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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:33:13 PM

Chapter 5

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"Baba, I'm fine right now . I'm still somewhere in Subang Jaya area, but I'm a little bit scared right now . " Melissa sobbed and she longed to be with her father and the rest of her family members right now . (Baba is what she calls her father)

Just when she saw the digital clock on Zack's phone indicating that they have 10 more minutes until the supposedly 'run-away-because-they-might-already-be-dead' time, she hesitated if should still stay until the end of the 60 minutes wait . . . or just flee .

Right about then, Chai surprised her by abruptly unlocking the door, coming in, starting the car, drove it to the parking lot, and opened the trunk . All of it happened in less than 60 seconds, leaving Melissa's mouth hanging in shock!

(Is this guy a god-damn F1 racer?! I've never seen someone do that so quick!!)

This can only by explained by Chai's increased speed, due to his skill "Kame School Martial Arts" . His reaction speed and mind-to-body coordination speed has also increased .

… .

Chai ignited the SUV and drove it on the parking lot right below Premier Firearms Shop .

"Hey, is everything okay? Where's Mr . Zack?" (Melissa)

Chai looked at her indifferently . "Oh yeah, I'm totally fine . Thanks for NOT asking . Heh, don't worry, your 'Prince Charming' is okay too . Pssh-"

Chai's sarcastic remark made her blush, pink rosy hue could be seen from her beautiful, fair maiden skin .

… .

Bags after bags dropped down from the first floor .

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Zack lifted them up from the first floor and dropped them, and Chai catches the bag .

The reason why Zack was on dropping duty and Chai on the ground, is that each bag weighs roughly 50 kilograms (100 pounds) .

Coupled with the freefall energy and gravity, the receiving end would receive approximate 2,450 newtons of force!

Initially, Zack wanted to use ropes to lower down the bags and then put it in the Range Rover's trunk . But after Chai's physical feat of breaking through the weapons vault, it was time for them to test Chai's ability further .

What happened was, Chai suggested that instead of destroying the door itself, why not compromise the structure AROUND the vault?

It was less rigid than the safe!

The 2 meters by 1 meter metal door was only surrounded by brick walls .

Previously, Chai broke a solid metal lock just by pulling it with his bare hands . Afterwards, he punched walls, and successfully broke it!

As an engineering graduate, Zack's calculations in physics is one of his forte, he has estimated the amount of force needed to break the walls surrounding the vault .

Given by the sound of knocking at the wall, it was estimated that the wall is 2 inch to 3 inch of thickness . Add in the factor of it's cement's surface area, the force needed to break the wall was close to 3300 Newtons of force .

Chai did not know how much percentage of strength to produce 3300 newtons, but he punched with 50% of his strength first .

Turns out he broke through the wall on his first try! The brothers were ecstatic!

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Chai continued to pummel the wall, making a hole on the left side of the vault . The hole was enough for 1 person to enter . Luckily their assumption is correct, the vault only consisted of steel door with reinforced concrete body, instead of full metal enclosure that the banks use .

Afterwards, they packed up everything they could find into approximately 18 big bags, leaving out the rare looking, exotic firearms that were either antique or has very little ammo available in the market .

What use is a gun, when you can't stock up or reload it's ammunition? It's just a piece of metallic junk!

… . .

"Hey Dad . . is everything alright there . . " (Zack)


Both Chai and Zack contacted their parents and family members .

Turns out both of Zack's parents are fine . They have been evacuated into the nearby police station . As Zack's parents are government officials, they have been given first priorities in this situation .

On Chai's family, his older brother Michael and his parents are still in their family home, which is also situated in Subang Jaya .

As Chai's family are well-to-do businessmen, their residential areas are situated at a gated and guarded area . But according to his brother, the guards have erected simple barricade, temporarily isolating the areas from the chaos outside .

… . .

After both of them talked to their family members and advising them thoroughly on how to deal with the apocalyptic situation, the three of them huddled up to begin discussing their next course of action .

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"My parents are currently safe with the police . I plan to go see them . " (Zack)

"Ba-I mean, my dad told me that my family members are doing fine within the Askar Wataniah's protection . Since my dad is part of the army, the whole family would be transferred to wherever my dad is stationed .

Mr . Zack, I-" (Melissa)

"Please, just Zack . It sounds tense when we have formalities in between . " (Zack)

" . . okay . Um, Zack, I'd really like thank you guys again for saving my life . I'll do my best to repay you back . I've told my dad about you guys, and you're more than welcomed to the army camps . My dad said that he could place both yours and Mr . Chai's family under the military protection . " (Melissa)

"Mel, don't call me a mister . Call me 'SuperCoolHandsomeAmazingBombastic Oppa' instead . " (Chai)

What a cringey guy!

But that little joke did put a little laugh within the group and eases the already tense situation .

"Thank you for the offer, and once I have met my parents in Putrajaya, I'll give you a call to see if the invitation is still valid . " (Zack)

Zack winked at Melissa playfully . Melissa just smiled coyly, her eyes looking elsewhere other than Zack's manly, chiseled face .

"Well, that being said, I'm gonna go back home for now and protect my family . My big bro said somethin' 'bout the corporation sending bodyguards and choppers to our house in a few hours . " (Chai)

"Alright, I'll follow you to meet uncle, auntie and big bro Mikey too then . Afterwards I'll figure out a way to get back to Putrajaya . Melissa, do you need to go somewhere before your dad comes and meet you?" (Zack)

"He said to go to the nearest police station, and mention his name and rank . Everything else will be taken care of afterwards . " (Melissa)

As expected from a military officer's daughter! Looks like her father's background isn't that simple .

Heck, all three of their backgrounds aren't that simple at all!

… .

The nearest police station is just a mere 2 kilometers away .

The trio drove away from the emptied out weapons shop with their car, full of bountiful haul . Any normal people would kill to have supplies that they have!

Just about 100 meters from their starting point, a loud, blaring alarm sounded off!

"Zack . . . you did turn off the shop's alarms, right?"

"I did . This sound didn't came from the shop . " Zack pointed out to the Petron gas station just a few metres away from them, on the northeast direction .

"S-So . . the zombies are going to hear it, right? And attack u-us . . ???" Melissa started to tremble again .

There seemed to be a moment of silence in the car .

Then, Chai spoke up with one of the most ingenious idea that will jumpstart their mark in humanity .

"The zombies are attracted to sounds, right? Why not use this chance kill some and gain experience points?" . Zack's eyes gleam from the suggestion .

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