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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:33:30 PM

Chapter 1

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1st August, 2018 AD .

As the clock ticks to 8 . 08 PM, the first second and the 20th millisecond, the sky turned red . From a pitch black, dark night to an apocalyptic, almost eerie splash of red in the sky, signalling something big .

Zack Black & Ah Chai were having their dinner in their local favorite restaurant 'Rendezvous', when the phenomenon happened . Suddenly, a comedic and lighthearted jingle rang in their minds .

*Ding~ding~ding ding~~*


*Ding~ding~ding ding~~*

An androgynous, half man-half woman voice made it's first and only announcement in a very creepy tone . It rang throughout all 7 billion human's minds, each in languages they understood .

The next moment, Zack was talking to Chai .

"Chai, is this what I think it is?" with a very concerned expression on his face .

"Holy f***, I think it is bro . Wait, maybe-"

As Chai was about to finish his sentence, 8 seconds after the first announcement, another announcement come up . But this time, it didn't have a jingle . It started with a static sound .

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[Initiating {HERO} System]

[Calculating individual <Jeremiah Chai> battle potential . ]

[Calculating individual <Jeremiah Chai> character compatibility . ]

[Assigning individual <Jeremiah Chai> most compatible character details . ]

[SUCCESS . You may begin, and good luck . ]

That whole process took less than a second . By the time the second announcement finished, everyone in the restaurant was murmuring and seemed to be a little panic .

"Chai, did you hear the second one?" (Zack)

"Dude, ya! OMG OMG OMG!! Hey bro, please don't tell me this is really happening?" (Chai)

"S***, this is f****** unreal, let's check the news if th-"


As Zack was about to check for any updates in the internet, a few tables and chairs were toppled over!

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A lady in her twenties seem to be biting a 20-year old man's neck!

The surrounding people tried to separate the seemingly fighting couple, but to no avail . Shrieks and screams were heard in the background, and many people started to back away from the scene and flee to their cars .

The biting lady suddenly released her victim, and charged towards a restaurant staff who was nearby!

She bit him in the arm and the other staffs did the same routine previously, trying to separate her from the bitten restaurant staff .

Four men were checking on the previous 20-year old victim . They tried to carry him, perhaps to send him to a nearby clinic or hospital . Out of a sudden, the young man in his twenties was trembling and thrashing all over the place, of what seems to undergoing a seizure .


The bitten guy came back to life! Immediately, he started to pounce on his friends like a hungry man who has not eaten in three days!

"Chai!! IT'S A FUC*** ZOMBIE!!" (Zack)

"Freakin' piece of shi*-" Chai took a chair and hit on the zombie guy in the head! Adrenaline rushed through Chai's body, like a man possessed, hit the zombie until his head was bloodied and his brain almost smashed like a watermelon .

To many people's surprise, zombies were just fictional monsters that existed only in the movies .

Nonetheless, these two college mates are somewhat avid novel readers, especially apocalyptic novels involving zombies . Therefore, the feelings and pretext of killing an infected person were totally ingrained in their mind!

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Zack took a few knives from the tables for cutting steak, and ran towards the original zombie lady . While she was also busy biting another person, Zack plunged the knives into her eyes! She was screaming but Zack had stabbed more than 6 knives into her eye socket, directly into her brain .

The zombies' bodies twitched for a mere couple of seconds, and the next moment, it became a non-moving corpse .

[HERO EXP Gained: 1]

[Congratulations to individual <Zachary Black> for unlocking Skill: Super Senses]

[Super Senses (Lv 1): Enhanced senses of sight, touch, sound, taste & smell]

[HERO EXP Gained: 1]

[Congratulations to individual <Jeremiah Chai>for unlocking Skill: Kame School Martial Arts]

[Kame School Martial Arts (Lv 1): Enhanced strength & speed]

What the hell just happened? Did we just leveled up? Is this a game?

Zack & Chai was looking at each other, puzzled . They have read too many novels to know what is going on .

They looked at their surroundings, and it was utter chaos . The infection has begun .

Out of all the patrons of restaurants nearby, approximately 10% has turned into zombies .

"Zack, we have to go to the convenience store . We've discussed this over already, bro! LET'S GO!!!" (Chai)

"FCUK!! Let's go!!" Zack woke-up from his 3-second daze .

As per these two friends' zombie apocalypse discussion go, they would need to secure 5 important items: Water, Food, Weapons, Medicines & Vehicle .

And coincidentally, in the small satellite town called Subang Jaya, there were a lot of convenience stores nearby .

The plan was to snatch the high calorie foods, bottled water and pharmaceutical items . That would settle 3 out of 5 necessities for doomsday . As one of the main regions in the state of Selangor, it has abundant resources which naturally came with its abundant population .

Next up were the weapons . Zack and Chai has planned to seize cold weapons like knives or bats for melee protection, and then go the the weapon shops nearby . Police stations were nearby too .

As the duo had previously speculated this apocalyptic event before and its countermeasures, the streets and roads will be jammed with cars wanting to flee .

Chaotic traffic jams will consume time as the infection rate continues to go up . Therefore they can't rely on their current sedan and hatchback cars made from Honda and Perodua .

They needed a tough car that could go off-road if possible .

"Hey! Chai!! Look!" said Zack while pointing towards a peculiar object on the ground .

"F*** YES! Alright now this we can use, brah! Niceeee!!" (Chai)

They quickly grabbed the object and ran as fast they can towards the road . Their target is another object 2 meters ahead .

Nevertheless, the two nerdy-otaku best friends would never expect that they would one day become legendary figures in the history of humanity . . .

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