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Supreme Uprising - Chapter 788

Published at 8th of November 2019 05:10:15 PM

Chapter 788

In the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos, the three Great Heavenly Venerates were dumbfounded . They really did not know how to feel right now .

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How was this possible?

They were well aware of Long Teng’s background . It would have made sense if Long Teng had defeated Luo Yunyang with a slap .

However, Luo Yunyang had actually defeated Long Teng with a single move . What was even more shocking was that they recognized the move Luo Yunyang had executed .

It was the Single Sword Suppressing Five Cosmoses!

This had been the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate’s move . Even when he had become a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate, he had still often used this move . They were no strangers to this move, as they had fought with the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate in the past .

“How can it be? Luo Yunyang hasn’t become a Heavenly Venerate yet . Even though he is talented, he can’t…” said Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang . He wanted to say that Luo Yunyang shouldn’t have the amount of mind power required to conjure that move .

Heavenly Venerates had nine levels . Each level was a universe, but apart from power, one also needed mind power .

“Luo Yunyang must be immensely talented to be able to execute the Single Sword Suppressing Five Cosmoses!” Great Heavenly Venerate Astonishing Sky said, “If Luo Yunyang becomes a disciple of Hong Meng Temple, then we…”

Heavenly Venerate Longxiang was silent . He had always been harsh on Luo Yunyang . Hence, it wouldn’t be good news if Luo Yunyang rose to power .

However, he wasn’t able to comment on how inferior Luo Yunyang was anymore, not because of Luo Yunyang’s performance, but because the person Luo Yunyang had defeated was the youngest son of the Long Family Patriarch .

If Luo Yunyang was inferior, then what about the youngest son of the Long Family?

“Someone has emerged victorious!” In the Hong Meng Realm, most of the Heavenly Venerates that were watching the battle had received a message .

Although most of them had their own theories on the people that would be recruited by Hong Meng Temple, the outcome of the fight between Luo Yunyang and Long Teng caught the attention of many people, as it had been decided while other battles were just beginning .

Everyone who participated was an extremely talented person in their individual Great Cosmos .

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Even though there were differences in the abilities of such talented people, the discrepancies wouldn’t be too huge . Hence, no one should be able to win by such a wide margin .

One could imagine the might of a person able to pull off such an overwhelming victory!

Di Motian, who was dressed in golden armor, was watching the battle quietly . Not only was he one of Hong Meng Temple’s guards, but he was also a Dishen Tribe Heavenly Venerate .

Dishen Tribe was a branch of the Human Tribe . However, most of the elites of Dishen Tribe felt that they were vastly superior to the ordinary Human Tribe .

Although they did not dare to suggest that they should be in a different category than the Human Tribe, they had crowned their own tribe with the title “Dishen” .

Di Motian was a genius of Dishen Tribe, but he wasn’t gifted enough and could thus only serve as a servant in Hong Meng Temple . He could not become an existence superior to a Heavenly Venerate .

“Seems like someone has emerged as the victor . I guess this time we will be able to see the appearance of an absolute genius!” Di Motian jested sarcastically while speaking to his comrade .

However, when he studied the participants of the match carefully, he scoffed and rolled his eyes . “This match doesn’t count . ”

“Why?” Di Motian’s companion was also a guard of Hong Meng Temple, so his status wasn’t lower than Di Motian’s .

“I know very well who is participating in the match . One of them is the youngest son of the Long Family Patriarch of Longlin Great Cosmos . ” Di Motian chuckled .

When Di Motian’s companion heard that, he understood immediately and said, “Some people just can’t compete against people who have been born to be strong . ”

“Damn it, why couldn’t I have been born like this?”

This was, of course, said sarcastically . Di Motian grinned and replied, “I think you simply have no hope in this lifetime . ”

“Who is the other person? Although the youngest son of the Long Family is strong, he shouldn’t be strong enough to defeat his opponent with a single move, right?”

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“It’s a lucky kid who obtained an Eon Martial Token, but I don’t think he meets the qualifications . I directly annulled his Eon Martial Token and just gave him a chance to compete,” Di Motian said smugly .

His companion glanced at him and lamented . “You are basically destroying his cultivation opportunity . You might as well have killed his parents . ”

Di Motian smiled grimly and scoffed . “He’s just an ant . He would be disgracing himself even if he got lucky . ”

“Being beaten in a single move… That Luo Yunyang dude is really unlucky!”

Di Motian’s companion did not respond, as he was now a little apprehensive .

“Are you stupid? You think Long Teng thrashed Luo Yunyang with a move? It’s Luo Yunyang who defeated Long Teng with a move . I’ve never seen anyone like you . You can’t even tell the difference . ”

“Dishen Tribe? I think you might as well call yourself Disha Tribe [1 . sha means fool]!” a man who was also clad in golden armor and had a pair of completely black eyes told Di Motian .

Di Motian and the black-eyed man were enemies . After hearing the man’s sarcasm, he stared blankly for a moment before laughing out loud . “Nonsense! How dare you spout nonsense on this matter? The Long Family Patriarch will never let you off if he discovers this . ”

Di Motian added excitedly, “Please apologize to me quickly . I will act like it never happened and I will not report back to the Long Family Patriarch . ”

The man with the black eyes sneered and did not respond . However, the look of disdain on his face intensified a little more .

Di Motian wanted to continue speaking, but his companion interrupted him . “That’s correct . Long Teng was thrashed by Luo Yunyang in a single move . ”

“He hasn’t broken through to the Heavenly Venerate level, but he can conjure a fifth-level Universe Origin Mark . Very impressive!”

His words stunned Mo Ditian momentarily . After hesitating slightly, he hurriedly switched to the battle results between Luo Yunyang and Long Teng .

The results indeed showed that Long Teng had been defeated by Luo Yunyang with a single blow . Di Motian’s expression turned to shock when he saw the gorgeous sword-light that illuminated the sky .

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Since he had invalidated Luo Yunyang’s token, the enmity between him and Luo Yunyang had been set in stone . However, in Di Motian’s opinion, Luo Yunyang was only an insignificant ant that he didn’t have to care about .

The ant had now skyrocketed upwards, making Di Motian a little uncomfortable .

“What the hell is going on with the Long Family? They were the ones that asked me to arrange this match-up against Luo Yunyang!” Di Motian blurted out almost instinctively .

Di Motian only came to a realization after saying that sentence . If someone were to spread the words he had said, then the Long Family Patriarch would become a laughing stock . However, it was too late when he finally realized his blunder .

“Do not spread this around!” Although Di Motian knew that it was useless to say so, he still couldn’t help it .

Almost everyone would agree to Di Motian’s request . However, a quarter of an hour later, the information still spread across the entire Hong Meng Realm .

“The Long Family Patriarch literally lifted a stone and hit himself in the foot . He he… They thought they had found an easy opponent for their son, but they didn’t think that this stone would actually be a boulder . ”

“He he… I don’t respect that old thing . After living for eons, he still has to hold his son’s hands . This time it all really blew up . ”

“I don’t know how he’s going to explain this to his wife!”

Some narrow-minded Almighties verbally attacked the Long Family Patriarch immediately . Meanwhile, many more were looking at the result of the battle between Luo Yunyang and Long Teng .

This person had a bright future!

This evaluation appeared in many discussions, various large sects across the Great Cosmoses, and also among a power family that intimidated many Great Cosmoses .

“This young man does not have any master to learn from . Take a trip over there and say that the Sky Wind Tribe has an angel awaiting his hand in marriage if he is willing,” a supreme being said gently .

Some top-level emissaries from elite sects even traveled across the void and entered the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos directly while heading towards Luo Yunyang’s location . Their only hope was that Luo Yunyang would enter Hong Meng Temple and become one of their sect’s disciples .

Although Hong Meng Temple nurtured humans into Almighties, the Almighties they groomed wouldn’t be able to join any sects .

Hong Meng Temple belonged to the entire Human Tribe!

The clone of the Long Family Patriarch had been keeping watch over the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos to prevent Luo Yunyang from escaping . He had originally planned to cut off Luo Yunyang’s escape route after his son won the battle .

However, his son had lost .

Killing Luo Yunyang would be as easy as squashing an ant . However, he did not dare to challenge Hong Meng Temple, as the last person who had provoked Hong Meng Temple had been dead for a long time .

Although the Long Family was strong, it paled in comparison to that person’s massive family powers .

In the end, that person had provoked someone he shouldn’t have and laid his hands on someone he shouldn’t have during the Hong Meng Temple’s selection . Thus, he had been annihilated immediately .

“Luo Yunyang, this matter is not over!” the Patriarch of the Long Family thought to himself before he withdrew his clone .

He left first . However, as he left, he also made up his mind . He couldn’t allow Luo Yunyang to enter Hong Meng Temple .

Losing any matches in the first three rounds would result in direct elimination!

Luo Yunyang had just experienced the first round!

Luo Yunyang paid no attention to the resentment of the Long Family Patriarch . Right now, he had a guest to deal with .

An unexpected guest .

“Mr . Yunyang, this was my Master’s blunder . He ordered me to come and apologize to you . I hope you will let this matter slide, Mr . Yunyang!” The guest was a middle-aged man with a soft face and an elegant temperament .

He wasn’t from the Immortal Tribe, but he represented Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang!

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