Swallowed Star - Chapter 971

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Chapter 971
Chapter 971: Birth

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"I know my power very well," Mosha body told the knight from another race standing beside the five-colored pool . "I don't intend to take the Space Heart by force, and I don't want to die, either . But how can I be sure you're not going to kill me?"

The knight's faces were a bit twisted . Suddenly, it said, "We can form an adventure team . As long as we're in the same team, we can't kill each other . Otherwise, we will be hunted down by the Ancestral God School . "

"Did you forget that my sensor for the World of Glory is already broken?" Mosha body said . "No . "

"Damn it!" the knight bellowed in spite of itself .

Nothing could work . What could it possibly do?

"Knight, give me a plan that can guarantee my survival, and I won't say anything to anyone," Mosha body said . "I'll even volunteer to guard the Space Heart until it matures . "

Mosha body kept talking to the knight while thinking about his internal world . The Life Crystal and the Space Heart… One was small while the other was huge . One had the energy of a peak sector lord while the other was powerful enough to be the core of a true treasure . One was only an ordinary creature of the Mosha clan while the other only formed after the Five-Colored Abyss Flower absorbed the energy from the land of origin .

Weng! Weng!

The energies resonated as they were transferred into the Life Crystal . These energies were the essence of the Space Heart, the essence that had been cultivated for a long time, and the root of a core of a true treasure . However, they were now continuously being transferred into the Life Crystal, and growing with each passing second . The Life Crystal expanded, shrank, expanded, and shrank again . Each time, it was fundamentally, radically changed .

The root of Mosha body was the Life Crystal . Normally, one couldn't go further after becoming a peak sector lord unless it became an undying fighter . However, its Life Crystal kept changing, resulting in a leap of life level—just as Luo Feng practiced the Nine-Volume Manual, which improved both his original earthling body and the golden-horned beast body even after they had reached peak sector-lord level .

Humans had their own ways to improve their genes, like using blood river crystals . Similarly, Mosha lives had their own ways of improving their genes . However, it was more demanding, and thus more difficult for them to do it . Besides, Mosha creatures were rare in the universe, and the secret to change was only known to the seniors of the Mosha clan . Few supreme beings of the other races knew about it .

Hua! Hua! Hua!

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Like waves crashing against a shoreline, the energies stored in the Space Heart continued transferring . And as the Life Crystal transformed, the amount of energy it could hold increased as well .

Gradually, after repeated expanding and shrinking, a golden engraving appeared on the Life Crystal, and slowly, more engravings appeared as if gracefully painted by an artist's practiced hand . The more energies it absorbed, the more engravings came into being . There were already engravings on the Life Crystal, and the second set was more intricate than the previous set .

Mosha body tried to hide his joy, feeling himself evolving . Externally, he was still talking to the universe knight from another race .

"Okay, how about this—?" the knight started to say, but it didn't finish the thought . It looked up in shock .

Mosha body felt something weird on top of his head . He looked up too and saw the 10,081 space cracks surrounding the Space Heart suddenly wink out and disappear forever .

"Huh?" said the knight .

From a distance, Luo Feng saw the energies in the Space Heart simmering . It had been stable for hundreds of millions of years, but now it was starting to destabilize after losing most of its energy . It looked deadlier now than before .

"The space cracks have disappeared?" The knight looked at the Space Heart with energies simmering inside . "It must have matured . Finally, it's matured! The Space Heart is mine now! I don't need to talk with this goddamn heir anymore!"


The knight flew toward the Space Heart and tried to grab it .


The Space Heart trembled, and a crack showed up on its surface, which dazed the knight . He looked at the Space Heart, stupefied .

"What's happening?" the knight said, staring at the Space Heart .

His knowledge of the Space Heart was based purely on research; he had never seen a real one other than this one, let alone one that was maturing . He had seen the space cracks disappear, which should have been an indication of its maturity . He was perplexed, but he suspected that a mature Space Heart wasn't supposed to be this way .


More and more cracks appeared on the crystal .

"No, no!" The knight grew concerned, but he could do nothing about it .

Soon, the crystal ball and its 10,081 sections were covered with cracks . And then, energies from the Space Heart gushed out . It shone upon the entire mountain like a sun .

The knight was bewildered but still had hope . "Maybe it is going to die first—before it can be reborn . The energies are so extraordinary that they tremble the very space around us! The Space Heart is indeed powerful . "

On the contrary, Mosha body could feel the Life Crystal in its body morphing, and new engravings were carved on the Life Crystal more and more rapidly . While the Space Heart was covered with cracks, a complete and complex set of engravings was already formed on the Life Crystal . The engravings gave out a golden light .

There were two sets of engravings on Mosha body . One set was natural, and the other set was newly formed .

Just when the Life Crystal in Mosha body couldn't evolve any further, and the set of engravings was complete, the energies from the Space Heart stopped transferring . The last remaining energies gushed out of the Space Heart . This both perplexed and lifted the spirits of the three-faced knight .

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"It looks like it has reached its terminal power, and this is its last ray!" said the knight joyfully . "The evolution is complete!"

But Mosha body knew exactly what had happened . He could feel the full weight of the substantial energy had been transferred to him in that short period of time . Mosha body felt transformed—at once with his surroundings . Before, the relationship between Mosha body and the surrounding space was like a fish in a river . Now, he had become a drop of water in an ocean; he had become a part of the space .

I must study into the secret of this body, thought Luo Feng, controlling Mosha body from a distance . It seems that the Space Heart is going to crumble .

Luo Feng didn't dare to stay longer . "Guard the Space Heart as long as you want," said Mosha, gazing at the Five-Colored Abyss Flower below . "I'll leave you alone now . "

The three-faced knight had already been guarding the Five-Colored Abyss Flower with his undying power, as he was afraid that the heir would self-destruct and damage it . However, he stopped caring about it after the cracks disappeared and seemed to mature .


Mosha body dove into one of the golden ponds and vanished .

"Huh?" The knight from another race was stunned, glancing at the spot where Mosha body had disappeared . "He… vanished? Right in the middle of the Five-Colored Abyss Flower? Did he die or just flee?"

His information was not as nearly as detailed as Luo Feng's . The knight only knew that the Five-Colored Abyss Flower provided energies to the Space Heart . Little did he know was that it was actually five portals .

"Whatever," the knight said . "The Space Heart has already matured . "

The knight looked at the Space Heart that was emanating forceful energies with hope .

The Space Heart! It shone so brilliantly!

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Suddenly, the Space Heart burst like glass, and the fragments vanished .

"What—how? How?" the three-faced knight stammered in disbelief . "How is it possible? How could it break?"

Surely that heir had nothing to do with it . He had been watching him the whole time, and the heir hadn't even touched the Space Heart .

"I didn't know a Space Heart will break!" the knight said . "Was it because the heir dove into the Five-Colored Abyss Flower, causing a reaction?"

The knight looked down at Five-colored Abyss Flower . He couldn't think of any other reason .

"No, no…" he said sorrowfully . "How could this happen?"

The knight didn't want to believe it . He had been waiting for 3,000 eras for the Space Heart to mature . During the latest era, he had found that the Space Heart was formed . Since then, he had come here every day and inspected the mountain to make sure no other great beings would steal it .

After all, a Space Heart was a core ingredient to make an original true treasure, and it was as valuable as some other true treasures . Any true treasure—or any core ingredient to make one—was highly sought after by universe knights . He had been waiting for it for such a long time but had gotten nothing in the end .

"The heir did rush into the Five-Colored Abyss Flower," said the knight, "but that was after the cracks had already disappeared . The Space Heart had matured!" The knight shook his head . "Why? What caused it to break?"

The knight's pain and exasperation were too much . Its three faces roared simultaneously .


The forceful undying power burst out of the caves in the mountain, and countless pillars of light erupted outward .