Survival to Godhood - Chapter 102

Published at 19th of March 2019 11:21:15 PM
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Chapter 102

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Leo and Lucy were dashing through the jungle quickly . Leo looked over and saw the worry on Lucy's face and he knew he needed to ready his resolve and prepare himself .

They finally made it to the clearing and found Leaf's lifeless body . Leo walked over to its carcass and placed his hand on it . "Thank you, for protecting them . Rest well Leaf . "

Being part beast because of the core he fused with his body, Leo always felt close to the animals . Especially after the battle with the draconians and breaking through . Many days Leo would visit with the shadow beast in Machu Pichu with Pedro all the time .

"We are here . Show yourself Team Zodiac . " Lucy yelled angerly .

Someone jumped out of the shadows and walked towards them . "Nice to see you, Lucy Nightengale . "

"Tai Sun . . . Why go to these lengths?" Lucy asked .

The Dragon Knight threw over two bracelets . Lucy looked down and saw mana dampening bracelets . "Put those on, and we will let Pedro go . "

"Where is he?" Leo interrupted .

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"You have no room to talk, Leonardo the former Panthera Knight . " A shadow walked from behind a tree holding her dagger to a little boys throat . "Put on the artifact before I kill him . "

"Damn you, Ka Ling," Lucy said .

Lucy picked up the bracelet and threw the other one to Leo . Lucy then sent Leo a mana message .

"Leo, the guy before us, has broken through . We can't fight them, but they won't hurt me . When I attack Ka Ling, grab Pedro and escape . "

Leo didn't want to show the surprise on his face, but there was no way he could leave without Lucy . Lucy looked at him, and he knew there was no room to argue . He received this look before when he tried to break a promise with Lucy to go on a walk . Instead, Leo wanted to train . In the end, he went on the trek with her .

Leo sighed tell Lucy he was ready . Lucy channeled wind mana into an arrow behind her and shot it at Ka Ling . The air blast slammed into Ka Ling before she even knew it .

Leo throughout his right arm and erected a rock wall between them . Using his strengthen leg muscles and movement technique he appeared next to Pedro .

"I got you . Rest for now . " Seeing the exhausted and hurt Pedro, Leo was furious but took off running through the jungle .

"He is getting away . "

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"Tai Sun . I will surrender myself if you do not chase after him . " Lucy pleaded .

Looking at the clever girl, Tai Sun agreed with her plan .

"Fine . I will not chase him . "

Tai Sun was always a man of his word, and Lucy knew he wouldn't break it . She placed the bracelet on her wrist .

"Team after that man . " Tai Sun looked Lucy dead in the eyes and said, "I didn't say they wouldn't chase him . "

Ka Ling took off and two other shadows whipped through the trees . One of the shadows asked, "How did you let her get the jump on you?"

"Shut up, Du Yi . " She snapped back .

"Let us focus on capturing this Panthera Knight . His mana aura tells me he is now a Core Builder . " Zi Xin intervened .

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"What he already broke through?" Ka Ling asked in surprise .

"Yeah, I sensed it too . Also his movement technique more of a body movement than mana . He reminds me of the beastmen we have fought . "Du Yi remarked .

"Don't go easy on him . As soon as you catch him, use your full strength . " Zi Xin reminded them .

The other two nodded in agreement .

Back at the site, Tai Sun was curious why Lucy wasn't worried about Leo and the kid . "Why are you so calm?" He asked .

"Your team will find out soon . Leo is not an easy opponent . " Lucy said while giving an eerie smile . "Take me to the airship, please . Also, you better call off your dogs before they get too close to Machu Pichu . There are several Avatar warriors there, and even with your new strength, you won't be able to get away . "

Tai Sun shuttered to think if all of those rock-men chased after them . "The ship is that way . " Tai Sun picked up his communication device and said, "If you don't catch him in the next five minutes turn around and return . "

"Nice call Team leader," Lucy said to taunt him . She then walked past him all on her own towards the ship .

The three peak Core Builders were rushing through the jungle and were surprised when they got the message .

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"Why do you think he wants us to return without Panthera Knight?" Du Yi asked .

"I don't know . . . " Ka Ling said when Zi Xin pushed her out of the way of a spike made of stone .

The three of them stopped in their tracks . A man standing next to a tree was staring them down . Zi Xin spoke up and asked, "Where did the boy go, Leo?"

"I'd worry more about yourselves . "

Slowly three beastmen walked from behind the tree next to Leo . Shadow, Goblin, and Mouse had the same pissed off look Leo had .

"Let me take the bitch who hurt our boy," Shadow said as she released her claws .

"Goblin looked at Leo, and Leo then said to him, "You and Mouse take the big guy . I will face small one myself . "

"Leo, you sure?" Mouse asked . All three of them were early Core Builders and even if Leo was the strongest of the three, A peak Core Builder a world of difference in strength .

"Yes," Leo replied .

"Get ready . I think we won't be returning to the ship any time soon . " Du Yi said to the other two .

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