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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:32:19 PM

Chapter 22

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Advancing closer, the road met with a four-way intersection .

To the west, a mixture of residences and shop houses were located .

To the east, a shopping mall . The fastest way to the army base was going straight ahead .

"Stop the car . I saw movements . " (Zack) . He tapped the roof thrice as a signal for Joy to stop .

500 meters away, on the straight road leading to the base, there was a fire station on the left side and a restaurant at the other .

Focusing on his enhanced sight, Zack tried to assess the severity .

Reporting everything to Melissa, she in turn informed the whole team . {Team, there's a horde in front . Easily in the three hundreds, and that's the lowest Zack could estimate . } (Melissa)

She immediately came up with a plan to get across safely .

"I'm in!" (Chai) . He raised up his hand like a student eager to answer questions .

"It'll be a swift operation with this rascal here . " (Zack) . The two friends were putting each other's arm around their shoulders with smiles .

Annie and Joy looked at each other anxiously . They weren't sure the how the chances of success is like .

Melissa advised them talk it out with each other, and discuss their thoughts back together with the team .

"I feel you . After all, you guys are family . Even I would not want to jeopardize my own family member's safety . " (Melissa)

While the mother-daughter pair sort out their opinions, the trio started pouring out their ideas and strategies .


Leaning her back on the Evoque parked behind the Hummer, Annie was looking intensely at her mother .

"Personally…I'm afraid . I'm afraid we won't make it . " (Joy)

As a mother, she could not afford losing her child . She also felt the same for the three young adults to be safe as they were very close in age with Annie .

"Mom, I love you but I love dad too . Be it futile or not, I still want to find dad . I…I'm just afraid we're going to be too late if we take a detour . " (Annie)

With glistening eyes, she stared at her mother .

Joy hugged her daughter and wiped her pooled up tears . She would also want to find her husband as soon as possible .

After a few moments, they calmed down and walked towards the Hummer .

"We'd like to get to Kuala Lumpur as quickly as possible . I hope you could explain to us what we could help you with . " (Joy)

Stopping their discussion, three good-looking youth turned their heads towards the Australian duo .

"Remember you two, there is no pressure or whatsoever . If you have any input that could make this operation more efficient, we welcome them . Let me start with our current situation…" (Zack)

With an easy to understand strategy, Zack explained the diversion tactics .

His current field of view could only see the zombies in front of the firefighter station .

They estimated that there are six hundred undead in a 200-meter radius of the station .

"There might be more lurking around the factories and residential areas . Based on the number of houses and office-factories, there might be thousands of people present when the apocalypse started . " (Melissa)

Factories operate 24-hours, and it was night time when the catastrophe started . Most people were already home .

"We're going to place gadgets to attract the horde away from the main road leading to the Air Force base, which happens to be the fastest route . " (Zack)

Once the road is clear of any obstacles, they would drive over to the middle of the intersection for Zack and Chai to get on .

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"Would you be okay?" (Annie) . She looked at the Chai with a nervous expression .

"Heh! You're underestimating me? I could run faster than Usain Bolt now!" (Chai)

They tested their newfound powers during the previous scouting trip .

Chai ran at a record breaking speed of 7 . 66 seconds, and Zack timed at 7 . 89 seconds for their 100-meters dash .

They ran on average of 14 . 98 seconds for 200-meters and 31 seconds for 400-meters . Talk about being fast!

"Don't sweat it, ladies! You can see how fast we run when we catch up to you guys later!" (Chai) . He smacked his legs with confidence .


The two best friends went to separate directions .

Chai went East, and Zack went West .

They each climbed on a three story building opposite the fire station bordered by thick wall of trees .

To avoid making too much noise, they lightly equipped themselves and used bare feet instead .

With powerful bodies, they climbed up to the roofs by forcefully digging onto the building's wall!

'This must be how Spiderman feels like climbing walls!' (Chai)

Reaching the roof, they carefully approached the edge .

As part of Malaysia's 'Go Green' effort, trees were planted in abundance around industrial areas .

Lowering the risk of the device hitting a tree when throwing them, they decided that the roofs were the perfect surveillance platform .

{Clark to Wildfox! West road has a minimum of four-hundred, possibly more . Over!} (Zack)

{Son to Wildfox! East road has, uh, roughly five-hundred? But definitely more than five-hundred, over!} (Chai)

{Wildfox to Team Ares, message received . Green light to place the 'Shrews'!} (Melissa)

The 'Shrews' were electronic devices that made sounds . They have to place six 'Shrews' to six different locations .

They took out the first device, wrapped in the sponge taken from their car seats . This would make sure it would not break when they land on the ground .

The goals was to drive the horde at least 500-meters away .

Each devices could be controlled at least 100-meters away . They strategically placed it about 80 meters apart .

{Son to Wildfox, I am done!} (Chai)

{Clark to Wildfox, the last 'Shrew' is in position . } (Zack)

After fifteen minutes of carefully scaling buildings and throwing devices off the roof along a 600-meters stretch, the plan would finally commence .

{Good job, boys! Commence 'Activation'!} (Melissa)

The 'Activation' is where the gadgets placed are remotely activated . Zack and Chai ran back towards the fire fighter station where the first gadget was .

Taking out the 'Master Key' iPhone that was programmed by Zack, each 'Shrew' was entirely in control by it via Bluetooth connection .

{Clark here, activating first 'Shrew!} (Zack)

{Me too! Those idiots are gonna come swarming! Hahaha!} (Chai)


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((stomp, stomp, clap!))

Buddy, you're a boy, make a big noise

((stomp, stomp, clap!))

Playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday

((Stomp, Stomp, Clap!))

You got mud on your face, you big disgrace

((Stomp, Stomp, Clap!))

Kicking your can all over the place (Singing)




The first phase was a success! Hundreds upon hundreds of zombies surrounding the Fire Station ran towards the music!


The horrible wail and moaning of the undead shook the air .

The girls could even hear the voices from 500-meters away in their cars .

Over at the Fire Station, the living corpses entered a frenzy . They frantically searched for the sweet human meat they were craving for!

Standing on the roof, Zack and Chai saw zombies congregating by the seconds . The luring needs to make sure that they attract as many as possible .

{Clark moving to 'Shrew #2' . Over . } (Zack)

{D*mn! They're like hungry koi fishes, man! Son shifting over to the second spot! Over!} (Chai)

The second device played the same song by 'Queens' with maximum volume .

The zombie swarm then moved towards its location .

They repeated the same action up until the final gadget .

{Girls! I'm on my way now, gimme a lift!} (Chai!)

{Team Venus, Clark is moving back to regroup now!} (Zack)

At the final device, each direction amassed over 700 zombies each!

If they were to recklessly break through the Fire Station without this strategy, they could've been facing 1,400 undead!

Zack and Chai jumped down from the roof, and sprinted like crazy towards the Fire Station!

They have to cover 600-meters of distance in less than 40 seconds! Although Chai's [Saiyan Physique] and Zack's [Kryptonian Physique] gave them stamina boost, but the repeated climbing and running proved challenging .

{Girls, it's go time! GO GO GO!!} (Melissa)

Tires screeched, leaving behind trails of black marks on the road . They were racing against time .

If the zombies start to disperse after the sound stopped, as a result from the device being stomp continuously by thousands of foots, they would be in big trouble .

As long as they tread the road covertly, they should have no problem reaching the army base .

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With both team nearing the Fire Station, they attentively searched for each other .

The girls arrived first, waiting for them to board the cars .

They saw Chai coming out from the East buildings, running towards the vehicles .

Seconds later, Zack emerged from the trees and ran on his bare feet .

With a gap of a few hundred meters with the women's team, Chai and Zack converged to the intersection and ran side-by-side .

*Huff-huff* "Bro! Imagine if all those zombies went 'Ka-Boom' ! There were at least 700, 800 points man!!" (Chai)

*Hah-hah* "That's true, brother! Imagine the skill upgrades we can get! Haha! No use regretting it now!" (Zack)

They high-fived each other before returning to their respective vehicles .

"I'll have to give it to you…you really don't act like how you look…are you brave or just plain crazy?!" (Annie)

In the Range Rover, Chai answered her back by flexing his right arm with a grin .

"Well done, Zack!" (Melissa)

She patted his back, showing an appreciation gesture . Joy could not contain her excitement started the car .


What the hell?

Why did the Fire Station's Siren rang off?!

Albeit a hundred meters away, they could hear the siren clearly inside their cars .

Melissa glanced behind quickly to check what happened .


Zack heard the faint sound of glasses being smashed .

He instinctively looked at the third floor of a red and white building .


She and the rest of the crew did not hear the sound of broken glasses . Nor the figure hanging on for dear life .

A figure in tattered clothes came out from a broken window .

Stepping on the gas pedals, the vehicles accelerated and starts gaining speed .



Somebody screamed over the radio .


Shocked, Melissa's eyes focused on Zack who dashed towards the red and white four-story Fire Station building .


'Please let me make it in time!' (Zack) . He sped up and jumped over the meter-tall metal fence of the station .



Dusts and debris surrounded Zack and the unknown person .

*Cough-cough!* "HEY! WHERE ARE YOU!" (Zack)

Zack sweeps the air with his hands until the dust clears . He re-focused his sight to find the person .

Right there and then, it was the first time in his life that he saw the most beautiful person in the world .



Just when she was about to ask Joy to turn the car around, Chai spoke up .




With a complicated expression, she bit her beautiful red lips .

{We'll survive, okay? You're our captain, you have to go negotiate with the army dudes to give us a plane, right?} (Chai)


Melissa saw that the Evoque's front passenger door opened, and Chai went rolling and tumbling down the car .

{Sorry for making you do the dirty work, Mel! We'll treat you to some McNuggets when we get back, okay?} (Chai)

'What McNuggets?! Your life is in danger and you still have the time to joke around?!' (Melissa)

As they are getting farther and farther away, the last scene she saw was zombies breaking out from the Fire Station like cockroaches!

There were still zombies that did not get distracted by their method?

Their efforts went to waste . Her heart wrenched .

She understood that the boys wanted her and the ladies to be safe because the Fire Station siren's would re-gather the zombies .

At a distance of 500 ~ 600 meters, the undead could arrive in less than three minutes .

Joy asked her if they should stop .

"We should, but we could not! Zack must've knew that there were zombies inside the building, so why the heck would he risk it? Stupid Zack! Stupid Chai!"

Melissa started to cry . She thought she was strong enough at this point, but her heart was still the same kind and caring girl she always was .

Joy looked at Melissa with sadness .

Her sobs and tears reminded Joy of her daughter Annie when they have to move to another country and might never see her friends again .

Joy took out a pack of small-tissues, and handed them to her .

"Captain Melissa, we need you to stay calm . Please remember those boys are strong . They will definitely come back . " (Joy)

Looking up to Joy, she took the tissue pack and wipes her sniffles .

"You really think so?" (Melissa)

"I know so . Trust me, okay?" (Joy)

The two cars continued driving towards the Air Force base in the crimson-sky apocalyptic world .

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