Supreme Magus - Chapter 917

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Chapter 917: 917

Chapter 917 Master and Students Part 1

"That's wonderful news, but you can't fit inside my home in your true form and even if you could, Rena would have a heart attack . " Lith said .

"Point taken . We still need a fourth Healer, but I can't recommend Protector . I taught him well but his experience in the field is extremely limited . We need someone with both experience and lots of mana . " Faluel hinted at Solus not being up to the task, at least not in her stone ring form .

Lith racked his brain searching for a potential candidate . Phloria had yet to complete her specialization as Healer and Friya didn't practice Body Sculpting since she had graduated from the academy .

'Damn . I have no chance of success without Faluel, but at the same time, her presence prevents me from calling in Healers like Marth . Where do I find someone that fits my bill and has a high tolerance for weird?' Lith wished that Yurial was still alive .

Lith was certain that, given the chance, his friend would have become a great Healer .

'At Protector's home . ' Solus said . 'Nalrond said that his people mastered the light element and that they were considered miracle workers by human mages . '

'Solus, I swear, if you had a physical body, I could kiss you right now . ' Months had passed since their little heart to heart with the Razer and Lith had completely forgotten about the skillset of his latest ally .

"I think I know the right guy for the job, but I'd like to hear your opinion about him . " Lith said .

Faluel nodded and wore a full set of fur clothes before opening a Gate to Selia's Living room .

"The sun is still high and the sky is clear . " Quylla couldn't believe that someone so powerful could also be so sensitive to cold .

"Thanks for your concern, dear, but I like my climate like I like my men . Hot and sunny . " Faluel replied . "Is that the man you were talking about?"

"That's him . Hi, Selia . " Lith nodded .

"Hi, guys!" Selia was unfazed by the sudden intrusion in her own home . She just made sure that the children would stay away from the open Gate .

"That's me indeed so stop talking like I'm not here . " Nalrond replied . "What are you doing here and who are the bear and the little one?"

"The bear, I mean the lady here is Faluel the Hydra . The little one is Quylla Ernas a friend of mine . Faluel, Quylla, this is Nalrond . " Lith said .

Faluel skipped the pleasantries and grabbed the Rezar's hand, activating Invigoration .

"It's been decades since the last time I met one of the werepeople . How good are you with Healing magic in general and Body Sculpting in particular?"

"I practice the mystical arts since I was four . I studied light magic all my life and I'm specialized in manipulating life forces . Along with my tribe, we were looking for a cure for our condition . " He replied .

"Do you have any experience with unborn children?" The Hydra asked .

"Yes . We studied the separation of our life forces from conception . "

"That's perfect . " Faluel ruffled Lilia's and Leran's hair who were clinging at her legs, begging for a new adventure .

"Please, Auntie . We're so bored and uncle Nalrond is no fun . It will just be another little secret between us . " Leria said .

"What do you mean, another little secret?" Selia tapped her foot in annoyance .

"I'll lead the procedure and you'll be my seconds . " Not having a plausible excuse, Faluel ignored the question and explained the situation to the Rezar who gladly offered his help . "When do you want to do it, Lith?"

"The sooner the better, correct?"

"Well, the kid's condition is only going to get worse with time . So the question is, are you two at the top of your game?" Faluel asked .

Both Quylla and Nalrond nodded . The former had rested a whole day, preserving her strength to face the worst-case scenario, while the latter had not exerted himself in weeks .

Another Gate led them outside of the range of the arrays that protected Lith's house .

"I understand that you don't want to scare your sister, but I can't afford to rush things nor to have Rena freaking out if she wakes up from her nap and finds a bunch of people casting magic on her . You need to talk to her . " The Hydra said .

"Isn't there a spell that can keep Rena calm or asleep for the duration of the procedure?" Lith asked .

"Yes, but they require to alter her metabolism, adding even more stress to that our combined spells will inflict upon her . It's the magical equivalent of drugging her and I'd rather have a patient that can tell me when she experiences discomfort than one more enemy to fight . "

Faluel looked comical as she shivered under the sun and the multiple layers of fur, but her voice was firm .

"Fine . I'll do it . " Lith entered his house, searching for the best way to soften the blow . He was so focused rehearsing his lines that he almost failed to notice the deafening silence that welcomed him back in the living room .

Almost .

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"There you are . " Rena was sitting on a sofa with Senton to her right and Zinya to her left .

For some reason, Elina was alone in a corner with Raaz, whispering . Lith could hear the children playing with Kamila in his room . She was using one of Lith's devices to project a movie and keep them from panicking .

"Can you please tell me what's wrong with me?" Rena asked .

"What do you mean?" The cat seemed to be out of the bag, all Lith could do was damage control .

"For the gods' sake, Lith, I'm not stupid . How could I miss three of the best healers in the Kingdom casually visiting at the same time and each one of them casually touching me for way longer than a friendly greeting requires?

"I've lived here long enough to know how a Healer works, how you work . With white lies and omissions . " Rena said .

"Just be calm, dear . I'm sure that Lith had his reasons . " Senton said .

"Senton is right, Rena . As his sister, you should know that he puts his patients' wellbeing first . I was just a stranger to him, yet he went way beyond his duty to help me . Imagine to what lengths he would go for you . " Zinya said .

"That's exactly why I'm angry . He spoke about it with Mom and Kamila, yet he kept me completely in the dark . Whatever is happening, I have the right to know . My body, my decision . " Rena acted angry, but she was actually scared .

Scared that the illness affecting her could harm the children in her womb . Scared that the fairy tale that her life had been up to that moment could suddenly turn into a nightmare .

Lith took a deep breath to calm down and then moved a chair in front of Rena .

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'She will need all the support she can get . Senton is the father of her children and Zinya has undergone a risky procedure as well . They are the ones that can relate the best with Rena . ' Lith thought before explaining the situation in detail to her .

He talked softly, answering all of her questions to try and keep her as calm as he could . By the time he was done, despite his best efforts, Rena was pale as a ghost and on the verge of a breakdown .

"I don't understand . " She said . "I remember that even Tista was born healthy . The disease manifested later . Leria is fine, the other children are fine . Why him? Why now? You must be wrong, your story makes no sense . "

"Just bad luck, like Tista . She was the only one affected by the illness among her siblings as well . " Lith stated the obvious to help Rena overcome her denial .

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