Survival to Godhood - Chapter 90

Published at 3rd of February 2019 07:54:38 PM
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Chapter 90

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Hiro reached for his katana and realized it wasn't there anymore . Seeing this Paulus ran over to a rack of weapons and threw him a broadsword . Hiro caught the sword and nodded at Paulus for thanks .

When Hiro turned back to face Alice, he realized she already activated several spells . The first spell made of wind created a ball of sharp air around her . The second spell was lightning forming at the tip of her polearm .

"Let me test this shield of hers . " Channeling lighting and wind into the sword, Hiro launched a Kaze Raiken at her .

Alice on the other hand with a wave of her spear-like weapon caused the sphere of wind to turn dark and shredded the attack before it got close . Alice then pointed the tip of her weapon at Hiro causing a thin-bright-lighting attack to fly towards Hiro .

Hiro slammed his sword in the ground to erect a Kaze Screen, but the lightning tore through it launching Hiro backward . Hiro was startled at how powerful this girl was . She reminded him of Lucy and the way she could jump warrior levels and fight .

Hiro got off the ground and leaped at Alice with the broadsword . He slashed down upon her .

Alice waved her spear again causing all the wind around her to redirect towards Hiro . The needle-like black wind cut threw Hiro hurling him backward .

Hiro's clothes were in shambles as he stood up, but before he could get his bearing, another lightning bolt came at him .

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Swinging the sword to block the spell, Hiro stabbed it into the ground . The lightning traveled through the sword into the ground, but Hiro was heavily damaged . He tried to pull the scorched blade out of the earth, but it snapped .

He was losing, and now he was without a sword .

"Aarav said you would need this . " Khamael flying in the air threw Hiro his katana .

Hiro looked up and smiled . He caught the sword and moved it to his side . Hiro slowly took up a sword stance . Lightning started to spark at his feet .

Alice could feel that Hiro aura changed just by holding that sword .

"See if you can handle this . " Hiro stepped forward with his right foot and drew his sword from its sheath . A loud boom could be heard, and bright light enveloped the area . Hiro disappeared .

Paulus smiled and said, "The Yellow Flash: Thunder Strike . It is always impressive . "

The slash swept away Alice's wind barrier but kicked up dust . When it settled Alice walked out holding her spear .

Hiro was re-sheathing his sword when he turned and saw the woman walking towards him . "How is she unscathed?"

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"Your sword technique is good, but your comprehension of elemental laws is that of a Mana Fighter . You need to train more . " Alice bowed to Hiro and then walked away .

"We are not done . I am not done . "

Alice stopped to turn towards him . "This is not a life and death battle . " She then turned and kept walking .

Hiro was defeated in more way than one .

Aarav ran up and yelled, "Did I miss seeing Hiro lose a fight?" He stopped right in his tracks when everyone turned to look at him . Paulus was chuckling, Khamael was shaking his head, and Hiro was furious .

"If it makes you feel any better, she destroyed Paulus and me too . "

Hearing that Hiro shot Paulus a look and he just shrugged his shoulder . "You never asked if we fought her too . "

Suddenly everyone heard clapping . They looked over to see it was a beautiful angel next to Relthe . She had a navy-blue toga on and a spear on her back like Alice's . Her blonde hair and green eyes made her look majestic .

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"Hello Hiro, my name is Charmeine . That was a wonderful fight . I'd love it if you join my Sect . "

Hiro got over his frustration quickly and replaced it with surprise . This woman with large wings was the Sect Leader . Hiro didn't want to join any other organization besides the Renegades, but the chance to improve on his strength, made him question his resolution .

Seeing Hiro at odds with himself the angelic woman spoke again . "You do not have to decide now, but when you do come to talk to Relthe, he will get you situated . " With that said, She and Relthe turned around and walked away .

Khamael landed next to Aarav, and they walked over to Paulus and Hiro . "So, what did you think of Alice, huh?" Aarav asked .

Hiro wanted to punch Aarav, but he was to beat up . "She was strong . "

"No, I mean her looks . "

Hiro gulped deeply and replied, "I'd say she is adequate . "

Paulus tried not to, and Aarav slapped his face with his hand in disbelief . "Forget it lets just head back to let you rest a bit . Khamael, I'll come to look for you later . "

"Sure . " He nodded at them and flew off .

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"Before you even say it, Paulus, we are not together . I already have someone in my heart . " Most of the time Aarav was the happy one, but all sudden he became sullen . Thoughts of his wife and his unborn child always haunt him .

Paulus looked on confused and then hurt . He didn't tease him to upset him . Paulus just looked down and didn't say anything .

An awkward silence swept over them and then Hiro spoke up . "Let us go back already . " Hiro stepped off, and the other two followed .

Aarav thought back to the night he met Leo and for once in a long time he opened . Aarav missed Leo's friendship .

Back at the place they were staying Hiro got straight to business . "Some of us need to report back to the Renegades . I want to stay here and train . "

Hiro's brazenness caught the two of them off guard . Hiro rarely ever asked for things .

After discussing the situation for a while, Aarav and Paulus agreed to leave with any Renegade men that wanted too . Paulus would report back and then get further orders . Aarav would try and track down Lucy .

"So, do we have any objections?" Hiro asked .

The other two shook their head and got ready to leave . Paulus gathered the men while Aarav went to ask Khamael for an airship .

Clenching his fist, Hiro said, "I need to get stronger . "

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