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Supreme Uprising - Chapter 267

Published at 19th of March 2019 09:36:31 PM

Chapter 267

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The Raging Inferno Guardian had given Luo Yunyang a piece of a poisonous pie . However, no matter how poisonous this pie was, Luo Yunyang would still swallow it down .

Essence flames and divine waters were really difficult to find after all!

In the past, Luo Yunyang had searched place after place without resting and asked his subordinates in the Blood Strike Guard to collect information about the essence flames and divine waters .

Unfortunately, he still hadn't learned anything .

Although Luo Yunyang deep down was really confident about the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart's next breakthrough, he didn't know how long it would take him if he relied solely on cultivation .

It was only a matter of time before the space barrier shattered . Even though there wasn't much time left, Luo Yunyang still wasn't strong enough .

Therefore, even if this was a trap, he would have to endure it for the sake of an extensive upgrade to his cultivation base .

"You've done well this time, Raging Inferno!" Johann praised him as he drank some water leisurely .

The Raging Inferno Guardian chuckled . "It was all because of your good guidance, Vice-Chairman . I wouldn't have been able to get rid of it by relying solely on my own abilities!"

Although Johann didn't bat an eyelid, he really enjoyed this sort of praise . He regarded himself as wise and knowledgeable, so he wasn't stingy when it came to giving pointers . However, there were also some principles about helping others . After one reaped the benefits, they had to be deeply grateful .

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The Raging Inferno Guardian couldn't read Johann's thoughts . However, even though he never appeared weaker in front of others, when he saw Johann pondering in silence, he suddenly felt strangely embarrassed .

He felt like he had become Johann's subordinate . How could such a feeling make him happy?

"Are you certain that the Jade Bone Bird is currently advancing its grade?" Johann said eventually .

His question made the Raging Inferno Guardian push his thoughts aside . His attitude became even more deferential as he said softly, "I can confirm that the Jade Bone Bird is in the process of advancing, Vice-Chairman . Last time I saw it, its eyes had already turned gold . "

"A storm is approaching!" Johann's voice sounded a tad melancholic . However, his gaze suddenly became slightly more determined . "Only god can save a sheep that has lost its way!"

As soon as he said this, a slightly crazy look flickered through his eyes .

The Raging Inferno Guardian momentarily seemed dazed . They were all gods in the eyes of the ordinary people of the Da Alliance, so they could call themselves gods .

How could a well-known god like Johann say such a thing? Was there still another god in his heart?

As these thoughts circled in the Raging Guardian Inferno's mind, he heard Johann say, "If the Jade Bone Bird's ascension is successful, then besides the five large intersections, a sixth top-notch Dark-Grade source beast will appear and the space barrier at the Skyfall Stronghold will possibly become the weakest . "

"Let's hope that Luo Yunyang doesn't flee too early . Otherwise, things will be less than perfect," Johann added softly .

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"Relax, sir . The Jade Bone Bird is currently undergoing advancement, so it definitely won't appear anytime soon . By the time Luo Yunyang discovers that something is wrong, it will already be too late . The Jade Bone Bird is the fastest source beast we have discovered after all!"

"Besides, only Chang'an City lies within a 1,500-kilometer radius around the Skyfall Stronghold," the Raging Inferno Guardian added coldly .

Although Johann didn't answer, his faint smile became a little brighter .

The Skyfall Stronghold was located on a huge mountain range that was shaped like a long dragon . Its position on the huge mountain would have been on the dragon's head .

The Stronghold wasn't that large, but it was made entirely out of steel and could even be considered a whole entity .

Above this stronghold were cracks and splits .

Layers of sixth factor passed through these cracks and flowed out like spring water .

An ear-piercing screech was heard before a black crow at least 10 meters long rushed out of a crack in space .

The moment it appeared, multiple sounds of cannon fire came from the Skyfall Stronghold and a bunch of artillery shells were blasted at the crow .

The crow, which seemed to sense the danger from the radiating lights, opened its beak and shot out a stream of scarlet flames .

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The flames formed a wall of fire in the air . When the shells struck that wall, they exploded instantly .

Although the wall of fire covered a huge surface, a number of shells still managed to strike the crow's body . However, the damage they inflicted on that huge crow was limited .

Besides shedding some feathers, the crow had suffered no other visible injuries .

"Sir, that's a Raging Flame Crow, the most common dire beast seen at the Skyfall Stronghold . We have caught one before . It's a Grade-A dire beast!" said a middle-aged man with grizzled white hair . Although he was middle-aged, his grizzled hair made him seem like an old man .

Qi Dongyong was the Skyfall Stronghold's commander . Although he was only a top-notch martial master, he was really talented at commanding others .

Luo Yunyang nodded his head . He didn't think much of this crow . What he was really paying attention to were the 10-meter long cracks .

The cracks looked like a thin line from his position, but they were actually several meters long .

If they continued to expand, then the dire beasts and source beasts that walked through would be even more terrifying .

"Are there taboo weapons here?" Luo Yunyang asked after pondering the situation for a bit .

Qi Dongyong had a slightly desolate expression on his face as he replied, "Taboo weapons are very strong, but they hurt both sides . If we fired an excess of taboo weapons, we would be exterminating ourselves . According to the regulations of the Da Alliance, no taboo weapons are allowed here . "

Luo Yunyang nodded with a wave of his sleeves before he said, "You just worry about defending this place . I will stay in seclusion for some time . "

As soon as he said that, he soared into the sky and headed straight for what seemed like the courtyard of a small-scale castle in the middle of the stronghold .

This used to be the Raging Inferno Guardian's cultivation area, so now it naturally belonged to Luo Yunyang .

Luo Yunyang used his mind power to perform a quick scan of the place before starting his own cultivation . He took out the five flames and studied each one for a bit before retrieving the Blood Fiend Beastial Flame .

Although the Blood Fiend Beastial Flame didn't seem weak, Luo Yunyang felt like it wasn't very compatible with the cultivation of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart .

He had an extra one anyway, so he decided to exclude it .

Then, he took out the Earth Demon Poison Flame and routinely sucked it into his body .

Although he had already used the attribute regulator to make some adjustments and raise his body's Fire Sub-Attribute, he still felt a burning sensation flood his body .

Too afraid to wait, he immediately used the cultivation techniques of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart . The Earth Demon Poison Flame circulated in his body as a wave of True Intent rushed towards his source core .

The sixth factor in the air started to flow even quicker soundlessly before another aperture was broken open inside Luo Yunyang's body .

It was an aperture that could link up with the sky and earth!

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