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Published at 29th of April 2019 11:00:03 AM

Chapter 255: 255
-The Red Cross has sent the second group of doctors! Empress Jasmine is in command herself!

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-The Empress is at the warzone!
-Khalodians have defended Lown Peak!
-The Katzback Kingdom is in disarray!
-Monsters in the Dentrion Kingdom!
-Refugees from all sides are coming into Khalodian!
Various rumors and news had spread throughout the Khalodian Empire . People were shocked that the Empress herself had left for war . It wasn't like the past where people had to be conscripted to fight a war . Everyone was eager to fight to defend their empire .

Small monsters scattered as bigger monsters appeared . They were powerful with thick hides that allowed them to withstand a lot of attacks .
"It's too much . "
"It seems like more are coming through now . "
The number of monsters that appeared through the Gate increased by the day . It started with hundreds, but now it had reached tens of thousands .
A snake appeared through the Gate . However, it was gigantic even though its head was poking out of the gate . The small monsters that just stepped out of the Gate began to flee from the snake .

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"They're afraid?"
Ron and Vetra, the two men who were assigned to the underground bunker to keep an eye on the Gate, became confused . These small monsters fled from the bigger monsters, but they were never afraid . Yet they were terrified when the snake appeared .
At that moment, the snake opened its giant mouth and shrieked . The monsters then stopped immediately as if they had become stone statues; the only ones that continued moving were the huge monsters that did not seem to care .
Along with the snake, the bigger monsters began to devour the small monsters that had stopped and were completely still .
"Hmm . That's interesting . I've never seen them so afraid . "
"We should report this . And that screech too . "
"Yeah . Maybe if we can replicate that sound… it might become a useful weapon . "
As they talked, the monsters moved away deeper into the forest and disappeared, the area turning dead silent . It was a usual sight for the two . Vetra sighed and nodded to Ron .
"Okay, let's call HQ . "
However, before Ron could move to the communications, he stopped at a weird sound and turned . Vetra gasped as both of their eyes opened wide in shock .
"W-What's that?"

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"H-human . It's humans!"
"Black hair?"
They saw hundreds of people jump out of the Gate, using guns to kill any surrounding monsters .
"T-those are the people from Joonbum's homeworld! Aren't they, Vetra?"
The two Ainos recognized humans . The Ainos were the first ones to experience items from Earth from the beginning, so they knew a lot about the world where Joonbum had come from . These two had grown up with that knowledge and were bound to know who those people were .
There weren't only humans that came out . Giant buses, tanks, and different machines also appeared through the Gate .
"T-that's a tank!"

"Yeah! It's moving too!"
They were witnessing vehicles that they had only ever seen through videos .
"That's a motorcycle!"
Hundreds of soldiers quickly moved and wiped out any remaining monsters and then began securing the area . As the soldiers signaled the all-clear, giant trucks began moving in .

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"Wow, that's an RPG!"
"They have old and new weapons . "
Ron and Vetra examined the people carefully . They had already been informed that there might be people coming through the Gate sometime soon .
"Ron, count how many people there are and check their weapons . "
"Yes, sir!"
There were a lot of them . The number had already surpassed well over five hundred, with tanks and armored vehicles along with them .
'They've fought through hell . '
All the trucks, tanks, and even people were covered in blood, showing traces of a fight .
"W-what should we do?" Ron asked shakily .
Vetra answered, "We'll talk to them . "
"That flag . That's from the Republic of Korea . It's the emperor's home . We recognize their language too . "
Vetra then utilized the machine inside to speak into the microphone .
-H-hello! Are you all from the Republic of Korea?
"W-what! Where's that coming from?!"
"Check the trees! The sound came from there!"
Soldiers began to search the area frantically and soon found the speaker hidden high up on a tree . They look tense as Vetra spoke in a calmer tone .
-I am Major Vetra of the Ainos Guard of the Khalodian Empire . You all are now in our territory . Please identify yourselves . We know about your homeworld, Earth, so your nationality would be enough .
The soldiers then began to visibly relax . Some seemed to be very surprised .
"How does he know us?"
"He speaks Korean!"
"So 'he' was right . "
"Khalodian Empire? Ainos Guard?"
"Oh! This is from our world!"
The soldier who found the speaker shouted as he examined and identified the speaker .
Chulmin spoke in a rough voice, "I am Major Lee Chulmin from the Republic of Korea Army . We have civilians and soldiers alike from various nationalities . We have no intention to invade your territory and only came here to flee from those monsters . We have seniors, pregnant women, and children starving in our trucks . Please, help us! We are in dire need of assistance . "