Swallowed Star - Chapter 1368

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Chapter 1368
After Wu Qi God was created by His Majesty the Godly King, no true gods were able to be sealed . As for law masters, nobody ever got close to being sealed .

Once someone became a sealed great being, his status would be greatly changed .
First of all, he would be close to the four generals . Also, he would receive a great many benefits, like Wu Qi God, which were invaluable . However, it was almost impossible . The requirement was so strict that it stopped countless talented great beings in World of Jin, yet lots of talents from all the armies would desire to get sealed .
"Huh?" Luo Feng read all the material and frowned .
"Trying to get sealed… How can that be?" Luo Feng looked at the golden being in front of him and said, "Are there any tasks that can help me get sealed?"
The golden being said coldly, "Yes . "
"What tasks?" asked Luo Feng .
He wanted to try . He was very confident . After all, he was an inheritor of Duan Dong River .
"Soldier from Python River Army, you're a law master," said the golden being . "There are only two ways for you to be sealed . "
Luo Feng listened carefully .
"The first way," said the golden being . "You need to satisfy two conditions . As long as you satisfy these two conditions, you'll be sealed . The first condition is that you need to follow the godly power path to become a true god, and your life gene level needs to reach 90,000 times . When you're done, don't become a true god first . Let the four generals test it . Second, there are 10,081 games in the basic game of Rhinoceros Emperor Game . If you can solve all of them, you'll meet the conditions . If you can meet both the conditions, you'll be sealed immediately . Besides, you'll have lots of privileges . Your status will be higher than all the ordinary sealed great beings, and you'll be equivalent to four generals . "
Luo Feng was dazed . It was insane .
"This is too…" Luo Feng didn't know what to say . "Who made these conditions?" Luo Feng couldn't help asking .
"The great His Majesty the Godly King," said the golden being .
It was crazy . Godly power path… 90,000 times life gene level… Even in the ancient civilization, that was very difficult—not to mention in the World of Jin, where all the valuables were controlled by the army . The soldiers couldn't get the incredible opportunities, yet they still needed to reach a life gene level of 90,000 times…
He was following the path, so that condition was still acceptable . However, 10,081 games of Rhinoceros Emperor Game in a row? Was His Majesty the Godly King insane?
Though there wasn't any time limit, it was madness to expect a law master to solve all 10,081 games . None of the inheritors of Duan Dong River could do that when they were law masters . Such a peerless talent might become the new Godly King in the future .
Both conditions are insane, Luo Feng thought . If someone can satisfy both conditions, it'll be easy for them to become eternal true gods, and they'll have the brightest future and will stand among the top beings of the entire ancient civilization . Insane! His Majesty the Godly King really thinks the true god level machine Wu Qi God is that incredible .

Luo Feng shook his head . There were many powers in the ancient civilization, and Jin was only one of them . Once that kind of peerless genius was found, all the powers would try to seize him .
"There are two paths, right?" Luo Feng asked, looking at the golden being . "What about the second path?"
"The great Godly King knew that the first path was too difficult," said the golden being . "So he left the second path so that all law masters can apply for sealing tasks . When the task begins, they'll know the requirements . They'll be required to complete a task, and once they complete it, they'll be sealed . "
Sealing task? Luo Feng thought .
For every era, there would be a military task, and it was the only task . If he wanted to take another task, he needed to wait until the next era!
"What's the death rate of the sealing task?" asked Luo Feng .
"For every era, there will be soldiers applying for the sealing tasks," said the golden being coldly . "Lots of soldiers from all the armies will participate in the sealing task, and the death rate is around 90 percent . Only 10 percent can live, and nobody has managed to complete the sealing task . "
Luo Feng gasped . In the endless era, nobody had been able to finish the task! 90 percent of the participants died, while only 10 percent of them managed to survive . Of course, they had failed the task as well .

"What's the task about?" Luo Feng couldn't help asking .
"Soldier from Python River Army, as long as you apply for the task, you'll know when the next task period arrives," said the golden being . "By the way, train yourself well before taking on that task . Go through some incarnation-level tasks first . "
Luo Feng nodded .
The giant lake was tranquil . A strange beast floated in the sky, and his wings were shaking . He looked into the distance anxiously . He was waiting for someone .
Wu He floated in the sky and kept whispering to himself . "Why hasn't he come? He just went to one arms spot . He should be here . Don't turn all the true god bodies into military credits . Milky Way, my life depends on you . I have lots of valuables, and if you want me to give you valuables, I'll give them to you…"
Wu He was worried .
Suddenly, his eyes gleamed . A being appeared, teleported, and arrived in the area .
"Milky Way, Milky Way . " Wu He's wings shook, and he flew toward him .
Luo Feng took a look and smiled . "No need to rush it . Let's go down first . "
"Okay, okay," said Wu He .
Luo Feng dove and arrived on the island down there, followed by Wu He .
Wu He looked around . "This island is so well-designed . Everything's so simple and natural, yet there's something special . I won't be able to do that . Only you can . Even my father can't do such a good job as you . "

"This was designed by the soldiers who lived here before . " Luo Feng waved his hands, and a stone chair flew toward him and landed in front of him . Luo Feng sat down and said, "I'm lazy, so I didn't change anything . "
Wu He was dazed, then said, "That's right . You're right, Milky Way . We need to focus on improving our power . Power is all that matters . "
Luo Feng looked at Wu He and said, "Stop flattering me . You're really bad at it . "
Wu He felt awkward . He was the child of Northern True Ocean, so he didn't need to flatter anyone; he wasn't very experienced .
"I've kept your share . " Luo Feng looked at Wu He . "Don't you worry about that . "
Wu He relieved .
"But you need to show your sincerity," said Luo Feng . "Show me your valuables . "
Wu He said, "Just wait and see, Milky Way . "
An armor covered with green scales showed up on the ground . "This is a true god armor I brought, and it's better than the armor from Python River Army . "
He took a look at Luo Feng, but Luo Feng didn't seem to care . Wu He wasn't surprised . He knew that it was impossible to exchange a true god body with a true god armor .
"This is a true god ship I brought from Northern True Ocean . " Wu He took out the real deal .
An ancient golden ship landed on the ground . Luo Feng took a look at the ship, then looked away again .
Wu He grew anxious . "This… This ship is a true god level ship . " Luo Feng didn't seem to be interested .
Actually, Luo Feng was quite pleased . Just as I expected, he thought . He's a child of Northern True Ocean master, so it's normal for him to take a supreme true treasure palace out to flee, but I can't just let him go . He might have something better . This spaceship is worth at least 50,000 military credits! This is a good deal .
"I, I…' Wu He got anxious . "These are all the weapons and armors of law masters I gathered in Nine Smoke Marsh . They're all here . " Wu He took out a bracelet on his claw .
Luo Feng took a look and still didn't seem to care .
Wu He grew even more anxious . "Are these enough, Milky Way?" He looked at Luo Feng .
Luo Feng took a look . He was still a ferocious strange beast . His face was covered with scales, and he still looked fierce . Yet his eyes appeared weak .
"No," Luo Feng whispered .
Luo Feng didn't care . He didn't believe that Wu He would only take these valuables out, particularly coming from Northern True Ocean . The master of Northern True Ocean was strict and had only allowed Wu He to bring this many out . He could still ask Wu He to go back to Northern True Ocean to get more valuables .
There was still a long time until the deadline . Wu He could totally go back to Northern True Ocean and come back . Northern True Ocean was enormous, so Luo Feng needed to make the best use of it .
"Milky Way . " Wu He clenched his teeth and stared at Luo Feng . "I did bring a valuable out when I came here . I can give you that valuable, but I will need my ship back . "
Luo Feng's eyes gleamed . It seemed that Wu He had something more precious than the ship .
Luo Feng's eyes gleamed as he gazed at Wu He . "Bring it out . "