Supreme Magus - Chapter 610

Published at 25th of May 2020 07:35:10 PM

Chapter 610
"Zinya, allow me to introduce to you Professor Zogar Vastor and Healer Quylla Ernas . He is the leading light in the field of Body Sculpting and the expert I told you about . Quylla is a genius healer and a dear friend of mine .

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"They are both here to help me with your procedure . " Lith said .

"It is my honor that such an important person bothered himself for a nobody like me, Professor Vastor . " Zinya stood up and gave a deep bow in the direction of Lith's voice, her head almost touched the floor .

"It's nothing, my lady . There's no need to thank me, at least not before we've succeeded healing you . " Despite his humble words, Vastor puffed out his chest in pride .

It had been a long time since a beautiful woman had praised him with such sincerity .

"Nice to meet you, Healer Ernas . Please, take good care of me . " Zinya gave a curtsy, this time following Vastor's voice .

"The pleasure is all mine . " Quylla said . There was something wrong with both the house and its inhabitants, something that gave her the creeps .

"We need to perform a few diagnostic spells that require physical contact . Do you mind if we touch your head?" Vastor asked .

"Not at all . "

The moment Vastor cast his best diagnostic spells Lith could see him turn pale before his usually calm visage was twisted into a red mask of anger . He was clenching his teeth so hard that Lith wouldn't be surprised to hear them crack .

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"Quylla, I need a second opinion . " Vastor said while making her way .

"Lith, I would like to take lady Sarta to the White Griffon Hospital immediately . We can't perform any procedure until her body doesn't recover and she doesn't put a bit of meat on those bones . " His voice was calm, but Vastor had a murderous look in his eyes that could rival with Lith's .

"I agree with your assessment, Professor . Lady Sarta needs immediate assistance . " Unlike Vastor, Quylla's poker face was perfect .

'So far so good . I healed everything but left behind everything a competent healer would need to diagnose the repeated domestic abuse over the years . ' Lith inwardly smiled . In the case of divorce, Vastor's testimony would mean a great deal .

"Now? I've not prepared any luggage . " Zinya said .

"There's no need for luggage . The White Griffon will provide you all that you might need . " Vastor opened a Warp Steps leading them back to the city's Warp Gate and from there they could reach the hospital ward directly .

Once Zinya was settled in her bed, Lith called Kamila with his civilian communication amulet and left the two sisters talking before meeting the Professor again in his study .

Kamila's supervisor wasn't very happy about a social call during working hours, but Jirni had a family as well, so she let it slide .

"Scum of the earth . " Vastor snarled as Lith entered the room .

"These are the moments when I regret having left the Queen's corps . Back then, I would have killed people like mister Sarta without a second thought, just adding their name in the 'collateral damage' list . "

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"Professor! We're Healers, not cold blooded killers . We took an oath!" Quylla rebuked him .

"It's easy to say when you are so young and naïve . When you reach my age, after you'll see things so bad that make that poor woman look lucky in comparison, you'll change your mind . I'm tired of seeing good people die while the bad guys thrive . "

"I agree with Professor Vastor . " Lith said .

"Now, if we can please discuss the treatment, I would love to have your input about how to proceed . "

"I won't sugar coat this, Lith . It's hard . The optic nerve is part of the central nervous system, one slight mistake can turn her into a vegetable . Even if you succeed in restoring her sight, it's likely that she'll suffer from side effects for the rest of her life .

"Her other senses might be altered and her personality might change . If you want my help, you'd better have a good plan . " Vastor said .

Lith explained to them how he had already managed to temporarily give Zinya sight using mana as a conduit .

"I plan on using Kamila, Zinya's sister, as a blueprint . There may be many differences between them, so my idea is to use mana as a probe . To test where to connect the nerves before actually doing it .

"This way I can simply slow down the process and use a trial and error approach to avoid affecting her brain in any permanent way . "

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"This is genius!" Vastor blurted out .

"Kid, you make me feel useless . How long did it take you to manipulate mana to this extent? It must have taken months just to create a spell so complicated, let alone master it . "

Lith felt embarrassed . He had devised the spell on the spot, by simply altering his true magic version of Chisel . Back then, Zinya's desperation had driven him into an outrage . He had done it simply to give her something to fight for .

Only later, while he had performed Body Sculpting simulations, did Lith realize that it could actually be employed as a diagnostic tool to solve most of the unknown factors when harnessing Zinya's brain .

"Don't be so harsh on yourself, Professor . I worked on that spell ever since you taught me Chisel, so it's not such a big deal . Also, I can assure you that with your experience in manipulating mana, you would master it in just a few days, if not hours . " Lith's words were only a half truth, as usual .

"Thanks, but rather than me reinventing the wheel, it would be better if you shared such a spell . The Kingdom would reward you handsomely . " Vastor said .

"Sure . " Lith shrugged .

'As soon as I make a fake magic version of it . ' He thought .

The three of them spent the following hours discussing the details of the procedure . Vastor gave Lith plenty of advice thanks to his rich medical experience . The more Lith explained to him how his Probe spell worked, the more Vastor understood what its strong points and limitations were .

Quylla took note of everything, using water magic to manipulate the ink and writing faster than a stenographer . She didn't have Vastor's experience, but her ingenuity allowed her to find a solution whenever they got stumped .

"Zinya needs plenty of food and rest before undergoing any procedure . " Quylla said .

"I recommend to wait for at least a week . "

"Agreed . " Lith and Vastor said in unison .

"Professor, here is the paper that qualifies me as lady Sarta's personal Healer . If her husband tries anything funny, please alert me immediately . " Lith handed him the document so that Vastor could register it into the academy's archives .

"I hope he does, dear Lith . This time of the year the magical beasts are particularly voracious . Not to mention how many diseases he could 'accidentally' catch while visiting a dangerous place like our labs . "

The two men exchanged a murderous look that gave Quylla the creeps . Before leaving the White Griffon, Lith went back to the hospital ward, to say Zinya goodbye and give her a present .

"Thank you so much . " She said while handing Lith back his communication amulet .

"Too bad Kami is so swamped with work, we could barely talk . You know, I didn't step outside for years . Even the air is different from how I remember it . I already feel much better . "