Survival to Godhood - Chapter 46

Published at 3rd of February 2019 07:58:42 PM
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Chapter 46

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The next week using the lantern was even harder than the last . In his nightmares, Leo could now feel, smell, and see things . The reality felt too real .

Lucy had to rip him from the lantern multiple time when Leo would start to convulse . His body would go limp and then start twitching .

The being, Mind Fire, enjoyed torturing his new toy daily .

The problem wasn't the lantern spirit . It was Leo re-attempting the same thing daily . A few days ago, Leo stopped cultivating at night and just chatted with the people in the 3rd domain, or he would rest .

To fight off the attacks on his mind, Leo was using all his mana and willpower to combat him . The biggest problem for Leo was his ability to defend his mind was one of the lowest Mind Fire had ever seen .

Leo stubbornness was the only string keeping him connected to the real world .

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After failing today, Lucy was yelling at Leo so everyone could hear . "Leo stop doing this to yourself . Please train using the book 'One of One . ' If you do not switch, I will attempt the 3rd trial now and leave you . " After finishing saying this, Lucy stormed out and down the hall . She stepped into her room and slammed the door .

Aarav came to grab Leo for dinner later that night .

"Is she still mad?" asked Leo .

"She hasn't left her room since she yelled at you . I think everyone could use a break from your ear-shattering screams, Leo . Why not try the technique before you go back to your torture training . " Aarav was worried too . Over the last few weeks, Leo and Aarav bonded over stories of their childhood .

Leo looked down at his feet and sighed . He looked up at Aarav and said, "lets head to the library and I will grab the book to study it instead . " Leo knew he had to compromise .

The next few weeks, Leo regularly trained and studied the new art . The problem is no matter how hard he tried he couldn't learn the new technique .

Late that night, Leo sat in his room frustrated . He stared at the book 'One of One' for hours . He felt utterly defeated . Ever since Lucy left him, she never returned . She stayed in her room all day and cultivated .

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The only friend he had left was Aarav . Everyone else saw Leo as a loser and an idiot for attempting to train the 'Demon Heart' technique . Not even Chen Yun and Mei Ye would look his way anymore .

Leo looked over at the lantern and thought about attempting it again . He opened the lamp and decided to begin the training again . This time was different, as soon as Leo touched the flame he was in agony . Visions blurred and Leo fell unconscious .

Little did Leo know, this last attempt at the lantern almost killed him . He was pushed into a coma for over three months . The pain and strain finally took its toll .

A bright light crept into Leo's eyes as he opened them . "It looks like the room I was staying in the Library . " Grasping for his head, Leo felt like he had been asleep forever . The grogginess and his tortured body were painful to sit up .

Leo looked around and saw his room was tidied up . He saw a note on top of the books he borrowed from the Libary . Leo picked up the letter and read it .

"Hello, Leo . I don't know if you will ever wake up, but I hope you do someday . You destroyed Lucy this time . No matter what she did, she couldn't heal you . She felt betrayed and attempted the 3rd trial . She of course easily passed it . I trained for a few weeks, and today, I have decided to attempt it myself . If you are reading this letter, then it means I passed . I hope to see you in the future . Take better care of yourself, Leo . " At the bottom, it was signed by Aarav Kumar .

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Leo cried a single tear . The only two people he had left went ahead without him . Leo walked back to the Library to look around . In there he saw the others, but no one paid him any attention . Leo strolled to the kitchen and grabbed him some food then headed back to his room .

The next month flew by quickly . Leo tried to attempt the other two techniques . One was way beyond his ability and the other he couldn't make work even if he tried . He went back to training 'One of One' and still failed . His mana reserve was just too small .

After being in the 3rd domain for months, Leo decided to resort back to training 'Demon Heart' technique . The damage would black him out and make him miss months at a time . The people that were once there slowly started to, and very few new people arrived .

Leo's body started to lose its vitality and vigor it once had . These long periods of recovery and comas were destroying him . Leo barely ate anymore .

Leo barely even knew how long he was here . After the first year or so, Leo had succumbed to his misery . He no longer had any hope . His friends left him . Leo attempted the 3rd trial after a while but failed .

In his trial, he was blasted with mind attack that threw him away from the Mind Pillar trial . No matter how many times he attempted the test, he would fail .

The year is 2479 AD, and Leo turned 170 years old . Thanks to his tempered body he had lived past the normal time of a human .

Leo had a long white thin beard . His face was also thinned out . His dark hair was now grey and white . His once tan skin was pale and lifeless . The husk of a body was beaten and tired .

His life force and mana were running thin at this point . He knew he could only withstand only a few more comas before he would never wake up again .

Staring at the lantern, Leo heard a voice he hadn't heard in years . "Do you give up Boy? If you submit now, I shall end your suffering early . "

This was an insult to Leo's pride . He might be beaten, but he never gave up . He would never let anything stand in his way especially not this lantern .

Mind Fire saw this ragged old man stare at him with a strength in his eyes that he had never seen . How was this boy able to continue regardless over the past 160 years? The spirit thought to himself .

Leo uttered only three words . "Do your worse!" Then Leo plunged his hand into the lanterns fire with what would probably be his final attempt .

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