Swallowed Star - Chapter 671

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Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Bug Clan

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Queen Alina said softly, "There are 3 types of bugs that I’m proficient in producing . The 1st is an armor type bug that’s extremely powerful . This bug is from the tiger armored bug clan, specifically, it is part of the Yan Tan bug clan . The tiger armored has the same quality as all armored bugs, strong defense! And it’s strength is reputable…it definitely belongs to one of the most exceptional fighting bug warriors . Once a group of them form a faction, it’d be very hard to break through them . And the moment all of them form an endless bug army, that’s terrifying . "

Luo Feng nodded .

He knew that the bug race could be split accordingly to their abilities, such as scanning types, fighting types, assassin, long distance and so on .

This tiger armored bug belonged to the fighting type .

It was somewhat similar to the Calvary .

"There are indeed many types of bug clans . " Luo Feng thought within . The armored type bugs alone could be split into tens of smaller divisions and every one of those divisions could again be split into thousands of others .

"Master, look, this is a tiger armored bug . " The queen Alina pointed to the grass beside her .


In mid air, a bug completely covered in an incredibly thick shell, over 10 storeys high (30m) appeared . At its head portion, there were oval shaped compound eyes, which were completely protected by the shell . It was almost like a helmet was covering its head .

The front of its chest plate had malevolent spikes, and its powerful bent legs behind it supported its heavy body .

It gave off a feeling of sturdiness! Fierce and tough! Almost like a tank, the aura it gave off was powerful . The armor on it was completely fiery red in color, even its eyes that were completely protected were fiery red .

"This is a sector lord pinnacle tiger armored bug . " Alina introduced .

"Sector lord pinnacle?"

Luo Feng looked on with surprise at this 10 storey tall building like creature .

"As our bug clan produces countless soldiers, winning with numbers, hence none of them can ever be too huge . " The queen Alina seemed to have noticed the shockingly huge golden horned beast beside it, hence she

explained . "The bigger size is mostly simply for protection and defense etc, hence the amount of resources used would constantly increase as well, just like the golden horned beast master with it’s huge size . If we built a sector lord bug army, we couldn’t build it too big . "

Luo Feng laughed .

The mother nest was only how big? At least queen Alina’s nest had a diameter of over 800m . Even the undying mother nest he had encountered during his mission, the one that had killed two of his undying captains, that had a height of only 10km .

If the mother nest was only that size, how could the soldiers be bigger?

The golden horned beast from head to tail, its length exceeded over 1,200km .

"Alina, do you have sector lord bug soldiers?" Luo Feng asked .

"I do . " She nodded .

"How many?" Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed .

"Not many . " She shook her head . "After the wars in the outer regions, under life threatening situations, my bug army has almost been completely depleted, leaving behind only 11 sector lord pinnacle soldiers . As for the lower level soldiers, they are all gone . The final 11 are for my protection in dire situations . I didn’t expect to be hit by a soul technique from a human, with no time to summon my soldiers before I fell asleep . "

The queen, at sector lord level had her own internal world .

Hence after creating a large amount of soldiers it could completely store them within her internal world, constantly building her numbers so that she could call them out during battle .

"Hm . " Luo Feng nodded, "What’s the 2nd type of soldier you can produce?"

"The 2nd type is a shadow type bug called the Shadow spear bug . It specifically comes from the Na Si bug clan, one that has many special properties . The great being that gave birth to me is in Na Si .

Luo Feng nodded .

The bug types if judged harshly, there was but the queens that would be considered true life forms . The countless other soldiers created were all not even considered life forms, but rather weapons . However, these soldiers with simple intellects…it wasn’t that they had no chance of evolution . The fair universe didn’t cut off any hope of

of evolution for them .

Na Si were one of the many originally obedient bug soldiers . Occasionally when called out to battle, they would eat special items and go through evolution, developing their own unique sense of identity .

Among the entire bug race, there were actually quite a few others that had their own sense of identity besides the queen .

However very few actually become absolute beings .

Na Si was one of them .

"The Shadow spear clan has the traits of the shadow type bugs with fast speeds . They are incredibly fast, almost like illusions, and their attacks are very strong too . The only weak point is that their bodies are weaker . " The queen Alina explained . "Fast speeds and strong attack with weak bodies, these are the traits of the Shadow spear bugs . "

"Master, I don’t have any of these within my internal world, they were completely used up in the outer region wars back then . Compared to the tiger armored bugs, they are skinnier and smaller . Their shells aren’t red, but a dark grey in color instead . " She explained .

Luo Feng nodded .

One was for fighting, while another was for scanning .

The tiger armored bugs were like the cavalry, while the shadow spear bugs were like the light cavalry .

"The final type belongs to the biggest type of the race, the mantis type, and one of the strongest one at that, the hunting mantis clan . The hunting mantis bugs that I produce belong to the Te Luo clan . " She said . "The hunting mantis bugs are the strongest of the 3 types that I’m proficient in . "

"It has a powerful body and shocking speed . It also has astonishing defense and incredibly nimble evasive abilities, along with naturally powerful battle abilities . " Her voice gradually grew louder . "The amount of resources for producing one hunting mantis, allows me to create almost 5 same level shadow spear bugs or 2 tiger armored bugs . "

Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed .

Hunting mantis?

This queen Alina was actually able to produce hunting mantis, this was an unexpected surprise . Within the golden horned beast’s inherited memories, it had a detailed introduction of the hunting mantis . The mantis type was a huge type within the bug race, second only to the armor

the armor type . And hunting mantis type was one of the top 7 types of mantis type . .

Each of the top 7 types all had their own proficiencies, the hunting mantis were sly .

"Master, this is a sector lord pinnacle hunting mantis . I currently only have 11 sector lord pinnacle bug soldiers, and among them, 8 of them are hunting mantis . " The queen said . Obviously, the bugs she trusted most were kept around . She pointed at the grass patch beside her and a huge being appeared .

It was 24m tall .

This bug was skinnier than the tiger armored bug, but more intrepid than the shadow spear bug . It’s entire body was mostly covered in a black streamlined armor with complex black scales that had green engravings on them, making it give off a demonic energy . It had thick legs and two blade like forelegs, and beside them were sharp claws .

A pair of compound eyes protruded out .

There were even 2 horns on its head . When its mouth occasionally opened, one could see countless sharp teeth within .

This was purely a fighting machine! It’s body construct had given it absolute defense, nimbleness, speed, along with the pair of claws, a complete slaughtering machine . And its dense scales seemed even more advanced than the tiger armored bug . Even if it was skinnier, it’s defense wasn’t any weaker than the tiger armor bugs .

"Master, these are the tiger armor bugs, shadow spear bugs and hunting mantis bugs . They are the 3 that I am most proficient in producing . " The queen Alina looked at Luo Feng . "Of course, other lower level bugs like the green mantis and so on, I can easily produce them on a large scale . Those don’t even require any study, and are not difficult to produce at all . Any bug clan queen can easily create those low level bugs . "

Luo Feng nodded and smiled .

Very good .

These 3 bug soldiers, they were all top class, and the hunting mantis was the highest of the lot .

"When can you start producing soldiers?" Luo Feng asked .

"Anytime . " She smiled . The tiger armor bug and hunting mantis soldier standing behind here were incredibly respectful . "There are two ways

are two ways to produce soldiers . I’ll tell you and you can choose . "

"Speak . " Luo Feng listened intently .

"The 1st way is to produce them on a large scale . But, I can only produce weaker hunting mantis, tiger armor and shadow spear bugs . " She spoke . "Creating a few star and universe level bugs is very easy, I can produce lots of them . After which, we’ll let them fight amongst themselves within and eat each other . The weaker ones will die and the strong ones will survive . The strong ones that eat the others would get stronger and when there is only one left, that would be the most exceptional . It can then be nurtured to an incredibly intrepid sector lord pinnacle level bug . "

Letting countless star and universe levels eat each other? Leaving only 1?

"The bug soldiers aren’t exactly the same, some have greater capabilities than others . " The queen explained . "This method would get rid of the weaker ones and the pinnacle soldier that is produced from endless slaughter…would be 10 times stronger than normal sector lord pinnacle soldiers, it would be the king!"

"The 2nd method is the normal production method . " She said . "For me to produce sector lord pinnacle bug soldiers, I would require sufficient resources and I would be able to immediately produce that level of bugs . This sort of immediate production…the speed is fast and the energy usage efficiency is also much higher . Afterall, since I’m immediately producing them, there would a lot less wastage . However…even though their capabilities won’t be weak, it would definitely not compare to the soldier that goes through countless battles and eats countless others . "

Luo Feng pondered after listening .

Both of these methods were very interesting .

"Energy resources, how’s the scale?" Luo Feng asked .

"The 2nd method has less energy usage . The 1st relies on them eating each other, and the efficiency of that is low . During the battles, there would be huge losses too . Hence…the scale would be less by about a hundred times . The amount of resources required to produce one king soldier, is equal to the amount of resources to produce 100 of the same level bug . " The queen Alina explained, "Master, please choose the method . "

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