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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:33:24 PM

Chapter 2

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Subang Jaya, Selangor .

Located in the South East Asian country of Malaysia, it has 1 . 6 million inhabitants . A satellite city of the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, the infection rate would spread as fast as one can imagine .

Zack and Chai seemed to be running towards a black Range Rover Evoque a few meters from the restaurant they were dining before .

And no, neither of them owns a Range Rover .

Zack's luck has been good, as soon as his skill Super Senses kicked in, he saw what seems to be a car key, with the emblem of 'Range Rover' on it . He spotted the car right after he found the key .

Presumably, the owner either fled, or dead . In the face of death, rules and regulations of the society does not matter anymore . Every sane living being would do anything to survive!

"Come on come on come come COME ONNNN . . " said Zack while frantically pressing the unlock button . Chai went ahead to open the passenger's door, when suddenly a bloody, disfigured person came running to him!

"F*** this shit, the zombies are World War Z level zombies!" (Chai)

There was a movie back in 2013 called 'World War Z' where humanity was exposed to the zombie virus . Nobody knows the origin, but the zombies were fast and aggressive .

Cliche zombie movies usually portrays the slow-moving, swerving and moaning slowly undeads .

"Well no time to complain Chai!! Kill that mutha-f!!!" Said Zack as he went into the car and starts it . "RUUUUE--ACCCKK!!" roared the zombie, speeding up like it was competing for a national sprinting tournament!!

WHACK!! Chai's leg sweep made the sprinting zombie fell, and as an idiot undead who's only desire is to consume human meat, it fell down hard on the concrete floor! With Chai's newly acquired skill, he made a quick, low jump and stomped the zombie's head! Chai pulverized it's brain!

"Ahh fucken b**ch, I just bought these brand new Yeezys!!" Said Chai, complaining that the brain matter got splattered all over his new shoes .

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Right then, a familiar voice rang out in Chai's mind .

[HERO EXP Gained: 1]

"Zack! I gained an experience point!" (Chai)

"Hm . . seems that one zombie killed equals to 1 experience point . Not enough data, we need to see how we can analyze this . . . uh, I think [HERO system] if it's not what it's called?" (Zack)

Zack and Chai discussed their next plans in the Range Rover . As of now, communication means are still operating . Internet is still reporting breaking news all over the globe, Radio is still blaring out updates of the emergencies, and electricity seemed to still be available, as street lamps and shops are still bright .

The only situation that has changed is the red sky . As of 20 minutes ago, the world's atmosphere has changed to a dark red color, signalling the start of a phenomenon that might be the apocalypse .

"I see Family Mart . " said Chai, pointing in the northeast direction .

"Zack, what do you see?" (Chai)

Zack focused his eyes on their surroundings, and inside the shop . "Only two zombies trapped inside . Two undeads at the shop's left entrance, two in front of our car!"

Chai's face made a frown . Currently, they are very safe inside the black luxury SUV that they stole . If they drove off to a less populated area, they would be safe .

But what use is hiding in safety, if you don't have food to eat?!

That is why this mission to pillage to convenience shop is crucial! These brothers has read enough novels to know what are the consequences and perks of having a food supply or not!

Beggars could become kings, and kings could become beggars in the apocalypse!

" I have an idea . . but you might not like it . . " (Chai)

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. . .



Diu!Diu!Diu!Diu!Diu!Diu!Diu!Diu! (Security Alarm Siren)

The convenience store's alarm went off, indicating that somebody tried to rob the store, or the premise is currently being damaged .

A familiar black SUV has crashed right inside the Family Mart!!

Chai suggested to Zack that they reverse drive the Range Rover, and crash through the glass doors!

That way, the zombies outside couldn't break in the shop, as a big ass SUV served as a barrier, and they could load up as many food and water possible into the Rover's though its rear door .

The only concern was that they have to kill the two zombies inside the Family Mart, who seemed to be former employees of the convenience store .

But now, they are just to corpses that thirsts for human meat .


The zombie store staffs rushed in on them by instinct, wanting to drink their blood and eat their delicious human flesh!

Zack & Chai rushed out from the car and Zack stood right in front of the zombie!

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If normal people were to watch this in the movie, they would say things like "Wow what a stupid ass character, standing in front right there like an idiot, waiting to die! Hahaha!! He deserves to be an insignificant side character!"

But what actually happened was that as the zombie pounced on Zack, his [Super Senses] skill activated, and the zombie missed him!

Enhanced kinetic vision, enhanced sense of touch to detect the vibrations on air helped Zack to dodge the zombie's impending attacks!!

The zombie's infectious hideous nails swiped at Zack's head and body, but none of them seemed to hit!!

Zack moved like a professional seasoned boxer who has won 50 matches without a loss!

Swipe! Swipe! Bite!

Dodge! Dodge! Side-step!

The zombie crashed on the shelves, Zack took the zombie's carelessness to turn it into an opportunity!


Facing Zack's superhuman senses, the zombie had no chance from the beginning . Even before the zombie got up, Zack swiftly grabbed the spoons and forks on the kitchen utensil isle, and stabbed them through its eye sockets!

The zombie screamed upon its final moments, and as its brain got hammered in by Zack shoving it deeper inside, it lets its final wail and twitch for a few seconds, until it finally became an unmoving corpse .

[HERO EXP Gained: 1]

A monotonous robotic sound announced Zack's achievement in his mind .

"So this applies to everyone that has [HERO system], huh . . what happens when we collect more?" mumbled Zack to himself .

Suddenly, the other zombie staff fell down on the ground and a blindingly fast pair of fists beheaded the zombie!!

The pair of fists belong to Chai, Zack's trusted close brother . Ever since gaining the Kame School Martial Arts (Lv 1), his strength & speed has improved by leaps and bound!

Now, it is a known fact that to behead a human, a sufficient momentum and force is needed if you were to use big tool like, an axe . More momentum and force would be needed if you are using small tools,like a knife .

Coupled with the human flesh's hardness & vertebrae bone of the spine connecting the body, decapitating a person is no easy task! But how did Chai sliced off a zombie's neck easily, and without any sharp tools on sight? (Family Mart does not sell dangerous weapons or even sharp culinary items)

Zack noticed a shiny silvery line tucked between Chai's palms .

"Damn bro, you clever motherfucker . I didn't know that you learnt how to fuc*ing kill people, haha . Are you really my bro, Chai?"

Chai just shrugged his shoulders at Zack . Truthfully, Chai did read a few information websites about human anatomy and assassination techniques, just because he stumbled upon a famous web novel about an expert assassin being reincarnated into a world of swords and magics .

The novel character explained about how simple decapitating a human could be .

Chai took inspiration on that idea, and searched the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) section of the convenience store . A bundle of metal wires were available, and he wrapped his hand with a few protective clothes, so not to harm himself . Afterall, being injured in an apocalypse would mean subsequent death .

"Zack, I'll take the waters and you take the food and meds!" (Chai)

"Roger that!!" (Zack)

The two friends frantically plundered the shop, taking everything on sight that they could grab their hands on .

The Range Rover has a big compartment space, and before crashing the shop, they folded down the SUV's rear passenger seat in order to accommodate more space to put in more supplies .

It was a race against time . Nobody knew how the world will turn out to be in the next 24 hours, next week or next year . Humanity might never recover from this doomsday .

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