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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:33:22 PM

Chapter 3

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Riot .

Panic .

Mass Hysteria!

Cars colliding with each other, some crashed into the nearby buildings and shops .

Police officers tried to calm the situation down, but it was useless . In fact, a few of them got bitten and turned into bloodthirsty man-eating zombies!




Fathers lost their wives and children . Wives lost their husbands and parents . Brothers lost their sisters in the midst of the confusion . Only two outcomes when this thing happens: still alive, or turned into an undead!

Zack and Chai crossed through between the residential areas . Their next destination: a private firearms store called Premier Firearms, just two blocks away .

"Google Maps says that if we use the normal roads, it'll take us 10 minutes . But I doubt it's going to be that easy . . but if we use the walking options, it'll cut through the roads, straight onto the housing areas!" (Chai)

While driving, Zack had a deep thought while focusing his enhanced sight on the roads .

"Chai, I saw you busting out some crazy-*ss fighting moves man . When did you learn how to fight?"

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"Bruh, all this while since college, have you seen me go to a dojo or a gym? I tell you, it must be because of my skill!"

Suddenly it clicked to Zack .

(Don't tell me . . that system thingy in our heads were real? Is this the legendary cheat abilities humans get during the apocalypse?)

"Chai, what's your skill called again?" (Zack)

"Kame School Martial Arts . " (Chai)

"No way . . isn't that the kung fu from Dragon Ball? From that guy . . . whats his name . . ah! Master Roshi!!" (Zack)

"Holy f***! Does that mean I'm G-"

Zack stepped on brakes on a sudden! The abundant foods looted from Family Mart earlier strewn about in the back seats .

"Dafuq bro! Whats up?! Why the sudden brake?!"

Zack pointed at a couple of shadowy figures up ahead .

"There's a lady being chased by a zombie up ahead . What do we do, Chai?"

Chai frowned . Normally in an apocalypse, it's every men for themselves . Saving a stranger? Sure, that might be morally-obliged during peace time, but on doomsday? That would spell out death!

"I'm right behind you man . But honestly, in our current state, we're not strong enough to battle out by ourselves . " (Chai)

"You're right…" (Zack)

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Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!

What seems to be a woman in her early 20s, sprinting with all her might escaping from the zombie chasing her . Sweat profusely scattered across her beautiful face and streaked down her long, fair-skinned neck .

The zombie was also running, but it seemed to have a limp . A chunk of meat from its right heel is missing, possibly eaten by the zombie that infected it .

She regretted wearing heels on her first date tonight, and the one chasing her was her date that she met on Tinder .

She abandoned her heels halfway as it was inconvenient to run, but it came with a price of her smooth underfoot being scraped by the cold, harsh tar road .


The zombie kept giving her chase, but not as fast as normal zombies . And as a lady who has an average woman's speed and stamina, she could still run ahead of the zombie but not that far apart .

Then her lungs reached the limit . She fell on all fours on the road, gasping for air . Her fate was sealed, as she is bound to become zombie food for the night .

(Why did I ever agree to go out tonight?!I should've stayed home and eaten ramen instead!!)

Melissa, a young 21 year old lady from an island called Penang, shed tears as regrets and helplessness struck her heart . She closed her eyes, hoping that the pain go away soon .

. . . .

As Melissa waits for her impending doom, rolled up on the floor .

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(Eh? Something is wrong)

She should've felt pain of being bitten by her zombie date by now . But even after half a minute, nothing happened to her .

Melissa slowly opened up her eyes, and got up onto a sitting position . Right there, she saw two youths battling a familiar figure .

"Whoa…" (Melissa)

The youth with a height of roughly 180 centimeters, lean-bodied wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans was confronting the zombie, dodging left and right from the undead's attacks .

Behind the zombie, the other youth who seemed to be wearing a bright orange T-shirt and grey pants was sneaking up on it .

After a few minutes of attacking, the zombie's attacks began to slow down . The orange shirt youth then saw the opportunity, and right at that few milliseconds that the zombie stopped attacking, he grabbed the zombie's head, a loud crack was heard .


The zombie fell down, lifeless .

Melissa was stunned, and stared at them . The youths brushed off some dusts from their palms and shirts, and walked to Melissa .

"Are you hurt?" (Zack)

The youth in the brown jacket sported a handsome facial feature, with masculine jawline, symmetrical facial feature, charming eyes, strong nose and chin with a hint of dimples . Melissa couldn't talk, as she just passed through a traumatic experience .

"Zack, we gotta move! Come on!" (Chai)

Melissa mumbled Zack's name, committing it to memory .

The other youth, with the orange tee, walked to her and abruptly carried her in a princess-style carry!

"God-da*nit lady! Get a hold of yourself!" (Chai)

She looked up to his face, and a juvenile, pretty boy face with a pair of sharp but intelligent eyes shone . Although this flower boy looks almost as pretty as a girl, his temperament was far from it .

"Th-th-th-thank you! Thank you for saving me! I was chased by my date, he got bitten and-" (Melissa)

"Yeah yeah we got the gist of it, woman . Now we gotta move! Sorry in advance!" (Chai)

Melissa blinked in confusion . Why did he apologised to her?

Suddenly, she was thrown inside a black SUV roughly!

(Oh my god! What a dic*! Can't he be gentle to a girl?! No wonder he apologised first!)

Melissa frowned and pouted, as she find her footing on the rear passenger seat filled with grocery items .

"How far more, Chai?" (Zack)

"500 meters more! Push it, bro!" (Chai)

Melissa's heart was unsettled . She knew that these two youths' name are Zack and Chai, but she doesn't know what their intention was . She just hopes that they won't hurt her afterwards .

But one thing is sure, that she will never use Tinder, again!

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