Swallowed Star - Chapter 1394

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Chapter 1394
They had been waiting for this moment for a long time . Ever since His Majesty the Godly King left Wu Qi Tower, their sole purpose had been to find that peerless talent, which was more important than their own lives .

"It disappeared!"
"The sealing task disappeared!"
"The sealing task of law masters have disappeared! He succeeded! That soldier Milky Way must have reached the top of Wu Qi Tower!"
The four leaders in the palace were watching carefully at every moment . They could see the tasks in the four armies and Godly King Valley, but after Luo Feng entered the eighth floor of Wu Qi Tower, they didn't know what had happened . However, Luo Feng had been in there for a long time without coming out .
Their expectations were aflame . They were all staring at the task list, and they all cried out at once .
Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!
The four beings disappeared from the palace and arrived at the ground floor of Wu Qi Tower .
Some of the true god guards around Wu Qi Tower were startled . It was quite rare for all the leaders to come out altogether .
"The leaders!"
"It's the leaders! All four leaders are here!"
The four leaders were looking at the front door of Wu Qi Tower .
"Why he hasn't come out?"
"He should've come out now . "
The four leaders were transmitting their voices and waiting eagerly . Little did they know was that the task had been rescinded when Luo Feng finished the eighth floor, and Luo Feng was talking with His Majesty the Godly King on the ninth floor .
After a long time—
Hong! Long!
The towering door was opened, and a soldier walked out .
"He has walked out?"
"In the endless time after Wu Qi Tower was created, the soldiers who survived were all transported out, and no one walked out of the front door . Besides, all the other soldiers were transported out a long time ago, yet this one stayed inside for a long time . Did he actually make it to the top?"
"The four leaders are greeting him . He must have succeeded . "
The true god guards had seen many soldiers go inside before, so they also knew something about Wu Qi Tower . They were indeed shocked .
Luo Feng saw four beings when he came out . A cloud of black mist, a towering male being, a silver-armored female being, and a strange beast great being . Four of them stood shoulder to shoulder and looked at him, elated .
"Um…" Luo Feng looked at those four, but he didn't know what to say . He didn't know any of them .
"We are the four leaders of Godly King Valley . We've been guarding Godly King Valley under the order of His Majesty the Godly King," the voice of the towering leader rumbled . "Also, we've been waiting for a peerless talent who can make it to the top of Wu Qi Tower . Milky Way 'Jin,' we're really glad that you were able to succeed . "
"Milky Way Jin, please come inside the palace . "
Luo Feng nodded . Then he followed the four leaders and walked toward the silver palace . The true god guards couldn't hear their conservations .

The towering leader glanced at those guards . "Say nothing about today . "
"Yes, leader," all the soldiers answered respectfully .
On the first floor of the silver palace, Luo Feng spoke with the leaders . He was surprised at how excited and enthusiastic they were .

They're way too excited, he thought .
The cloud of black mist condensed into a blurry human shape . "We've been hoping for someone to reach the top of Wu Qi Tower for a long time," it said . "We've waited for this moment for an eternity . It has been a great burden on us, and it has been pressuring us for such a long time . Every time we think about this, we just feel so sorry for His Majesty the Godly King . Now that you've succeeded, Milky Way, we can finally enjoy a sense of relief . "
The silver-armored female leader was sitting there, and there was a tear in her eye . "It's been too long," she said .
"Just wait here a bit, Milky Way . We've informed the four generals that you just made it to the top of Wu Qi Tower," the towering leader explained . "The four generals are mighty, so they will be able to arrive here in a very short period of time . Just like us, for an eternity, the four generals have been wondering about the best way to screen and cultivate a peerless genius who could make it to the top of Wu Qi Tower . The four generals will also be excited and happy when they know that you have succeeded . They'll want to meet you . "
Luo Feng nodded and smiled . "I've known about the four generals for a long time . I've always wanted to meet them, but I've never gotten a chance . "
As a sealed great being, especially someone who got sealed by reaching the top of Wu Qi Tower, he was at the same level as the generals—at least on the surface . Actually, he was superior to the generals and leaders .
Just as Luo Feng was talking with the four leaders…
Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!
Four beings entered the palace .
Luo Feng saw two tribal great beings and two strange beast great beings . They were all suppressing their powers, yet Luo Feng still felt pressured by the invisible forces .
"Milky Way, this is the general 'Harmonious Snow' from the east army!" The towering leader said, introducing him .
Harmonious Snow was the gentlest one out of the four generals . He had snowy skin, and there were green patterns beside his ears . He looked elegant in that white armor, and there was a pupil between his eyebrows . He looked elevated and gazed at Luo Feng with all his eyes gleaming . "We've been waiting for this moment for too long . We've finally lived up to His Majesty the Godly King . "
"Introduce me now!" roared a giant strange beast with six faces . All six ugly and ferocious faces then smiled at Luo Feng . "I'm North—"
"No need to rush . I'll introduce you all one by one . "
Luo Feng finally realized how keen the generals were . The four generals and leaders had been waiting for this moment for an eternity, and their sole purpose was to find a peerless genius that could reach the top of Wu Qi Tower . That purpose trumped their own practicing—even their own lives . They were all excited to find out that Luo Feng had arrived .

"Milky Way, you can go train yourself, but the World of Jin is enormous… And your power… You might not be entirely safe . I'll arrange some true gods of void space to protect you in secret . "
"Milky Way…"
The four generals kept talking .
They literally treated Luo Feng as if he were an invaluable treasure; they feared something bad might happen to this precious commodity .
After half a day, Luo Feng left Godly King Valley .
"The leaders and generals…" Luo Feng said . "They even wanted to escort me back to the east army . They treat me like their children, and they're willing to give me anything I want . "
Luo Feng could feel from the conversation that the generals and leaders were treating him like the inheritor of the Godly King .
"Back to the east army . "
Luo Feng sat in the silver boat and flew away .
When Luo Feng finished the Na Yin Technique of "Lie Yuan Technique," both Remote Ocean body and Mosha body stopped spreading the willpower shock and became conscious . Primal Chaos City Leader, True Yan Knight, and others who were concerned about Luo Feng all contacted him . Luo Feng then briefed them on what had happened and made them understand the issue behind that . But of course, Luo Feng couldn't share the big secret .
Teacher True Yan has the training guide from the ancient civilization, thought Luo Feng, and he's already reached the level of a limit universe knight . He's only one step away from becoming a universe master . I'll have to give him a huge present after he becomes a universe master .
True Yan Knight was Luo Feng's teacher, which was why he gave him many resources, so True Yan could improve himself fast .
Luo Feng was closest to True Yan out of all his teachers, followed by Primal Chaos City Leader, followed by Sitting Mountain Guest . True Yan Knight treated his disciple like family, while Chaos valued Luo Feng because he was a great treasure to humans . As for Sitting Mountain, he had other plans . Of course, all of them were teachers for whom Luo Feng was genuinely grateful . He wanted to pay them back, but Sitting Mountain Guest had never told him anything he needed .
True Yan, big brother Hong, and second brother Thunder God are all still undying, Luo Feng thought . For all these years, I've been fighting for the human race, but I need to care for the earthlings and my family now .
Luo Feng left Godly King Valley and raced toward the east army . It was a long way to go, and all the while, Luo Feng was studying Wu Qi God .
There were three levels of Wu Qi God . The first level was superior to Golden Claw God and Bib Bird . As for the third level, it was stronger than many machine-type valuables of true gods of void space, which was why it was the ultimate true god machine .
"It has taken me almost a day to fully understand how to use this Wu Qi God . "
A day was almost ten years in the space of inheritance . Luo Feng wore Wu Qi God, and his entire body looked like a monkey clad in armor, though it still had Luo Feng's face . It turned black, and its tail was slashing .
"Burn! Burn!"
Luo Feng immediately burned his body and performed the second volume of Duan Mie at the same time . His energies surged and extended to the entire Wu Qi God . 16 cores of Wu Qi God were transformed at once, and each of the four formed an engraving picture . All the engraving pictures combined to form a virtual core inside Wu Qi God .
Gleaming golden light filled Wu Qi God .
Sou! Sou! Sou!
Millions of phantoms of Luo Feng were left in the palace of Boat of Mausoleum . Then they disappeared .
"It's too powerful . " Luo Feng was amazed . "With this Wu Qi God, I can give away both Golden Claw God and Bib Bird . With this valuable, those universe supreme masters in Universe Ocean won't be my match even if they can get a machine type valuable . "
Luo Feng was confident, but he added in a whisper, "Wu Qi God indeed consumes godly power very fast . "
He was flying swiftly under the second volume of Duan Mie, and combined with driving Wu Qi God, it devoured his godly power . If he was still the same Luo Feng who only had a godly body of 100,000 kilometers, it might have been gone instantly . Fortunately, he had a large enough godly body now, but he still didn't dare to fight for too long .
"No wonder His Majesty the Godly King told me it consumes lots of power even when he knew I had a giant godly body . " Luo Feng sighed .
Finally, after three months, Luo Feng arrived back at the east army .