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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:32:56 PM

Chapter 13

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< Destination is 1 . 5 kilometers ahead >

The WAZE Voice Alert from Zack's phone shows that they were getting closer to USJ 5 .

Approaching the residential gate, Zack noticed with his super sight, a crowd of people gathering outside .

"Hey Chai, that is the main entrance to your housing area, right? " (Zack)

"It is . What's up with all those people cramping up the gate, tho? Damn, it's gonna take a while to get inside . Let me call up Mikey . " (Chai)

From about a kilometer away, Zack winded down his side of the car's window and focused his eyes and ears on that crowd .

Concentrating his hearing, he picked up words and speeches . The crowd's skin complexion looked normal too .





Crowds numbering over fifty men and women, young and old were screaming on top of their lungs .

The USJ 5 Armed Security Guards act as deterrents to criminals that wished to break into this luxurious area, but the apocalyptic situation drove the innate survival instincts of the public to find a safe and secured place .

Right now, the barricaded and fortified USJ 5 was the best choice of shelter for these people .

"Mikey, there's people crowding up the entrance gate . What's going on?" (Chai)

"Crowd? I'm not sure what's going on, but where are you right now?" (Mikey)

"We can't go in . We're just a few hundred meters away from the gate, but it seemed like the crowd is rioting non stop and blocked the way in or out . " (Chai)

Michael frowned . This issue would consume more of their precious time . Every second was important for their survival .

Suddenly, a man in a soldier uniform approached Michael . He is Captain John, a 34-year old veteran soldier that recently joined the Chai Group's private troop as a commanding officer .

"Sir, it's an emergency . We have to leave immediately, or it'll be too late . " (Captain John)

"Captain, what are you saying? Emergency? What happened?" (Michael)

"We got info from the team guarding the choppers, that the Municipal is currently under attack!" (Captain John)

Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, or the Subang Jaya Municipal Council in English .

The MPSJ headquarters is located north of the Fifth United Subang Jaya (USJ 5) where the Chai Family resided .

They are responsible for the public's health and sanitation, waste removal and management, town planning, environmental protection and building control, social and economic development and general maintenance functions of urban infrastructure .

Right now, the apocalypse has turned its Headquarters Building of more than 3,000 meter square area into a sanctum .

In this particular shelter, the total refugees seeking protection has reached a staggering number of 2,000 people!

The shelter has three gates, NorthEast Gate, NorthWest Gate and South Gate .

NorthEast Gate connects the commercial area of United Subang Jaya .

NorthWest Gate connects the residential area of United Subang Jaya .

Last but not least, the South Gate is the private and direct entrance of the USJ 5 residents to the Municipal Headquarters .

"Young Master Michael, we estimate that it will be less than ten minutes before the Municipal is going to overruned by those creatures . If we don't move out now, we might never make it to the helicopters . " (Captain John)

"WHAT?!! Captain, my youngest is still out there! Mikey, where is your brother?!" (Mrs . Chai)

"Madam Chai, we have contacted the Armed Security Guards to fetch Young Master Jerry . It seemed that they were overwhelmed . . . by a mob of people . " (Captain John)


Mr . Chai heard the commotion and intervened the conversation .

"No . . . normal civilians, Master Chai . They demanded to enter USJ 5 for protection . Conflict rose between them and the guards . They were supposed to fetch Young Master Jeremiah a few meters away from the gate to avoid the crowd . . . but they couldn't go out from the gate because of the mob's interference . "

The Chai Family member's face turned pale .

Mrs . Chai snatched the phone from Michael .

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"Jerry! Don't worry baby, Mom is going to save you, okay?! Hang on!!" (Mrs . Chai)

"Dear! Don't be rash! We have keep calm in this situation!" (Mr . Chai)

Mr . Chai's manly voice sounded off scolding his wife .

"Then what are we supposed to do now! Our baby boy is out there by himself!! I don't care, I want to go save him!!" (Mrs . Chai)

Mrs . Chai had a hysteric expression on her facial expression . The loving mother will sacrifice anything for her child .

"DEAR! LISTEN TO ME!" (Mr . Chai)

He hugged his wife who was about to sprint towards the door .

"All of us wants Jerry to be safe! Trust me, I want to see my boy more than anyone do . Dear, I'll ask a few of our men to secure him and bring him back to us safely! We will wait for him in the choppers, we'll meet him there afterwards anyways!" (Mr . Chai)

Mrs . Chai calmed down .

Mr . Chai then requested to talk to his youngest son . Michael handed the cell phone to his father .

"Son, are you okay?" (Mr . Chai)

"Dad! Yeap I'm totally fine, Zack and Mel is here with me, you don't have to worry . We're just in a little pinch, we'll find a way to get inside . "

They conversed for a little more . Chai found out that the Municipal's NorthEast Gate has been attacked, and the defense would not last any longer than ten minutes .

As they are running out of time, they agreed to meet in the compound located between the South Gate and NorthEast Gate where the helicopters are located .

"Son, I'm going to send a team of men to escort you . Dad promise, you will be here with us safely!" (Mr . Chai)

"Thanks Dad! Dad, you guys gotta head to the choppers now . The police base I was in collapsed in a matter of minutes! You gotta take off now with Mom and Mikey to safety!" (Chai)

"Son, we will not leave without you, okay . We'll leave together as a family . " (Mr . Chai)

In his whole life, one of his heroes is his father . He was a loving family man who would do his best for his loved ones and his subordinates . He couldn't let his old father's safety being jeopardized .

"Dad, I know you guys would wait for me . But trust me, these crazy monsters would stop at nothing to kill people . You have to make sure you get off the ground immediately! I'll find a way to reach you guys . Okay, if I'm not there in the next five minutes, please go on without me!" (Chai)

"Nonsense! Don't be reckless, Jerry! We will fly off together when you reach here!" (Mr . Chai)

"NO DAD! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! YOU MUSTN'T STAY AROUND ANY LONGER!! YOU HAVE TO GO NOW! Please, I beg you, dad . If you love me . . you'll do as I say! I'll manage, okay?" (Chai)

At this moment, flashbacks of the police Inspector who sacrificed his life for Chai surfaced inside his mind .

He couldn't bear to let his family take the risk just because of his selfishness . No, he would never forgive himself if anything happened to them because his family waited for him .

"Even if things go south, I still have Zack and Mel here, and we have a car, some guns and food . We'll reach Putrajaya eventually . . so please Dad, go . I love you, Dad . Tell Mom and Mikey I love them too, okay . " (Chai)

Mr . Chai stood silently with the cell phone in his ears . His eyes were shut closed, his teeth clenching hard .

He looked at his first child and his wife . With a heavy heart, he disconnected the phone call .

"John, arrange a team of men to escort Jerry . Make sure he gets to Putrajaya without a scratch, do you hear me!" (Mr . Chai)

"Affirmative,sir . We'll send our best men to secure Young Master Jerry . " (Captain John)

Mrs . Chai was crying, wondering about her youngest son's fate . The situation was getting more critical as time passed . A sinister smile formed between Abigail's lips .

Abigail, Michael's fiance then comforted Mrs . Chai . At the same time, nobody noticed that Abigail was secretly texting somebody on her phone .

It says 'GET TO WORK' and was sent to a private number .

She then spoke to Michael .

"Michael, please . . . think of Mother and Father . Jerry will have a team of soldiers escorting him, please stay calm . You have to be safe, you are too important for our family's future . " (Abigail)

Michael was torn between the two choices . To wait for his younger brother and risk getting his whole family being attacked, or board the helicopters first and hope that his brother would safely return to their embrace .

He consciousness would never tolerate these kind of choices, but desperate times call for desperate measures .

"Guys, my family's personal soldiers would be here escort us here . We'll then rush straight to the helicopters . " (Chai)

Zack and Melissa nodded .

If they went to the gate and forced their way in, which they are very capable off, that'll risk the residence being invaded by the undeads .

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Three minutes passed by .

There were still no signs of the Chai Family's personal guards .

"F*ck! What the hell is taking them so long?! Don't tell me Mikey pranked me-"

As Chai was talking, loud gunshots clamored in the air!

Sh*t! It came from the gate!

The trio turned their attentions to the gate .

It seemed that they crowd were ducking in fear, afraid of being shot to death . After all, it is a period where rules and laws were useless, and power is everything .

The trio saw a few shadows with rifles behind the gates . Angry howls was heard from inside the gate .

"Zack, could you hear what the people inside is saying?"

Melissa knew that Zack's [Super Senses] skill is an amazing danger radar .

"I have to get closer . " (Zack)

He couldn't hear the conversations clearly, so he decided to go nearer .

Zack told Melissa and Chai to cover him . They nodded and ejected themselves from the car . They immediately scanned the surroundings for threats and got into a bi-directional defense position .

Zack slowly stepped out from the car . He walked a few meters ahead, and he could start to hear people yelling .


The voice sounded a bit dulled, indicating that it originated from inside the wall .

It was the Armed Security Guards of USJ 5's Residential Area .

"Please!! Have mercy!! We have some sick and disabled among us!! Please!!"

"You snobbish monsters! You rich people think you own everything?!! Open up right now!! We have as much right to get protected as much as you good-for-nothing bastards!!"

Verbal fights flared off between the gate . The group of people consisted of humans in every form; adults, seniors, teenagers, children, toddlers, babies, pregnant mothers, men, women, healthy, handicapped, Chinese, Malay, Indian .

Zack thought to himself, he had to ease the tension between the two parties . It was going nowhere, and they have been out in the exposed environment for too long .

Just when he was about to walk over, shouts and squeals erupted from the swarm of people from the main gate!

Horrified bellows rang as the mob broke apart on every single direction . This could only mean one thing!

Zack dashed back to the car .

"Guys, they're here! The undeads attacked the outsider group just now!" (Zack)

"Dammit! Who asked them to scream and shout so loud!! Now the zombies are here, ahhhh mann!" (Chai)


The trio re-check their weapons and ammunitions . Combat preparation is complete .

"Let's go!!"

Zack lead the two to ambush the group of attacking zombies from behind .


[Congratulations to individual <Jeremiah Chai> for unlocking Skill: Saiyan Physique!]

[ Saiyan Physique (Lv . 1) : Physical structure remodelled into a Saiyan body . ]

The zombies fell one by one .

The accuracy level combination of the trio were terrifying . They shot down fifteen zombies in less than a minute!

On the other hand, the crowd became chaotic .

People were laying down on the road, some has started to display the all-familiar zombie seizure .

(Sh*t, not good!)

Zack quickly counted the number of undeads and the ones turning .

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It was close to twenty, with god knows how many more were bitten and going to turn in the next 20 seconds .



More people were infected in a terribly fast rate .

By the time the trio reached the gate, there were six infected turning at the same time and a few more zombies sprinting towards them .


Chai screamed to Melissa and rushed to the groups of zombies .

Zack and Chai decided to go melee . They didn't continue firing because their rifles would be a disadvantage in a close fight . Plus, they didn't know how to utilise the bayonet for the rifles .

Zack only learnt how to reload the bullets, assemble and re-assemble the weapons, and how to take proper maintenance and care .

Therefore, rather than awkwardly using something that they're not used to, it's better to fight in the way they are most comfortable with .

Chai took out two military-grade Bowie Knives that he plundered from the weapon shop earlier .

He valiantly rushed forward, stabbing two zombie's skulls in one strike! Chai jumped and kicked the undead on his left . Using the momentum, he kicked the zombies next the one he kicked, and literally spun around in a chain combo!


(F*ck! Who the hell he think he is, doing a Hurricane Kick?!)

Chai's martial prowess reminded Zack of a game character that he used to play .

Zombies fell down one by one like flies being zapped by an electric bug killer .

"Hey bro! Leave some for me!" (Zack)

Zack was displayed his raw power and speed . His fighting style was a combination of a dash-hit-dash . Concentrating his energy into his feet, he used [Super Speed] and bursts towards his targets and punched their heads using the accelerated force!

Each enemy he had contact with either broke their necks or had their heads crushed into a pulp by his fist . The sheer force of his attacks from [Super Strength] caused little wind pressure to be blown wherever he punched .

The biggest advantage of Zack's fighting style is that his [Super Senses] skill enables him to quickly locate the scattered targets and [Kryptonian Physique] allowed him to turn his body instantaneously , without damaging any tendons or ligaments .

Once the killing fest ended, the trio gathered up nearby the gate .

"Phew! This [Saiyan Physique] skill is something else . I don't feel tired or numb like I was at the station . " (Chai)

"We're lucky to have the [HERO System] . How many experience points do you have now, Chai?" (Zack)

"Close to 30 . But to upgrade the skills would need another hundreds of them . Sigh . . the road to OP-ness is not that easy . " (Chai)

HERO Exp: 28

Saiyan Physique (Lv . 1) – (0/200)

Kame School Martial Arts (Lv . 2) – (0/200)

"No joke buddy, mine would be only 100 points for level two . For each skills!" (Zack)

HERO Exp: 36

Kryptonian Physique (Lv . 1) – (0/100)

Super Senses (Lv . 1) – (0/100)

Super Strength (Lv . 1) – (0/100)

Super Speed (Lv . 1) – (0/100)

"You guys sure love murdering zombies . You should've seen the look on each other face! They were like kids getting on a roller-coaster ride, hehe!" (Melissa)

Melissa watched their fight at safe distance with her rifle's scope . She shook her head and shrugged, as if saying 'boys will be boys' .

She has been pumping points into the Agility stats .

[Agility: This stat affects the speed of the character in many aspects, allowing it to attack faster and dodge attacks more often . Shortens reaction time between movements . ]

This allowed her to aim faster, pull the trigger faster and reload bullets faster . Coupled with her devastatingly high accuracy, she could rival the Olympic Shooting Champions, or a veteran Sharpshooters!

The survivors of the attack slowly crept out of their hiding place . They couldn't believe their eyes that these juvenile men and a girl cleared out a group of zombies .

A middle-aged man then approached them .

"Fantastic job, boys & girl . Well done! As expected from brave Malaysian youths, huh! Uncle is so proud of you . Now, we all have to each help our fellow countrymen to get into safety, ya? Young man! Maybe you can push the gate or break the locks so that all of us can get inside? Uncle guarantees that the nation will thank you for our talented youths . "

Chai and Zack looked at each other . Hiding at the side when it was chaotic, and came out when it is safe only to ask us to open up the gates for you? Who does he think he is?!

"Hey man . You and your friends made some f*cking noise, attracting these undeads and now you wanna go in to save your ass? You got some big balls, eh?" (Chai)

Chai bellowed in a threatening tone .

The middle aged man looked at them with disdain .

(These punks . . . just because you killed a few of these monsters . . hmph!)

"Look . Because of your rioting, most of your fellow members are dead . You should have think about this in advance . " (Zack)


No response was heard from the inside .

"Guys, something's not right . " (Melissa)

It was too quiet inside . They was supposed to be at least some commotions going on, but it was dead silent .

Zack concentrated his senses . He figured out the reason why it was quite .

"Let's go guys, it's not safe inside anymore, we have to find some other way to the chopper . "

Melissa and Chai nodded .

They left the gate and went back to their car .

"Brave youths! Where are you going? Why aren't you going inside?!"

"Uncle, unless you want to be zombie food, I suggest you find some other place to seek shelter . The people inside are dead . " (Zack)

How does this boy know? Is he some sort of psychic? What bullshit!

(Hmph . They must not want us to go inside and find some other place to enter . Following them would be the best choice . )

The trio sped to their cars, and drove off from the gate to look for another way in .

Suddenly, they saw a helicopter took off in the sky . The helicopter bore an emblem of the Chai Group .


The trio was stunned momentarily . It seemed that they were too late .

Zombies has infested the NorthEast Gate and USJ 5's Armed Security Guards has been compromised .

A phone call then rang from Chai's phone .


"Mikey, restraint your mother!" (Mr . Chai)

Hysterical sobs was heard from the phone . Chai's heart was in guilt, thinking that his mother was worried sick about him to the point of madness .

"Boy, has the soldiers arrived yet? We called you many times just now but you didn't answer . Is everything okay?" (Mr . Chai)

"Dad, there were zombies just now . The soldiers never came . We found out that even the Guards are dead already . " (Chai)


Captain John sitting in front at the pilot's seat answered that he has sent a team of ten men to Chai's location . He has tried to communicate with them . . but there was no response .

Then, another female voice was heard in the background, soothing Mrs . Chai .

"Mother, please be calm . Jerry's going to fine . . . I just know it . He can take care of himself . You need to put more trust in him . . . please . I will contact the Royal Army to send backup too…"

Chai heard that voice and his face contorted .



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