Published at 2nd of August 2019 08:05:03 AM

Chapter 295: 295

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"By the way, it would be great if Misun could tame the Kongs also . "

Joonbum laughed at Jinpok's comment . Doral came over to them and said, "I am not sure how far she can go, but it certainly seems possible . "
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"Really?" Jinpok asked in surprise .

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Doral nodded, "She has talent that no Ainos has . She can befriend almost any being . Even monsters react to her . "

"I didn't know it was that much . "

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"Yeah . That's why she survived in the first place . "

Doral spoke of what happened to Jungho and Misun at the nest of the giant seagulls .


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"That was why the baby birds did not attack them unlike the mother birds who reacted to Misun . And of course, they had other things to eat too . "

Doral had already given a detailed report of what happened from Arwen regarding the children .

"That is amazing . "

"Yes . Since Kongs are monsters who can befriend regular people, we have a good chance . "

"Then we'll get a great ally . "

"Who knows? We are still dealing with a giant monster . What we need to foc @@