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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:33:00 PM

Chapter 11

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Previously, inside the VIP Room, after Chai and Melissa has equipped their police gear, Zack took out 2 handguns and unstrapped his rifle .

He then proceeded to teach both of them the mechanics and handling method of each firearms .

Melissa caught on quickly, but Chai had a little bit of trouble figuring which is which .

Zack gave up on prolonging the teaching time and straight up said "I'll pass the ready-to-shoot guns to you, then you shoot away!"

"Remember! Point your guns to the deads! Never to our allies!" (Zack)

With Zack's super hearing, he focused on the officer's guarding outside's walkie talkie .

That was when the distress signal requesting backup to the left flank was given .

Zack told Chai and Melissa about his plan to help the police and earn experience points at the same time .

They both nodded . They pushed the door from the inside to exit the room .

The guard on the left side noticed that the 'officer' that went inside the room, brought out two other 'officers' .

Confused, he then asked them "Hey! Identify yourselves! What were you doing in there?!"

The trio's cover was busted!

They dashed as fast as they can, hurriedly entering their Range Rover and immediately drove off!

The panicked Guards then rushed into the VIP Room . It was empty! The Priority-Protection Asset has been set loose!


In the rush of chaos, orders were scrambled apart .

Team Delta that was in charge of the trio, couldn't report the incident fast enough when they were bombarded with messages of their comrade's lives being taken and the base was about to break .

[Congratulations to individual <Jeremiah Chai> for accumulating your first 60 HERO EXP . Please choose a skill to upgrade or select a new skill!]

[Congratulations to individual <Jeremiah Chai> for accumulating your first 70 HERO EXP . Please choose a skill to upgrade or select a new skill!]

[Congratulations to individual <Zachary Black> for accumulating your first 80 HERO EXP . Please choose a skill to upgrade or select a new skill!]

[Congratulations to individual <Zachary Black> for accumulating your first 90 HERO EXP . Please choose a skill to upgrade or select a new skill!]


"Hey! How do we turn this notifications off? Its giving me a headache!" (Chai)

"Let me try! KAL-EL!"

Zack browsed through the status menu .

On the bottom left, there is a option called 'Settings' .

"Found it! Go to Settings down your menu, click 'Alerts' and press 'Sounds Off' . " (Zack)

The trio kept killing the zombies ceaselessly .

The body count in front of them were easily numbered around the 300s!

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Each of them had an advantage; Zack's [Super Senses] made his accuracy unparallel . For Melissa, her [Enhanced System] starts to show its usefulness .

[Dexterity: This stat affects the accuracy of the character in many aspects, allowing it to land hits easier, among other things . It is also the primary stat for "ranged" physical power, and the primary stat for decreasing cast time . ]

While Melissa had trouble aiming properly at first, but her full-automatic rifle blasts away the zombies so rapidly that it doesn't matter if the bullets hit their heads or not .

Hundreds of bullets rained down on the undead and provided her a consistent flow of experience points .

[Dexterity increased by 1!]

[Dexterity increased by 1!]

With every experience points earned, she continuously pumped them into the Dexterity stat, giving her enhanced focus and aiming ability .

It would not bound to be a problem because the team has a decent supply and mount of firearms and ammunition .

[ Upgraded Kame School Martial Arts! ]

[ Kame School Martial Arts (Lv . 2) : Increase in stamina & accuracy ]

To many surprise, Chai actually didn't upgrade his [ Saiyan Physique ] first . Instead, he waited to kill a few more zombies to upgrade his [Kame School Martial Arts] skill to increase his accuracy .

That was why he could shoot the zombies efficiently after obtaining the sufficient experience points!

While the undeads in the left flank began to decrease in a speed visible to the naked eye, the other teams were not looking so good!

Panicked screams and shrieks started to become louder .

Zack noticed that a few civilians were fleeing to the rear, he began focusing his senses to the right flank .

"Oh no . . "

He saw from afar, that a few people were having seizures . The base has been breached!



The power of [Super Senses] turned to be curse to Zack at this moment .

Zombies were pouring into the base .

Family members were biting their children .

Police officers eating their comrade's flesh .


Chai screamed to his best friend, who seemed to be frozen like a statue .

Mixed emotions flooded Zack's mind . Helplessness . . anger . . sadness . .

(Why was I not strong enough?!! WHY!??)

He grabbed his chest, the tight painful feeling looms over his heart .

Blood flowed out from his palms . He gritted his teeth in regret, almost breaking down .



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Chai's slap woke him up, stunning him for a few moments .


Melissa pointed her guns at the dozen of zombies heading their way .

They need to escape right now! Their Range Rover was only a few meters away from them, but zombies has started to crowd around it .

Under the cover fire of Melissa, Chai burst to the direction of the car like a flash!

"DIIEEEEE!!" (Chai)

A barrage of kung fu moves was splendidly performed, raising its efficiency to the maximum! The zombies heading to eat them was suppressed by a pretty-faced man!




Side chop!

Neck break!

Super uppercut!

Roundhouse kick!

Spinning hook kick!

Flurries of powerful kicks and punches rained on the masses of corpse attacking Chai . Each blow was devastating, killing each enemies immediately on the spot!

(My hands are starting to get numb…)

Chai had the speed, strength, stamina and accuracy from the [Kame School Martial Arts] skill . But his body was still human and it was quickly reaching its limit after killing more than a dozen of bloodthirsty zombies .

"F*ck this sh*t! Kakarott!"

HERO Exp: 46

Saiyan Physique (Lv . 0) – (0/50)

"Four more kills! Let's GO!! UAAAHHHH!!!"

Chai screamed as he slaughtered two more zombies . Suddenly, an unexpected accident happened .

A little girl, that looked to be about 5 years old, was in the way . The little girl seemingly was squatting down and putting her hands on her face .

Her back was facing Chai's view . Chai mistook her as a human, and ignored it .

That very second he turned his back, the girl pounced on his waist!

A 10 kilogram object, coupled with its burst from its jumping, proved to compromised Chai's stability!

Chai helplessly fell down on his back .

Turns out, there was a corpse of a woman at the place the zombie girl was at! She was squatting down all right, but she wasn't covering her face, but stuffing her mouth with human guts and intestines!!

He was stunned at first, but steeled himself to rip the little zombie girl of him . He gripped its tiny forearms, and forcefully broke it apart!

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If any normal people were to see this, Chai would be charged of an unpardonable crime of hurting children!

The zombie girl wailed and shrieked, unsure whether if it was in pain or calling its brethren to attack Chai .

The minute he successfully separated the undead from his waist, he was pounced by three full-grown adult zombies!

Chai struggled .

The zombies were mauling his shoulder, left arm and right leg .

At the same time, the zombies held down his left leg, right arm and his abdomen . He was still hanging on because the undeads couldn't pierce through the Kevlar bulletproof vest and combat suit he was wearing!

Normally, three zombies weren't a problem to Chai, but being pinned on the ground meant that he was practically defenseless .

It will take a few minutes to break off from the zombies' constraint, but the problem was, HE DOESN'T HAVE A FEW MINUTES!

Zombies were swarming the place by the second! If he doesn't escape from this tag-team pinning, he could risk being mauled by more zombies!

No amount of Kevlar could withstand continuous chewing of countless zombies .

(Am I going to die here? F***, I couldn't even get to see the latest Boruto episode yet . . dammit, at least Zack and Mel could escape, heh . )


Melissa was already half-crying, scrambling apart to reload her gun's magazine .

Her hands was shaking all over, while watching the horror of her teammate getting stacked by flesh-eating zombies .

Looks of helplessness and devastation was written all over her face . She doesn't want her new found friend to die just like that .

Her sobbing and frantic hands couldn't help her at this critical moment . She was about to witness the death of comrade .

She felt that all the hope in the world was now gone…

Five bloodied zombies, wearing civilian shirts and police uniforms alike, sensed that another prey was being held down by three of their 'comrades' .

The zombies staggered at first, but when they heard the shriek and screams coming from Chai's location, they immediately ran towards it like their lives depend on it!

At this point, nothing else could be done . One could only pray that Chai's journey to the hereafter would be a least painful one . .

Melissa on the other hand, was shivering . . . her gun's aim was too close to Chai's body! They were so intertwined that any wrong shot would not kill the zombies, but killing Chai instead!

Doom .

Devastation .

She felt like the world was burning down, and this was the exact scene how Hell should be . .

Death & destruction, everywhere . .

It was right at that very moment, when the group of five zombies were about to throw themselves to Chai and eat his flesh, they were knocked upwards several meters in the air!


A black-uniformed youth appeared in the midst of the scene .

Each step of his left a shallow crater on the cold, black pavement .


[Congratulations to individual <Zachary Black> for unlocking Skill: Kryptonian Physique!]

[ Kryptonian Physique (Lv . 1) : Physical structure remodelled into a Kryptonian body . ]

[Congratulations to individual <Zachary Black> for unlocking Skill: Super Strength!]

[ Super Strength Lv . 1 : Increase in overall physical strength . ]

[Congratulations to individual <Zachary Black> for unlocking Skill: Super Speed!]

[ Super Speed Lv . 1 : Increase in overall physical speed . ]

A total of 150 experience points disappeared in the blink of an eye .

Zack unhesitatingly spent all his points into the chosen skills . With newfound abilities, his battle prowess has jumped leap and bounds!

What happened was, he willed his body for only one objective: Repelling the zombies by killing it at the same time!

His [Super Senses] was brought forth to the maximum, the world around him slowed down, almost to a halt .

He burst into the circle of zombies and punched the heads of every single of the zombies suspended in air, exploding their heads into small particles of mist!!

The mass of force times with the combination of Zack's terrifying acceleration burst, resulted in a few thousand Newton Forces rained down on the seemingly average human-zombie physique of his enemies!!!

Without even waiting for their headless bodies to reach the ground, Zack grabbed the heads of two of the zombies pinning down Chai, and their skulls start to make some loud cracking sounds!


The two zombies whimpered and wailed in a horrendous sound, releasing their limbs from Chai to release themselves from Zack's skull-crushing grip .

Zack didn't waste any more seconds and smashed their heads down the pavement!

Their brains were now just disgusting mushes on the floor, splattered like an egg that fell down hard on the road .

Meanwhile, with Chai's newfound freedom from the zombie's pinning, he proceeded on killing the zombie mauling his right . Chai brutally pierced zombie's eyes with his fingers, and dragged its head by its eye socket .


Chai mercilessly broke its neck by literally pulling its head BACKWARDS!

Melissa was silently gawking at the miracle that just happened .

"Hey brother . I guess we're even now . " (Zack)

Zack grabbed his buddy's palm and lifted him up .

"Haha, you finally decided to join the fun! Heck, what took you so long?!" (Chai)

Zack put his hands together apologetically and said his sorry .

At the same time, Melissa ran towards Chai and hugged him!

"Chai! CHAI! OMG I thought you're gonna, *sob* . . . *sob* . . Chai . . *sob*" (Melissa)

"Hey don't blow your snot all over me!! Heh, who do you think I am? I'm the most awesome guy in the universe, kehehe!"

Chai comforted Melissa and patted her back as she hugged him .

"No time to waste guys! We have to escape, NOW!!"

Zack was signalling to his teammates to get into the black SUV .

More and more gunshots were fired off, as the zombies' roars got louder .

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