Supreme Magus - Chapter 326

Published at 9th of December 2019 10:26:49 PM

Chapter 326

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Phloria and Friya were both surprised by their rankings . Even seven months after the events with Nalear, they still had to completely recover . The girls felt they were just scraping by, following Lith's study schedule only because it was too boring to waste the whole day drowning in self pity .

"Who would have ever thought that practicing first magic everyday would have improved so much our performances?" Friya kept staring at the paper Lith had handed them a few days ago .

"I did . " He replied from the bathroom . "My problem during the fourth year was my lack of mana perception, yours of mana control . Practicing first magic fixed that . "

Phloria nodded . She too regretted having always considered first magic just like servant's magic . If only she practiced it more, she could have achieved so much during the first four years of academy .

Their parents took the news enthusiastically, they couldn't wait to celebrate the happy event .

Lith came out of the bathroom wearing only his pants . During the last year he had grown even taller and was now 1 . 75 meters (5'9") high, almost as much as Phloria . The vision made Friya yelp and turn beet red .

Lith's face was still sharp, his eyes cruel, but when he didn't look at you with the intention to kill, he could be considered good looking . His body was another story . Between the physical training with Phloria and the core refinement, it was a sight to behold .

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No impurities meant no imperfections during the growth spurt, no moles, no excess body hair or fat . Every inch of his body was chiseled like that of an Olympic athlete at his prime .

"Why don't you cover up?" She said turning half sideways, looking at him with one eye only .

"First, this is my room . Second, you should be used to my presence as much I am to yours since we spend almost all day together . Third, I have the right to hit on my girlfriend . " His answer made Phloria giggle like a little girl, Friya not so much .

"Do you need my help again?" Phloria caressed his face .

"Yes . " Lith sighed . Growth spurt also meant a growing beard, but unlike on Earth, his new body produced one like he was already twenty . It wasn't just a few hairs . It only needed a couple of days to turn into a stubble, four to start itching .

To make things worse, Lith couldn't resort to magic for shaving . Magic couldn't hurt its owner and the beard was still part of his body . So he had Phloria do it for him with air magic . That way, it would only take a couple of seconds to shave and it would also reinforce their mutual trust .

For Lith exposing his throat like that was a leap of faith . Friya knew it and her heart was riddled with envy from start to finish . It peaked when they shared a passionate kiss after Phloria finished without inflicting him even a small cut .

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Ever since Balkor's attack, she had been jealous of them . Over time, the feeling had only grown . At first, she disliked Lith . He was too shady and had too many secrets . Then she had learned to appreciate him as a friend and a brother in arms .

After Nalear, though, things got so much worse . The multiple r*pe attempts Friya suffered had left a deep scar in her heart . She had become much warier of those who approach her and thanks to Jirni's teachings she could easily spot the greed or lust in the eyes of her suitors .

All things that made the faces of her assailants pop in front of her eyes again, making her almost puke . She could never forget those eyes, staring at her like a thing to possess, as she was nothing more than her body or her title .

It killed all the chances she had got so far to have a boyfriend, leaving her utterly alone . After spending so much time together during the fifth year, Friya felt she was to a dangerous crossroad .

Between still don't like him as a boy as much as for what he represented and really like him . Lith was never condescending with her, never tried to impress her or to hide his real nature . He always treated Friya as a person and a friend .

That, plus his body and her being single from birth had a huge impact on Friya over time .

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"Shouldn't you go change for the evening?" Lith asked while a thick black and white substance crawled up his skin, taking the form of a black evening suit with a white shirt .

"Is that the new evening clothes the Royals sent you?" Friya asked .

"Yes . " Lith was appreciating the tailor made suit and its silky fabric . While the Ernas had their own tailor and bought their own clothes, Lith would always use the "I'm a poor commoner" excuse to have someone buy them for him

'There is no point in wasting money for something that I'll wear maybe twice in my life . ' Was his reasoning . Truth to be told, he was still a cheapskate at heart .

"I should buy one of those things too . It looks a bit disgusting with those life like movements, but it would save me a lot of time . You have no idea how long does it takes to wear a corset, stockings, and fixing all those frills . " Friya sighed in envy, leaving the room .

Phloria came out of the bathroom wearing a silk-satin red evening dress and white evening gloves, emphasizing her olive colored skin due to the prolonged exposure to the sun .

It was skin tight, with a neckline that somehow exerted a push-up effect . She wore part of her hair down, like a silky black waterfall that reached her tights, while the rest formed a tress resembling a wreath over her head . It was decorated with flower shaped small jewels .

Lith's golden lily pendant was the only necklace she wore, drawing the attention on her slim neck .

"How do I look?" She asked with a tinge of red on her cheeks .

"Stunning, like always . " He said embracing her before giving her a long, deep kiss .

"How did you fix your hair so fast?"

"You know how, silly . " Phloria went in front of the mirror to finish the last details . Since she was already fully developed, Lith's treatment had a limited effect on her . It still made Phloria healtier, her skin smoother, and her hair didn't tangle anymore .

She only needed a couple of brushstrokes to fix them as she wanted . After Phloria checked the back of her dress, she made sure Lith's pins were placed at the eye level of an average man and properly emphasized by the black suit . Then, they went to pick Friya up .

She was wearing a long sleeved light blue evening dress with no neckline . It left exposed only her hands, neck, and shoulders . Jirni had to fight a lot to dress her up with something more cheerful than a battle monk suit . Friya didn't want people looking at her for a second more than necessary .

The dress had only the minimum requirement of embroidered jewels and frills to make it a Court Gala dress . Even with little to no make up and all her efforts to be as inconspicuous as possible, she was still lovely .

The skin tight dress brought out her soft curves while its colour emphasized her brown eyes .