Supreme Uprising - Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

The bunch of mercenaries charging over at Luo Yunyang turned pale after the woman's death . The had only rushed over at Luo Yunyang because they had thought that he had run out of strength .

However, they hadn't expected that he would still have other tricks! The appearance of the flying knife crushed their last ounce of fighting spirit .

"Kneel or die!" Luo Yunyang's voice was still calm as he stood loftily on the shore . However, amidst that calmness was a might that could make one's heart shudder .

Tosun was the first to kneel . Although he was a savage, his savageness depended on whom he was facing .

Each and every mercenary knelt on the ground without daring to budge . In a flash, the throwing knife descended on their arms and legs .

The mercenaries didn't have any way to resist the knife, which was being controlled by Luo Yunyang's mind power . Although they were in immense pain, they didn't even dare make a sound .

Τhey were just pieces of meat, so Luo Yunyang, who was wielding the knife, had complete control over their lives . Thus, they didn't dare voice any complaints .

"He is really careful!" the old man on the peak said softly with a hint of admiration in his voice .

Alice, who had been staring at Luo Yunyang as she stood upright on the spot, said faintly, "I'm afraid that his body is having a hard time restoring its motion . That spear toss probably drained all his strength . "

The old man's tone had a hint of dread as he said, "Even I would have found it difficult to dodge that spear, Miss . It was really terrifying!"

Alice didn't say anything . Instead, she looked at Luo Yunyang in a new, peculiar light .

About 15 minutes later, Luo Yunyang finally recovered his ability to move and took a few slow steps towards the yacht . As he walked towards it, nobody dared make a sound .

Luo Yunyang reached the Ravenous Wolf . He had not expected that the Ravenous Wolf would pull that long metal spear out of his body before dying with his eyes wide open .

There were no bloodstains or any other evidence that the long spear had just killed someone . Although it was as heavy as ever, as Luo Yunyang held it, he felt as if there was a strong bond between them .

When he pushed open the door and saw the man strung up by his shoulder blades, he immediately felt anger surging in his heart .

When the man saw Luo Yunyang with his remaining eye, his expression was strange .

"Mr . Luo! I never expected to see you here . Ha ha ha . . . I… I am really happy . "

When Luo Yunyang saw the one-eyed man, his previously calm demeanor became furious .

He was very familiar with this man . Although he didn't stand out from the crowd, he had been a part of the group that had walked out of the Sun & Moon Palace alive .

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He might have suffered some serious injuries in Zu Long's tomb, but he had still managed to survive before being tormented this way!

"I have revealed quite a lot about the secret… prescription, Mr . Luo . I'm afraid… that this will cause the 13 Eastern Cities a huge loss . They transported me over a long distance to get a first-rate telekinesis master to search my mind . They didn't believe… me!"

"I know that I am guilty of a terrible crime . I have betrayed the 13 Eastern Cities, but… I didn't have a choice . "

Tears started flowing out of the man's remaining eye . His tears were stained with blood .

"I should have remained loyal, but they have my daughter . She is only 13, Mr . Luo . I am her father . . . "

The man seemed to be inconsolable . He was gasping hard and breathing with difficulty due to the pain in his body, as well as the issue with his daughter . He seemed to be trying his hardest to breathe this way to alleviate the pain and avoid choking and dying . Luo Yunyang gazed at the man, who had been strung up by his shoulder blades . There was not a single good muscle left in his body, yet tears kept streaming out of his remaining eye socket .

Real men don't cry .

Although Luo Yunyang had always kept this phrase in the back of his mind, he realized that he didn't agree with it anymore .

"How were they able to capture and bring you here, when you are in the Sky High Military?" Luo Yunyang asked, grabbing the man's arm .

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The man was still in disbelief . Luo Yunyang's Mind Attribute was high, so the other man couldn't compare to him . "Are you going to give up on saving your daughter?" Luo Yunyang asked .

"It was Nie Xin! He brought the people who captured me . " The man gnashed his teeth as he spoke . His voice was filled with hatred .

Nie Xin? Luo Yunyang was only familiar with the surname, yet when he heard it, a frigid expression flickered across his eyes .

"Is that the Nie Family?" Luo Yunyang asked solemnly, looking straight at the other man .

"Yes, it is . I never expected that they would do such a thing!" The man shook his damaged arms in a somewhat deranged, painful manner, causing droplets of blood to trickle out of his wounds .

"Do not fret . The future is long and unpredictable," Luo Yunyang said as he walked to the man's front .

"I am already exhausted, Mr . Luo . My light is fading . They used special methods to keep me alive . The only reason I endured so far was the hope of seeing my daughter live on . " The man's mind was becoming clearer by the second . His expression was also much calmer now .

"I was really foolish . How could I believe them? They would have just killed me and then hurt my daughter . . . "

The man, who had just calmed down, flared up once again . The many wounds on his body looked aggravated .

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Luo Yunyang shook his head gently as he watched the demented man . Although he had a wood-based life source core, the man's current injuries were too serious . His light was indeed fading . He simply had no chance of surviving .

Outside the yacht, a mercenary who ran out into the sea in an effort to flee was cut in two by Luo Yunyang's throwing knife .

Tosun and the others, who had started to get restless, became even more scared . They all kept kneeling down . They no longer dared act without thinking .

"Mr . Luo, I… Please bury me… in the ocean . I am too ashamed to return to the East!" The man slowly calmed down . The pupil of his remaining eye was now expressionless .

Luo Yunyang nodded and said softly, "Don't worry, Liu Cai . If your daughter is still alive, I will save her . "

When he heard Luo Yunyang's promise, Liu Cai, who was still pinned to the pillar, relaxed completely . His mouth curled up into a relieved smile .

Luo Yunyang remained silent . He just watched as Liu Cai, who had suffered all kinds of torture, passed away in silence . He felt as though a raging wildfire had combusted in his heart .

This combustion was even more violent than the one he had felt when he had heard that the prescription had been stolen!