forward with her sword, adding it to the boost air and fire fusion granted her .

Phloria's swordsmanship was better, allowing her to read the enemy feint and dodged the blade by a hair, turning her body so that her back was against Nalear's chest . Phloria's right arm wrapped around Nalear's locking it in place .

Phloria switched her blade to her left hand, cutting off Nalear's right hand in one fluid movement . The agony didn't stop the traitorous Professor from striking her with the iron glove in the back with the strength of a charging bull .

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Phloria was sent flying for several meters . She managed to remain conscious only thanks to her willpower and the powerful potion she had ingested earlier . Orion and Jirni were flabbergasted when they saw Nalear's severed hand go back into place, reattaching itself like nothing had happened .

Lith knew that it was thanks to spirit magic and Invigoration, just like he knew that her hand was far from being really useful . He had almost regained enough strength for a final attack .

Jirni rushed towards Nalear, fast enough to allow her to run on the sidewall while her needles returned to her hand on their own . They assembled together to the rest of the set, shapeshifting into a spear .

Jirni wasn't a mage, she needed all the range advantage she could get to keep enough distance to predict and evade the enemy's spells . She lunged it at Nalear's eye, to take her out in one blow .

Nalear didn't have enough strength in her left arm, so she was forced to use spirit magic to support her blade and deflect the attack . Phloria used that moment of distraction to Blink behind her back, her blade easily pierced through the Professor robe and her hardened skin alike .

Nalear managed to dodge at the last second, turning a fatal blow to the heart to one at her shoulder . Her right hand was still useless, her left arm fell limp, but she was still alive .

She roared in fury, unleashing a tier five spell while Orion did the same .

Nalear's Thunderdome was capable of trapping the surrounding enemies into a thick cover of lightning imbued ice . Unlike a normal thunder, it couldn't be avoided and continued to inflict damage until all the ice wasn't disposed of .

The cold surface formed a closed circuit that would allow the electricity to strike over and over until the enemy wasn't turned into charcoal .

Orion's Nether Seal was an hexaelemental sphere that enveloped the opponent greatly reducing the area of effect of their spells . It required a precise timing and concentration .

It was a static spell, hence if cast too soon the enemy could simply move to avoid it . Too late and it would be useless .

That was the reason Orion didn't cast it even after completing the chant . He had only one chance and had to make it count . Nether Seal blocked Thunderdome, restricting it to barely one meter radius .

Jirni and Phloria needed a single backstep to get to safety .

"Why don't you just die?" Nalear felt she was going insane . As in, even more than she already was .