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Supreme Uprising - Chapter 447

Published at 30th of May 2019 04:25:04 PM

Chapter 447: 447

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The Profound Heavy Path was a third-grade cultivation path formed from Earth and Metal Origin Source Laws . Its offensive abilities were resounding and madly violent .

Basically, only the genius disciples of the huge Deep Earth Path were able to cultivate the Profound Heavy Path .

This time, it was the Deep Earth Path's number one disciple, Tian Bohu, who had entered the meteorite corridor . He was someone who had amassed massive experience, as he had been cultivating in the Deep Earth Path for 1,000 years .

Tian Bohu was no fool . He was actually extremely intelligent . Otherwise, he would not have been a valued disciple of the Deep Earth Path . He had chosen the best opportunity and used his Mountain-Cleaving Ninth Strike to shatter the void .

If the void was shattered, anything within the void would also be shattered .

If Luo Yunyang hadn't been locked in a deadlock with Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou, he would have found plenty of ways to deal with that hammer strike . However, he was caught in a pincer maneuver, all the while facing attacks from two sides .

Tian Bohu's execution was very quick . As he made his move, a blade-light was already making its way towards Luo Yunyang through the shattering void .

It was Mie Po from the Dark Shadow Path!

He was the elite of the Dark Shadow Path who had suffered a great setback at the hands of Luo Yunyang . He once again showcased his ruthlessness, toughness, and determination to get back at Luo Yunyang .

Meanwhile, all sorts of attacks came flying towards Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou from every direction .

There was a total of 13 people attacking them, each and every one a top-level elite that attacked mercilessly .

Both Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi would be better off dead, as they were considered elite enemies .

"That's no good! Senior Sister Qin is in danger!" several women shrieked in the Autumn Water Path's Meru Realm .

Although they appeared extremely anxious, at least half of them were secretly taking delight in her misfortune,

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That's right, they were rejoicing in her misfortune!

In the Autumn Water Path, Qin Shuirou had always enjoyed the best resources . Naturally, most resources went to her, thus depriving others of them .

This unfairness made people jealous and impatient for Qin Shuirou to die .

However, the high-level executives of the Autumn Water Path remained calm, as they all knew that the Invincible Yin Yang Path was exceptional in both offense and defense .

The Invincible Yin Yang circle formed by the Invincible Yin Yang Path was the ultimate defense . Even the most elite existence would find it a mammoth task to break through the Invincible Yin Yang circle .

Qin Shuirou and Ke Linqi were confident in their actions as they faced Luo Yunyang .

However, what happened next was beyond the imagination of any member of the Autumn Water Path . Despite the dangerous situation, Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi did not defend themselves .

Instead, they continued to attack .

This was an extremely irrational move that most people considered suicide . However, the eyes of the powerhouses of the Autumn Water Path glowed .

"Great!" some of them exclaimed .

In the Meru Realm of the Deep Earth Path, the Deep Earth Path Master crushed a virtual palace hall into dust .

Although the virtual palace hall wasn't real, the means he used to reduce it to dust were frightening .

This was only an interlude before the main event . Thanks to the video broadcast from the Meru Realm, everyone saw the five-layered chaotic hole that was in a deadlock with the Yin Yang line suddenly separate and head straight towards Tian Bohu .

Meanwhile, the five-layered chaotic hole transformed into a big vortex that surged towards the nine elites ganging up on Ke Linqi .

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Tian Bohu was very powerful . However, he had just executed his ultimate attack, so he was currently in a very precarious situation .

It was simply too late for his hammer strike to be executed again . Hence, Tian Bohu could only use his hammer to shield himself right now .

His giant hammer, which weighed a million pounds, had been forged from the best Star Iron and was not only extremely solid but also domineering .

However, that day it was facing the Yin Yang line!

The entanglement of the Yin Yang Line caused the giant hammer, along with Tian Bohu's body and his spiritual consciousness, to split into two .

The number one elite of the Deep Earth Path had died! His greedy desire to have a puny advantage in this dangerous situation had cost him his life .

The moment that Tian Bohu died, Luo Yunyang's five-layered chaotic hole enveloped the bodies of the two sneaky attackers .

Although these two people were considered top-level existences among Star-Grade martialists, pieces of Star Alloy Fragments transformed into countless small blades thanks to Luo Yunyang's manipulation .

The small blades revolved quickly within the chaotic hole!

As a result, the two of them died instantaneously .

The moment that Tian Bohu was killed, Mie Po, who was already near Luo Yunyang, had a bad premonition . His body twisted strangely in the void before transforming into a shadow .

He had to escape! Mie Pe's priority right now was to preserve his own life .

How could Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou let him go, though? As they brandished the long blades in their hands, waves of sword-light transformed into a sealed-off Yin Yang World that towered over Mie Po in the void .

Mie Po was trying to resist like crazy, as he knew very well what the consequences would be if he failed . However, Luo Yunyang, who was pretty bitter because he hadn't managed to get Mie Po last time, unleashed the power of the chaotic hole on Mie Po .

Mie Po had been rapidly moving around before he was suddenly stopped in his tracks by the sealing ability of the power of the chaotic hole .

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Although the delay lasted only a moment, he was quickly smothered by the Yin Yang World inside the void .

"There's only three of them . Let's get them together!" The death of several people, including Mie Po, had ignited the desire of a dozen other ambushing parties who were also considered some of the strongest Star-Grade entities .

Thus, they knew that this wasn't the right time to retreat!

If they were to attack together, they might be able to come out victorious . However, if they chose to retreat, they would be separated and hunted down one by one .

All sorts of furious, overwhelming attacks were unleashed in an instant . Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang's five-layered chaotic hole absorbed and devoured most of them .

The attacks that were not completely neutralized were too weak to cause any harm to Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou . Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou weren't going to be lenient to the people who had tried to kill them . Hence, the two of them joined forces and unleashed waves of sword-lights towards the people imprisoned by the Yin Yang World .

Luo Yunyang's defense was difficult to break, and the Invincible Yin Yang Sword executed by Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou was overbearing .

It was like the toughest shield was coordinating with the strongest spear . Nothing could stand in their way .

"Kill, kill, kill!" someone screamed hysterically . However, as their companions rushed towards Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi, that person fled quickly . This was a matter of life and death, so saving his own life was more important .

In a few minutes, several bodies appeared among the meteorites . Both the Dark Shadow Path and the Deep Earth Path were devastated by the death of their best disciples .

However, the more heartbroken they felt, the wiser they considered the decision they had made . If it hadn't been for the Nine-Path Galaxy Decree, which had restricted the participants to only Star-Grade martialists, who knew how many more people of high caliber would have died?

Every talented genius was a precious treasure of the entire human race . Thus, they couldn't afford to lose anyone else .

"This is despicable!" an elite from the Deep Earth Path said angrily .

The battle between Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou was bloody, yet their motive was to ultimately eliminate the people waiting to ambush the victor of their battle .

However, as members of older generations, they had to admit that the students had surpassed the masters . Although the cooperation between Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi was not necessarily sincere, they acted together due to their common self-interests .

They had to eliminate all the people waiting for the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this situation . The battle over the token could carry on after these obstacles were eliminated .

Meanwhile, in the Bloody Massacre Path's Meru Realm, most blood disciples were looking very solemn . One of the higher-level executives said, "Look at them carefully . There are no eternal enemies or friends . There is only eternal interest!"

"Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou are the strongest people there . Everyone expected them to fight their hearts out and lose, yet they chose to cooperate instead . "

"This has tempted many people to cooperate against them . You can see that the people who were killed by them did not take this lying down! Therefore, you have to remember to never look down on anyone during a fight!"

After killing their last opponent, who did not have enough time to escape, Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou exchanged a look and flew ahead at almost the same time .

They all moved very fast as their mind power spread in every direction and searched constantly .

"There is someone over there!" Luo Yunyang said quickly when he sensed someone . Without hesitation, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou flew in the direction Luo Yunyang had pointed .

"I surrender!" said an elite from one of the Nine Paths . Although she was not the best member of her path, she was pretty strong .

However, she had voluntarily chosen to give up .

Unfortunately, this decision wasn't hers to make, so both Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi gave her a killing blow .

10, 20, 30…

One after another, Star-Grade martialists were slain by the combined forces of Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou . Some of those martialists attempted to launch surprise attacks on the three of them but were quickly slaughtered .

Several bloody trails sprinkled across the sky!

After searching for 3,000 miles and finding no opponents, they saw the Kun Yu Planet right ahead .

Now that the beautiful Kun Yu Planet was in sight, the atmosphere between the three of them instantly became heavy again .

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