Supreme Magus - Chapter 421

Published at 14th of February 2020 08:10:11 AM

Chapter 421

"It happened a few years ago . " The man from the desert explained .

"Some Abominations had killed most of her Feathers (AN: Salaark's fake Awakened), the borders were overrun by invaders from all the neighboring countries, and she was on the hunt for the one staging the crisis . It was a real mess .

"The Overlord ordered Ruria, my predecessor, to cull the monster tribes during her absence . Ruria was over seven hundred years old and had a bright purple core . She believed that she was on the verge of another breakthrough . "

"The fabled white core of immortality?" The woman from the Empire sniggered along with most of those present .

"That's a legend . No one has ever achieved it . "

"Yeah, a legend . Like Awakened ones, Mage Towers, Dragons, and Elves . Yet…" He didn't finish the phrase, he simply waved at his peers .

"Anyway, Ruria was certain that with more life and death battles she could finally evolve . She defied Salaark and told her to shove those bullshit orders up her feathery ass, wishing her to enjoy the experience . And here I am . "

"Wait . How did you get a territory without anyone challenging your claim? I'm sure this is the first assembly in decades . "

"Because I didn't claim it, Salaark gave it to me . Back then, I was a wandering Awakened who had agreed to help her . She gave me Ruria's territory as a reward for my services . Not before taking most of Ruria's treasures and books for herself . "

The man sighed at the memory . Salaark had left him the crumbs, yet even those were more than he had ever dreamt about . He couldn't even imagine how powerful the Guardian had to be to berate such knowledge to the point of gifting it away .

"This is unacceptable!" An old woman from the Kingdom yelled in outrage . "How can you bow down like sheep to a bloodthirsty tyrant? Why haven't we killed Salaark already?"

At those words, the hall fell into silence . Raagu looked at the woman like she was insane .

"Sure, we can beat her, but at what price? How many of us are willing to die in the attempt?" Not a single hand was raised .

"Let's suppose for a moment that we kill Salaark, that the other Guardians don't decide to avenge their fallen comrade . Then what? Who is willing to assume the duty of a Guardian? To prevent the chaos that would ensue after her death from triggering a war that could destroy all of our territories?"

Under the disgusted gaze of the other Awakened, the woman understood the foolishness of her words and lowered her gaze in embarrassment .

"If I ever hear such nonsense from you again, Xola, I'll think you've become senile and take you out myself . Enough wasting my time . Who's still interested in Clein's territory?"

Those who already had a territory in another country lowered their hands . They didn't want to become Salaark's underlings . Only the wandering Awakened remained . Even if they had to pay their due to Salaark, it was better than the alternative .

"Very good . Before proceeding with the Spirit Duel, the second item on the agenda . Treius Clein wasn't killed by Salaark, but by a seventeen years old Ranger . I suppose you have heard about Lith Verhen . "

Raagu was discomforted noticing that only some of the Awakened from the Kingdom recognized the name . She distributed pieces of papers with all of his known achievements .

"He must be an Awakened too . " Said Xola trying to regain a part of her credibility . "Treius was a lazy idiot, barely twenty years old, but Glamus Awakened him when he was still a kid and provided him with his best equipment .

"A street urchin Awakened like Nalear managed to kill Linjos, one of the best mages of the Kingdom . I can't believe a Ranger still wet behind his ears could defeat Treius with fake magic . "

"Agreed . " Raagu nodded .

"Fine, but who cares?" Said the young woman from the Kingdom .

"He's playing by the rules, pretending to be a 'genius' and minding his own business . Heck, we should send him a thank you card for getting rid of the Black Star . " Many agreed with her .

"You are all idiots . It's no surprise many of you are stuck at a blue core even after centuries . " Raagu stared at them like they were trash .

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"I just told you that a twenty year old Awakened, backed by one of the most powerful men of the Desert and with a bright cyan core has been defeated by someone even younger with no background . How can your answer be 'who cares'?"

The revelation amazed most of the younger Awakened, while the others were simply interested enough to be relieved of their boredom .


Gorgon Empire, In Magic Empress Milea's throne room .

After months spent wandering the Garlen continent, Scarlett the Scorpicore was fed up with failing at everything and had decided to ask for Leegaain's help . The problem was she had no way of contacting him .

The rune of his communication amulet had been offline for weeks, forcing her to meet him in person . Luckily, Milea knew about Scarlett and her most notable aliases, so getting an audience with the fabled Magic Empress hadn't been too hard .

"Good morning, your Majesty . Thank you for receiving me with such short notice . " Scarlett's human form gave her a deep bow . She looked like a woman adventurer in her thirties . Her ashen gold hair had red shades and she wore a gold rimmed pince-nez on her nose .

Unlike the Guardians, she had chosen an inconspicuous human form for her travels . She could barely stand humans as it was, she had no desire to have flocks of admirers pestering her .

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"Any friend of Leegaain is also my friend . It's an honor to meet one of the Lords of the forest . " Milea allowed Scarlett to stand up and shook her hand .

 "I relinquished that title . Now I'm simply the first of my kind . " Scarlett didn't like the idea of being called "the Mother of all Scorpicores" . She found it pretentious and it made her feel old .

"What can I do for you?" Milea asked .

 "Thank you, but I just need to talk with the old lizard . "

"Coming here was the right move . He's been very busy of late . Without a mind link, it's impossible to reach him . " Milea closed her eyes for a second and a humanoid Warped next to her .

"Scar, you haven't changed at all . " Leegaain said with a disappointed voice .

He had the appearance of a lean albino man, 1,75 meters (5'9"), with snow white hair and skin . His eyes were purple with vertical pupils . He was wearing a lab coat over a set of pitch black clothes .

"It's nice to see you too . " Scarlett replied with an inhuman growl .

"Since we are both busy, I'll get straight to the point . After Salaark saved Balkor, and Linjos's death, I've decided to step up my game and become a Guardian . "  After failing to avenge her comrades, losing her only human friend had been the last straw .

"Yet no matter what I do, ever since I fought your feathery lady friend in the desert, no world tribulation has occurred . I left my forest because I knew that a quiet life also meant no challenges and no tribulations . "