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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:33:11 PM

Chapter 6

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The gas station's alarm became louder and louder!

"Alright guys! Let's make this quick and do as we planned! REMEMBER! Be fast but safety first!! If anything amiss just run back to the car okay!! Let's go!!" Zack screamed to the team of three .

When Zack laid down the plan to "massacre" the undeads in the car, Melissa's legs went soft for while .

But seeing her two saviors getting hyped up over killing zombies, only two questions arose in her mind: Why are these guys risking their lives to do something stupid, and either if they are mentally sane!

As she remembered that they saved her out of goodwill, she assumed that they might want to reduce the casualties by killing more zombies .

Half-heartedly, she agreed with their plan as her role was a simple one: Fill up the Range Rover's gas tank .

That was all . The most simple job with the least risk . She also wanted to prove to Chai that she is not just a useless pretty face woman!

"Don't freeze up, Mel . If those ugly bastard start biting your pretty face, not even a top-class plastic surgeon could help you, haha!" (Chai)

That remark alone ignited Melissa's spirit to help out more!

"Sh-shut up, you flower boy! Humph, let's see who's gonna freeze up when the zombies come! Hmph hmph hmph! Annoying pretty boy!!" (Melissa)

The team equipped themselves with the protective suit they looted from the weapons shop earlier . Dark-colored boots, shinguards, pants, long-sleeve shirts, vests, arm guards, helmets and goggles were distributed .

They were covered with military combat-grade suits, strong enough to withstand the undeads' bites and scratches!

Several military-grade cold weapons were also equipped together with the combat suits, with each of them holding a black 9" Bowie Knife .

The reason why they didn't use the firearms, was simple . They DON'T KNOW HOW .

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Believe or not, gun laws in Malaysia is quite strict . Only selected few has the means and capabilities to possess a firearms license . Therefore, not many of its citizens knew how to operate it .

The plan was to spread gasoline all over the station and then ignite it when zombies crowded the place .

That way, they would gain mass experience points in one swoop!

But right now, Zack and Chai are responsible to kill the two zombies currently inside the station's convenience store .

"Zack, I'll take the blue one and you kill the staff!" (Chai)

"Roger that!" Zack slowly approached a white uniformed zombie, seemingly to be the staff of the gas station . It must have pressed the alarm button when he was attacked .

The undeads quickly noticed some humans outside the station .

The zombies knocked with their body weight on the glass wall, instinctively wanting to rush out and kill their human preys wrapped in protective suits .

Zack and Chai noticed that the zombies were agitated once they saw moving objects in front of them .

That means that these creatures uses sight as a way to find it's preys .

Just when it looked that the zombies are seemingly banging away the glass instead of using the door, Chai said to Zack that the zombies are idiots and they could exploit that weakness .

Chai pointed to the door, signalling to Zack that he'll be the bait . It was hard to communicate with the gas station's alarm screaming .

Chai sprinted to the side furthest from the store's glass door, which was on the right . The door is on the leftmost area of the shop .

Zack made a few stomps and threw concrete pebbles at the store's glass wall . The zombies' attention was paid to him again .

Chai went to the back of the station's store, out of the zombie's sight and hid in the shadows .

Zack nodded and they began their operation . He slowly guided to the zombies to the glass door .

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He then taunted the zombies, and the zombies got furious . They were banging the glass wall, and just with another step to the left, the undeads was released!

Two zombies rushed out the glass door as Zack positioned himself in front of them .

As the zombies were released, Chai ambushed a zombie by mercilessly sweeping the legs of the living corpse in blue shirt!

As the zombie fell face down, a black Bowie Knife plunged itself right at the back of its head!

This whole encounter only took less than a second .

The zombie in white, on the other hand, flailed its bloody hands to catch Zack to eat his flesh! But Zack's senses made the zombie looks like its moving in slow motion . Zack lifted his right leg and tripped the zombie up .

The next moment, another black Bowie Knife was sticking up on the zombie's head . It twitched for another few seconds, and became lifeless afterward .


Now, the whole process from the first moment the alarm went off until the two zombies were killed, was only 3 minutes passed . Time was of essence, the team has to execute the plan carefully and swiftly, or else their plan would be wasted!

Melissa was pumping in fuel to the SUV, while keeping a high alert to her surrounding . The car has 70 litres of tank capacity, and every second of the fuel going into the car seems like an eternity to her .

Zack was incharge of spreading the fuel to the gas station's pumping bays and the floor .

Chai would be on the lookout for any incoming zombies . As of now, 5 minutes has passed and no zombies were seen yet .

Money literally has no value in the apocalyptic future .

As the gas station needs some kind of payment to start the fuel pumping, they decided to use Chai's credit cards to open up the pumping bays .

(Mom is so gonna be pissed off when she gets my credit card bills next month…)

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Chai sighed at first but consoled himself as the apocalypse views currency as valuable as the pebbles on the roadside: useless .

As the station is about 85% drenched with gasoline, a few figures showed up in front of Chai's direction .

"Hm? People?" (Chai)


By Zack's warning, Chai got into his fighting position . Right leg to the front, right hand forms a three finger fist, left hand on the rear, right shoulders going down .

His body instinctively got into the battle position of Master Roshi's Kung fu style, the Kame School Martial Arts .

Two bloody female zombies with exposed teeth and ragged shirts appeared . Their exposed breasts swayed left and right as they rushed towards Chai's direction .

"Nice titties! Shit, I like girls to chase me, but if you're this dirty, I wouldn't even look at you! Sorry!"

This would be the first time Chai battles two zombies by his own!


The zombies were nearing Chai . Anticipation and excitement rushed through his head, filling it up with power .


First attack!

The female zombie with her pink lacy bra hanging on one side, swiped its pale hands with the intent to catch Chai's neck .


Chai ducked just under the zombie's shoulder level . Suddenly, the second zombie lady wearing a half torn T-Shirt rushed from the side and assaulted him!

Clack! Clack! Scratch! Scratch! Smack! Smack!

Chai skillfully demonstrated a fluid martial arts, blocking, parrying, and dodging the undead ladies' attacks .

After a few moments of exchanging blows, Chai began to see the zombie's Attack patterns . The monsters only moved forward and attacks using their arms and occasional biting .

Chai is now starting his counter-attack .

The torn T-Shirt zombie facing him jumped forward with both her hands, but Chai's super fast kick came from below and smashed the zombie's jaw! The zombie was literally suspended half an inch on air .

Chai gave the zombie a super fast right punch to it's pale but smooth exposed stomach, plunging it backwards and hitting it's fellow zombie at the back simultaneously!


The zombies were stunned, and laid on the floor for a few seconds, struggling to recover from Chai's punching force .

Without a moment's wait, Chai dashed towards the zombies, and plunged his fist downwards!!


That punch pulverised both of their heads at the same time!!

So fast!! So powerful! So brutal!!

Even the cement floor cracked up upon the impact!

"Holy shi-" Zack witnessed the whole battle, which only took less than a minute . He couldn't believe that his best friend who usually reads online novels together with him could pull this crazy moves off!

While Zack was gasping in awe, a screamed rang out in the Range Rover's direction .


Both Zack and Chai explosively sprinted towards their lady teammate's location!

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