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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:32:58 PM

Chapter 12

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A few seconds later, a familiar police officer and his men approached the team's location .

"Young Masters! Young Miss! The base is not safe anymore . The zombies are about to reach the final barricade . We don't have much time!!" (Sargeant Kamarudin)

"Understood . Where's the final barricade?" (Zack)

"Just follow me, sir . We'll take you to the emergency rear exit . " (Sargeant Kamarudin)

They then drove in two separate cars, the team of three in a familiar Black Range Rover and another team of five in a dark-blue police truck .

When they arrived, they noticed that Inspector Sahab and two other police officers were present . The team of five policemen got down from their vehicle .

Sargeant Kamarudin got off the police vehicle and explained how devastating the situation is currently .

"We estimate that in three, no, two minutes, that the zombies will be here . We have to escape at once, sir!" (Sargeant Kamarudin)

"Very well Sargeant, let the men know and-"

Just as the Inspector were to gave his order, the police officer behind him went into a seizure!

"F***! Officer Farhan has been infected! Kill him!"

The officer who screamed to warn the group, pulled out his gun to shoot his former 'comrade' . . . when a man in a bloodied suit suddenly attacked him from his blind spot!

Turns out the man was a civilian who was bitten half-way through the chaos .

Out of fear, he decided to hid in a narrow alleyway, which happened to be very near to the final barricade .

He detected the smell of humans from the group, and ambushed the nearest one . . . which happens to be that particular officer .


Officer Farhan who was about to turn, has gone cold on the ground .

On another scene, the pale and manic suit zombie was literally shredding the officer's neck, when suddenly .

'BANG!' . . . it became a lifeless corpse .

Seeing that a semi-pudgy bearded man, holding his gun in the air . . . the gunshot was most likely from him .

The man was clad in full police combat uniform, approached the bitten officer .

"Sir . . . I-I-I'm afraid, I can't hold on any longer, sir . . p-p-please, let me go . . . a-a-as my final respect to you, Inspector…"

The dying breaths of the fallen officer was so weak, that only Inspector Sahab could hear him .

With a melancholic face, the Inspector was holding back his tears . His men were like his own family . . and seeing one of his young subordinate with a bright future, to die like this . . . his heart was smashed into pieces .

"Rest well, Lee . Thank you for being in my team . We'll . . . see you soon . " (Inspector Sahab)

Officer Lee closed his eyes with a smile .

The Inspector rested his gun on Lee's forehead .

With a heavy heart, the inspector pulled the trigger .

The very last thing that the police officers has agreed to, in the case of somebody was bitten: End their lives with dignity .

As the atmosphere turned gloomy instantly, everyone prayed silently for their deceased comrade .


The zombie horde would be here in less than 60 seconds!

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The remaining six policemen and policewomen organized themselves in a battle formation .

"Mel! Do we have enough ammunition?"

"Plenty! If we play our strategy right, we could end lots of zombies today!"

Melissa had broke down time and time again . And every single time, Zack and Chai were there for her .

The constant threat of death of doomsday and the support from both Zack and Chai slowly instilled confidence in her, shedding her previous shell of timidity and feebleness .

As the situation looked bleak, Zack, Melissa and Chai came out from their car and got into their firing position, ready to defend the base together .

"Young Masters! Young Miss! Please!! LEAVE NOW!! We will stall them off for you!! GO!!" (Inspector Sahab)

"Hey! Who are you beardy?! We're gonna stay here and defend the place together!" Chai screamed back to the Inspector .

Chai spoke arrogantly to Inspector Sahab .

Inspector Sahab was flaring with anger . . . and suddenly pointed his handgun to Chai!

"Hmph, I knew that the Chai Group's second grandson was an idiot, but I wasn't informed that he is a complete moron!" (Inspector Sahab)

"Dafuq did you just say, old man?! Wanna piece of me?!" (Chai)

Zack blocked Chai with his arm to hold off Chai's hotheadedness .

Tension rose between the trio and the police officers .

"Inspector, is there nothing we can do?"

Zack spoke calmly .

Inspector Sahab shook his head .

"It's too risky . " (Inspector Sahab)

He lowered his gun, and gazed at them . His expression was like how a loving father looks towards his beloved children . . .

"Please tell the Commissioner to look after our family members . . . if they are still alive . "

Inspector Sahab then gave his officer badge to him . He gave orders to the rest of the policemen to hand over their badges to Zack .

Zack understood what was happening .

Even if they were willing to stay and kill more zombies, the sheer number of the zombie horde would engulf them in just a few minutes .

If they were to escape together, the zombies crowding the exit must be cleared for an opening . Somebody has to stay and shoot the zombies while the other party escape under the cover fire .

Even though the trio was blessed with the system's powers, the cold reality was . . . they still couldn't handle zombies numbering in the thousands .

Melissa started sobbing quietly, because after all the preferential treatment she has gotten from the police, they would still need to sacrifice their very lives to allow her and the two youths to escape .

"Hey old man! I dare you to call me stupid again!" (Chai)


Inspector Sahab shot his gun on the ground . Chai was confused of his action .

"Young Master Chai, please! Let us do our job and . . . and least let us keep the final shred of dignity as police officers . You need to leave, please . . " (Sargeant Kamarudin)

Chai gritted his teeth, feeling both anger and disappointment .

He finally caught up with the Inspector's actions .

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"Officers, the world will remember your legacy, forever . "

Zack saluted to the team of six .

This would be their last time ever seeing each other .

"Wow, that big shot's son sure was a pain in the ass, haha . "

"Well, at least he caught the Inspector's drift . Ahh, how nice is it to be young . . "

Inspector Sahab then stood on front of his last remaining men .

With a solid and dignified posture, he gave his final official salute to his last brave team of five .

"Men, it was an honor to serve with you . " (Inspector Sahab)


Minutes afterwards, the final gunshots from the desecrated police station died off slowly . . . and faded quietly into the red, chaotic day of apocalypse .


A few kilometers away, under an inconspicuous bridge .

Cigarette smokes were clouding out from a youth's mouth and nostrils .

His lean, sharp chin contributing to his overall symmetrical face would anytime make people mistook him for a beautiful female .

While squatting down, he inhales and exhales the cigarette stick in his hand .

Awkward silence shrouds over the atmosphere under the bridge .

A female human, standing not too far away has just ended her phone call .

"Thanks Chai, I've updated my dad of our status and whereabouts . "

That female human was Melissa .

Chai took his phone back from Melissa, and continued smoking quietly .

Meanwhile, Zack was calling his parents via FaceTime .

Dato' Dr . Emery Black is the Minister of Education .

His haggard face was apparent as he couldn't stop worrying about his only son, Zachary Black, or better known as Zack .

(Dato' is a titled bestowed by the monarchs of Malaysia, his doctorate title is because he was a practising medical officer . )

" . . . and take care son . I'm sorry that I couldn't send somebody to escort you here . The army themselves are short-staffed . Son, your mum wants to talk to you . " (Dr . Emery)

Datin Dr . Amelia Black, is a doting mother and a world-renown geneticists .

Her beautiful complexion with slight wrinkles on her eyes symbolizes her aging self and non-stop worry about her one and only pride and joy .

(Datin is a title accompanying her husband's Dato' title, her doctorate title is because she holds a doctorate degree . )

"Zack, mum will do her best to make you safe . Don't act recklessly and always prioritize your safety! Remember, we are in the Prime Minister's Office in Putrajaya . You have to return to us safely!" (Dr . Amelia)

"Mum, I'm okay so far . I picked up a few supplies and self-defense weapons with Chai . I'm heading over to his house and I might arrive in Putrajaya in a few hours . Big brother Mike said that their private helicopter came to pick them up . I suppose I could ask them for a lift there . " (Zack)

"Thank goodness, son . Remember to say your thanks to his parents . Please be safe son, I love you . " (Dr . Amelia)

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Zack ended his call .

Opening Google Maps on his phone, another five kilometers and ten minutes of journey to Chai's house .

As of up-to-the-minute, Melissa's father has told her that the helicopter picking her up would be delayed due to the extreme situation and insufficient manpower .

When Melissa mentioned that the identity of the two youths that saved her was the son of the Education Minister, Dato' Dr . Emery Black and the grandson of Robert Chai, founder and owner of the biggest company in the nation, her father was relieved .

Turns out, the Federal State of Putrajaya was declared as the main headquarters for government officials and military higher-ups .

They also housed every influential people in the country including public figures, politicians, businessmen and celebrities .

Therefore, if the army helicopter to pick up Melissa couldn't come on time, she could hitch a ride together with Chai's family chopper to the same destination .


"He's awfully quiet . " (Melissa)

"Let him be . He smokes whenever he feels down or frustrated . Trust me . . . he might frequently offend people with his temper and mouth, but he cares about his loved ones the most . " (Zack)

They rested for a while . All the fighting and running away took a toll on their minds .

Zack gave out food to both Chai and Melissa, and they quietly sat in a circle and ate their food .

Deep down, regrets loomed their hearts .

Melissa was cursing the fact that she wasn't calm enough .

Zack regretted not adding his experience points earlier, and obtain [Kryptonian Physique] .

Initially, he planned to kill enough zombies to upgrade his [Super Senses] first to . increase his shooting accuracy, which would yield more zombies killed over time .

His mistake was thinking that the police barricades would last throughout the fight .

Feelings of despair were a new feeling for them .

All their lives, it was smooth-sailing and comfortable most of the times .

Except for a few incidents, everything else in their life was happy and well-protected by their families .

For Chai, his overbearing confidence and dazzling attitude often brought trouble to him . But most of the times, his family's influence solves most of it .

When Chai remembered the look on the now deceased Inspector, it instantly reminded him of his Father .

He picked up the phone and made a call .

" . . . . Hey . Mikey…"


In the command room inside the Prime Minister's Office, located in the Federal State of Putrajaya .

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T CONTACT THE OTHER STATIONS?! They were responding to us a few hours ago!"

A scream rang off, followed by a hard smash of a fist to a table .

"Sir! We lost contact from the final base on 0810HRS just now, the last received message was that the base had been compromised internally . "

A young, smart-looking army officer was replying to a 54 year old man wearing a highly decorated army uniform .

The man in with the high ranking outfit is General Dato' Wira Tan . In his personal rank, he is exactly the father of Melissa .

(Dato' Wira is a titled bestowed by the monarchs of Malaysia, his General title is conferred for his rank in the army . )

Cold sweat trickled down his forehead . He is worried for her daughter's safety .

"Colonel Ding, contact every single armed forces 15 kilometers radius of Subang Jaya and let them know of the situation! Update me every half an hour!" (General Tan)

"Yes, sir!"

Fifth United Subang Jaya (USJ 5) Residential Area .

An upscale, guarded and gated community for the elites . Located on the central of the commercial and business hub of Subang Jaya, the wealthy and most of the one-percenters in Malaysia resides here .

"Mom, Jerry just called, he'll be here in about 10 minutes . "

A handsome, 30 year old male with upright posture and dashing look consoled his mother, sitting down on their living room couch .

She immediately stood up . "Thank goodness! I'm so worried about your baby brother! Mikey, tell your father he's going to come back soon! My heart . . this rascal never cease to give me heart attacks!"

A few wrinkles could be seen on her mature but alluring face . Mrs . Chai was Miss Malaysia 1987, 30 years ago she was a stunning beauty that had suitors everywhere .

Until today, she retained her beauty and still exudes elegance at age 51 .

"Dad! Jerry's gonna be here soon! He said he'll be here in about 10 minutes!" (Mikey)

A tall, muscular figure with a kempt hair and a youthful face appears in the hallway . He is 54 years old currently, but looks like he is still in his early 40s .

"I can finally breathe! Let's prepare to take off . Honey, do you have everything you need?" (Mr . Chai)

"Yes, I've asked the maids to load up all the important things inside the helicopter . " (Mrs . Chai)

"Good! Captain, once my youngest is here, prepare the helicopter to take off! Make sure everyone in my family is safe!" (Mr . Chai)


A group of 8 men stationed inside the house saluted at the same time . These men in dark grey combat uniforms were the private troops of the Chai Group, responsible for the safety and wellbeing the family members .

Another 10 soldiers are stationed around the Chai family's housing perimeter . In total of 20 men, they arrived yesterday at 9 . 45 PM with 2 helicopters, an Airbus H225 Super Puma and an NH90 TTH .

What an overbearing family! One helicopter is a luxury, 5 seater aircraft and the latter is an army-grade transport chopper capable of fitting in twenty or more people . All this was to ensure the safety of the Chai Family lineage .

There are no open spaces big enough in the Chai Residence's compound, so they had to land the aircrafts inside the the Subang Jaya Municipal building .

Another 4 soldiers were responsible in guarding the helicopters, and handling the officials of the Municipal .

"Michael . "

A soft, seductive voice called out the Chai Group's heir .

The voice came from a beautiful lady in her mid 20s, wearing a revealing but elegant summer dress accentuating her womanly curves .

Her hair was dyed in an expensive colour of crimson red, her whole demeanor emanated an amorous air .

"Why are we still here . . I'm so worried . Especially for Mother and Father, they shouldn't be here . . . they should be in Putrajaya already…"

The woman hugs Michael's arms coquettishly . Her amazing feminine chest squeezed onto the handsome man .

"Jerry . He's on his way here already . Get ready, my love . We're moving out very soon, I promise . " (Mikey)

(Ugh . . . waiting some more for that waste . . . we should've left a long time ago! He should just go die already . )

Although angel-like on the outside, on the inside, her heart was black and cold like the abyss .

Her name was Abigail .

And she is Michael's soon-to-wed fiance, and Chai's future sister-in-law .

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